Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter From Our Bunny To Yours!

Our little bunny really enjoyed his first Easter, complete with ears from Sharon. This was taken at a visit to Aunties new house on Saturday. A friend of Nanette's had given her a book about things to do with PEEPS, and I just had to make this arrangement to take to my sister in law's house for Easter day. Talk about easy...and you know, I had never tried a PEEP before (there were a few left overs)....BIG MISTAKE, I love em'!!!!! I have decided I am not a very good pictureographer, but I did manage to snap a few pictures of our Easter day festivities.....Baby Bunny hangin out in the yard so happy, checking out an Easter egg with cousin Beth, and me snapping a picture of my nephew John through the you guys!
Oh and the HAM...wowie. My sister in law made THE BEST HAM EVER! The glaze was just amazing. She is such an incredible cook. Now don't be thinking we just had ham. Oh no, we had scalloped potatoes, macaroni and cheese, asparagus, monkey bread and strawberry shortcake...but no pictures :-(!!! All equally as delicious and all will be my downfall at my Thursday weigh in, but oh so very, very good! And not to forget the best ever deviled eggs made by my mother in law!
Now I am backtracking to Friday. I had a celebrity breakfast date with none other than Ms. Red Geranium. We met at our very favorite breakfast eating spot!!! But what I didn't expect was the haul of goodies she brought me can click the picture to enlarge, but man oh man are there wonderful things. That cute friend hanging that I had admired at her house a while back and so many, many other fantastic goodies. A really cute zippered pouch that she has a tutorial on her blog how to make (I think that's my bag in the tutorial!), a sweet bracelet with my letter C and a bowl to hold my bracelet nice and safe. The bag it's sitting on is for putting my shoes in when we travel. Ms. Geranium just thinks of everything. Does this woman sleep?!!!! She even included one of her kits to make a bow tie quilt, which I plan on making tomorrow!!! Such a fun breakfast and I got to hear all about her new house. I know the move is bittersweet because of leaving all her friends, but being near her family is something that she has wanted for a very long time. And her one sister only 25 minutes great is that, and closer to her two boys, I mean men!!!

LOOOOOOOOSER MONDAY REPORT-----once again same old same, but honestly with all the above going on I will be gaining this week...just thought that I would put it out there!!! One thing to spur a girl on to getting back on the diet bandwagon is the word REUNION!!!! Yep, got the invitation to my (gulp, gulp) 40th high school reunion in August............................. I can not believe that I am even going to post this picture, but oh's my senior picture!!! Glad it's in black and white because the white lipstick I was wearing doesn't look quite as white as it actually was!!! Hey by August I can definitely loose some poundage, that is if I stop celebrating all the time!!!
Now if you want to see some amazing photos, head on over to Carla's blog. Wonderful pictures of the birth of a butterfly. Great job Carla!!!
Wishing you all a great week and ladies step away from any left over PEEPS!!!!!!!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time on Easter, I had heard about the Peeps book of things to do but didn't really one could make an arrangement, cute! Little Luke is getting big, our little Mason is too. Easter blessings,Cheryl!

Lorraine said...

Peeps? what are they?....sounds like you had a great weekend...Luke is just adorable!..and Miss RG is amazing isn't she...lovely goodies from the hair in the HS are right..good incentive to lose some weight for the reunion...I have never been to one...I think my old Hight School has had one or two but I haven't been.....!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic way to spend Easter...amazing little Luke was just a baby for pete's sake! Adorable!!! I need to meet some friends like Sharon....lucky gal you are!

Kathie said...

that little hat is just adorable on Luke, aaawww.
so cute!
love your friends quilt under all those goodies, isn't Ms. RG just so generous?
oh can't wait to see your bow tie quilt...have fun making it

Belvie said...

What a cutie in that little hat! Sounds like you had a really nice Easter.

You also have lots of wonderful goodies there from Sharon. I know it is have friends leave...but she is moving across the state from me! I know there are lots of nice quilt shops and active guilds where she is family. Wonderful for her, but sad for you.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Lovely gifts from RG! Hey, I think you and I had the same hair stylist and photographer for our senior photo! Thank you brave one for sharing yours!!

Kris said...

Cheryl, that is a darling picture! Notice how the hair styles are back?
Love it!

Carol said...

What a wonderful Easter! OMG I laughed so hard when you mentioned white lipstick...I had forgotten all about that...oh how my mom hated that. We graduated the same year!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG I love the hat on Luke. lolol And that Senior photo........look at you girlfriend. You got it going on big time!!! I mean the hair of course. lololol
I had a great time at breakfast as usual. I'm going to miss you big time.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

LOVE the picure. Sorry about the peeps. Thats all we need - new food to like. Yipes. But I will say we had peep s'mores. Oh my gosh. Don't do it. Easter is a great holiday.

Nan said...

I love your photos! Looks like Easter was a wonderful day for all of you, especially with that yummy ham! My mouth is watering.
Look at all the beautiful goodies from Sharon! She does think of everything, doesn't she?
Luke is the cutest Easter bunny ever!