Monday, September 3, 2007

A Big Thanks

What a very nice surprise to be nominated by Doe for a Nice Matters award. The truth of it is she is just about THE nicest person you could ever meet, and I feel very lucky to have her for a good friend. Have to say however, I'm not feeling very nice with this heat we are having ! Thanks Doe for thinking so kindly of me and I'm glad I crack you up!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Friday night we had all the kids home with lots of catching up on every ones activities and had a nice dinner together (despite the hour power outage)! Sunday we celebrated my mother-in-laws 84 birthday. Again, lots of good food, laughter and great family time together. The past few days we have been having thunder/lightning storms, which has been causing some computer issues. I have some pictures to share from projects I'm working on and hopefully tomorrow I'll get them posted. Sharon left a message on my phone yesterday, so at least we know she is safe and sound! Well off to get my beauty sleep :-)!


Red Geranium Cottage said...'s the beauty sleep going for you???? LOL!!!! I could use some of that myself. Hubby kept me up all night last night. He is hogging the bed and then snoring when I do get to sleep. I crawled out to the couch for some sleep then Brian was up getting ready for work. No beauty happening here today. LOL

Nan said...

Congrats on your very "nice" award - knowing the company you keep, I'm sure you deserve the award!
Glad you had a great weekend, even with the power outage. Can't wait to see the projects you've been working on!

momma said...

You totally deserve that nice award, just ask me! And omg the hot was horrid but its so nice now, and just think, Sharon missed it all!!!! Shes coming back to nice cool mornings and evenings, we suffered thru H*&ll!!!!!