Wednesday, August 13, 2008


What a great response to my GIVEAWAY!! There is still time to enter..the drawing won't be till Saturday. It is so much to find a bunch of new blogs. My intention was to reply to each entry, but please know you are all entered, and like I said if you mention the give away on your blog you are entered 3 times!!

Not much quilting going on here. I did manage to finish my second Designer Mystery Block of the Month....I am really enjoying these block, and yesterday block three came, yipee!! Also BL (before Luke!!), I was the very lucky winner of a cute bag from Sharon. Love, love, love the colors and look at the sweet little polka dotted chicken pin-CUTE!!! Great fabrics I might add! The other night I was poking around on the blogs and ran across a bunch of posts about what are your some of your favorite quilting tools. Thought I would share some of mine. Love my needle threader and when I was out and about I found this really cute wooden base to stick it on. Doing all the bindings it makes it really handy to use. The creative grid 4 l/2 by 12 l/2 is one of my favs. Again, doing bindings, I like the size and use the 45 degree angle line for joining the end of my binding pieces to make a perfect joint that you can't even tell on the front where the start and end is! The little silver scissors, my absolute FAVORITE. It has a little hook on one tip for ripping out. My friend Gayle gave me these when I started quilting and they are always beside my machine! Thought I lost them in my recent sewing room redo, but last Saturday I found them!!!! Like finding an old friend. The gold stork can you not love them, they are too stinkin cute and my thimble - WONDERFUL!! It's by TJ Lane and it is the best fitting thimble I have ever found. Very light weight and thin, you don't even know you have it on. Now for a really odd favorite tool.....our upstairs banister! There is an open span of about 78 inches. It is the perfect place for measuring a quilt for borders.

Some fun mail again. Our very own Nan, who soon will be starting her own online pattern business, sent me one of her patterns. I can't wait to whip one up with Luke's name on it. Two different sizes and it uses charm squares. CUTE! Way to go Nan. You are going to do so good. I am proud of you :-)!!

Today I am taking a purse class---I am excited. I haven't taken a class in ages and hope I remember how to behave. I also will be visiting our sweet baby, and mom and dad are going to go out for lunch and I get to hand out with baby! .I am one excited grandma. Tonight we are goingl to see an Angel Game..go red!!!! And once again I must leave you with some babu Polka Dot's our boy with his Auntie!
Hope your week is going well with some crafting going on. See you later alligators!
BLOGGY UPDATE!!! Check out Doe's post of 8/13. She has made the most beautiful quilt using one of Moda's free patterns.


~D Spack~ said...

Great post Cheryl. Look at that newborn!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Wow you've got a busy life. That new baby is enough to have going on but you've managed to do it all. The tools are fun. I love seeing what other people use. It helps me know what is out there. I have a 4 x 14 ruler that is one of my favorites but I think I like your size better for lots of uses. Sharon's gift is lovely. Really very lovely. I can't wait to see what you make in your class. Good luck. And Nan's patters - cute!

Janet said...

You are getting more crafty things done than I am! And even got a great post done too! Maybe next week. We're off to see Lil Joey this weekend! Woo Hoo ! Sharon's purse is so cute. Anxious to see your purse from class.

Carol said...

You're working your way right into retirement!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!
That little piece of wood for the needle threader is wonderful...I've never seen one, but what a great idea...mine is always tipping over. Look at that sweet baby boy! Have fun!

julia said...

Hi Cheryl,
ah, another one sewing this great BOM, too. I was beyond thrilled to have the third block in the mail today (woohoo from me).
The bag your received is absolutely gorgeous, so is the can't resist polka dots, can you?
I've the same needle threader and I'm glad to have it!
Perhaps I should try a thimble like you, until now I can't bear to have them on my fingers...;o)
Cheers, Julia

Carrie P. said...

The bag you got is so cute. Thanks for sharing your favorite tools. Have fun at your class.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Thanks for sharing. Little LUKE is so cute, and look how happy Aunt Katie is too! Precious. I didn't know about Nan and the patterns... fantastic! Gotta do me one of those too, as soon as I can get my hands on one, for you-know-who!

Kris said...

Haha! "BL", before Luke! I love that! He is part of a defining moment. Have a great class and enjoy grandmothering Luke!

Sweet P said...

Happy blogiversary! Nan's pattern looks fun.

jen duncan said...

Hi Cheryl- Fun filled post here! Thanks for the tool tips--I've always got an eye out for things I must have. ;-) Enjoy that baby!

Mar said...

Oh you are so right about TJ Lane being the best, I have two of them and love them! have fun in your class, waiting to see what you come up with.

Anne Heidi said...

Wow, you seem to get a lot done! I still have all three mystery blocks in their little bags, I have to get started or else I will be WAY behind. How fun to see you are using the banister as well- I do the same thing as it is right outside my sewingroom! Hope you had a great time with the cutest little baby on earth!

Nan said...

Yes ideedy, ma'am, you have had an amazing response to your giveaway. Good for you, girlfriend!! I think that bag from Sharon is the sweetest thing and the chicken pin is too cute! You have talked me into getting a needle threader, by the way! I'll have to find a stand for it, too. It will save my eyes a lot of wear and tear. Reading about your fave tools has given me much to think about. Thank you!
AND, a big ol' THANK YOU for showing the pattern, and your very kind words. I appreciate it with all my heart!!
You must show pics of Luke each and every time you post now - it won't be a post from Cheryl without one! Woo Hoo, Granny (I saw Miz Doe call you that - I couldn't resist!)!! :0) tee hee!

Cathie in UT said...

Found your fun blog and wanted to say "hi" from Utah
Love the name quilt idea...would be so fun for my little grand babies as they outgrow their baby blankies and need something a bit larger!
Favorite tools?
MY sewing machine of course LOL a 12 year old Viking #1
My ruler holder made of wood that my Dad made for me to sit on my cutting table...I like to have them handy and not have to search for them
My Big Momma ruler...can't do without it! LOL
Come visit my blog someday!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

What a great way to measure your quilts. Glad you liked your little zipper bag and pin. How did you purse class go or did you go yet?? LOL I cant remember. I still have vacation brain.
Great pattern Nan did too. Way to go Nan!!!

Darlene said...

So much eye-candy in this post. Did you have a wonderful time with Luke? Did you want to squeeze and kiss him all over?

I took a peek at Miz Doe's quilt - adorable.
Nan's pattern is Tee-rific!
I love the wooden piece for your threader - must purchase one soon.
I need to check out the thimble cuz I hate thimbles but need one to be to hand quilt.

Wendi said...

Hi again Cheryl...i posted just a minute ago but at the blog entry for the giveaway...but wanted to post here to tell you to click on my Journal link to see the mention of your blog. I just wasn't sure where to enter! Thanks!!

Carla said...

That bag is really cute and the baby..small! Happy blogaversary.

Doe said...

Did I win? Did I win? Did I win? Hahaha! Thanks for the linky love!

Way to go, Nan! Congrats!

Leanne said...

That Luke is going to be sooo spoilt...I laughed when I read your fav quilting tools we will all have to get an upstairs banister.

Anonymous said...

Love, love that bag that you won from Sharon... and the fabrics, well I love those most of all [i am a bit biased since I designed them :-)]
I just found your blog via calico horse and think it is so cute!

Happy Quilting, retirement and grandmothering!


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