Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The week has been filled with lots of snuggles with the littlest dot.  His bi003g brother had a really nasty bug, and there were trips to Urgent Care and  lots of worries, but his mommy and daddy took really great care of him and he is back to feeling good as new.  No fun for any of us ,and such a relief that he is better.  Baby Dot spent most of the time sleeping!

I managed to get the borders on my Quick Trip001  Quilt, with a bit of a change.  My original idea was double staggered borders all around, but it was too busy, so I settled for just one row of blocks. 002                                     The binding is machine sewn on my 9 patch quilt,  so all that’s left is the hand work…to be done while watching the Olympics!

BUT………tomorrow is a road trip to visit my girl with some sightseeing along the way….admission here---that means visiting quilt shops along the way!!!!  Dinner with her and her boyfriend tomorrow night and then off to the zoo on Friday.    Don’t think I have forgotten about th_Fridaynight4-Page001

Friday Night Sew-in!!!  I’m back by early evening and I’ll be  working on the Eye Spy Quilt, the last project on my list of goals for the Charming Quilt Club .

Off I go to pack!   Happy

Thursday everyone :-) !!!


PunkiePie said...

What a sleepy Love! Just makes me want to hug him. Happy to hear that Big Brother is feeling better. Nothing worse than a child sick. I'll be joining you too on Friday for a sew-in. I'm very excited and I have my project all ready to go! Have a great day!

Kris said...

Little Dot is a little Angel!!!!

Joy said...

Awwww, poor little man!! So glad he's on the mend, that's no fun for a little boy!!!
Your new baby dot is ADORABLE :o)!!!!!
Joy :o)

sunny said...

What an adorable little Dot! I hope he has his very own quilt!

Allie said...

Awww sweet baby - so glad big brother is feeling better!!! SO scary when kids are sick.

Great job on the quilts - I love doing the handwork! Enjoy your trip!

QuiltSue said...

What a lovely baby. Sorry his big brother has been so poorly.

Have a good trip.

Janet said...

I've said it before, but this time I really mean it...not that I didn't mean it before...Baby Dot looks JUST like you, Cheryl. That little smile on his face is YOU:)
So sweet!!

Ginger Patches said...

Oh what a precious little guy!!! There is nothing like a newborn...sigh. Hey I'm doing the Friday Night Sew-in too....In fact I think this may be where I saw memory is shot!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

CUTE photo of the new little guy. He is adorable but then you know that. :-)