Thursday, September 27, 2007

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs!!!

I am a sign person!! I love old metal signs, signs that tell you where to go, OK Sharon, I can already imagine the comment. Anywho, here's a sampling of my sign addiction. This is over the family room entry - got to make the peeps feel welcome when they come in!! Here's one over a door in the kitchen! I bought this when Sharon had her shop!

This sign I put up several Christmas ago. It hangs over the door to the garage. I decided to leave it up because it's a nice sentiment to take with you out in to the world!
Now here's my favorite. From the time I was a little girl my mom would always say "see you later alligator"to which I would reply "after while crocodile". It was our phrase. Now there were years where I rolled my eyes at her when she said it, let's say the teenage years when I was going out the door with a date!!! Not cool :-)!! But now that my mom is gone, it means even more to me. It was our thing. A few years ago I was shopping at one of my favorite gift shops, Crackerjacks, and here was this metal sign hanging there just waiting for me! I have it at the back door so when I go out it's like my mom saying it! I call this my comfort sign!! So I bet you are wondering where all this is going....!!! One of my very favorite blogs is Cherry Hill Cottage. She has the most amazing photos, not to mention recipes. Over the past few months of me lurking over there I would see wonderful letter signs hanging here and there. Then I discovered that Tina's daughter Mika makes them. Woohoo - somebody to make me signs. Watch out family there will be even more signs poppin up around here. My family is huge Angel baseball fans - we have a whole room dedicated to this obsession. I emailed Mika and asked her to make me Angels letters and look what I got back! I'm working on getting them hung on the wall, but just had to show them

off! I love them and can't wait to get them hung on the wall. If you are in need of some words :-) just contact
Mika - I think they would be really great for a new baby's room!
Tomorrow I'm leaving for a couple days of sewing - can't wait, and I will definitely have some pictures to
post on Sunday! See you later alligators!


Linda said...

Very cute signs, I really like the one on your mantle. Enjoy your time away sewing, I wish I was sewing instead of packing and cleaning.... poor Look forward to the photo's.

Carol said...

Have tons of fun sewing with the girls...I'll be there in spirit! Oh, does that sound spooky :-)

Nan said...

I LOVE your signs! They're all wonderful! I like signs too, and have several throughout my house.
I also love the story of you and your mom - things like that make life extra-special, don't they?
Enjoy your sewing time - I'm envious!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I have a sign for ya!!! LOL Ok you knew I would say that didn't you?? You tempted me and I went for it! I love all your signs. I'm a sign freak too. Oooh I just called you a freak. But....that Angels sign is adorable. Love the aligator sign. That made me have tears when I read about your mom. That is so sweet. You know I have several welcome signs and Dennis sayss how many times do we have to say WELCOME??LOL And do you really think you will get sewing done this weekend??? NOT!!!

Holly said...

of course you know that we are kindred spirits...polka dots and rick rack.

just wait till you see my rick rack stash.



Cheryl said...

You have been working too hard Linda. Packing is no fun. I can't wait till you can get your sewing time back!

Cheryl said...

We will think of you in spirit Carol when we're sewing ---- boy,
now that's realllllly spooky! :-)

Cheryl said...

I hate to say it Nan, but that was
just the tip of the iceberg -- I'm
a sign freak! It's nice to have the sign to remind me of my mom - she was a great mom.

Cheryl said...

I knew I'd get a smart commnet from
you Sharon! :-) I have people say
the same thing about my welcome signs --- I just say we want them to feel very welcome. I've almost
decided not to bring any sewing - I think mostly eatting is going to happen!

Cheryl said...

Did you say rick rack stash Holly??? I can't wait to see that. When do we get to see it??

Mary Anne said...

Great signs !! I'm a sign person also -- my favorite is one my son got me for Christmas a couple of years ago "It's a Wonderful Life ".

(P.S. -- thanks for visiting my blog ! - come back again soon!)

Cheryl said...

That's a great sign Mary Anne - I'll have to try and find that one.
I think I've seen it in the Country
House catalog. Love the name of your blog. Thanks for visiting me

Darlene said...

Sewing days with friends - have fun! Wait, can I go? LOL

Love the Angels sign. I love signs, too and have a few in my home!

BTW, my DD and I do the 'see you later alligator - afterwhile crocodile" thing too. Ever since I would drop off at school and she's now 32. LOL

Cheryl said...

SEWING - yeah!!!! Can't wait. Sure come on down :-)!! Sweet that
you do the alligator thing with your daughter --- that made me smile!

marisa said...

I have not received the book yet, when I will receive it I will communicate it to you.Ciao

Kim said...

Cheryl, where are the photos of the weekend? I NEED some good photos of Sharon, you and Doe--I'll even enjoy them if you upload them sideways or upside down! LMAO! I'm still waiting for my invitation, by the way . . . .

Wendy said...

I love all your signs. I always look at signs in the store but don't ever seem to buy them...don't know why. I should get on