Monday, April 28, 2008

Almost ready to hit the road!

I am packing....don't you see me packing...really I am packing! Ok, ok so I am on the computer, but I really am thinking about packing so I really, really think that counts. Actually things are pretty much ready to go, just the last minute stuff. Check the list, make sure everything is checked off, hey where in the heck is that list anyway???

We are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning but wanted to get one last post in. I had really planned to have some quilty pictures ready to go, but that just didn't happen. I will definitely miss the blogs and peeking around here and there to see what all of you have going on, but I'll be checking back in on the 10th of May! Hope that the end of April is good for all of you and May brings lots of new quilting projects and some beautiful May posies blooming in your gardens.

Meanwhile back to packing......................yummmmm, and this is what I have waiting when I am all done. After all, a girl needs a treat for all this getting ready to leave stuff. See you later alligators!!!
PS - there is a quilt raffle going on over at OkPeri's Place for a very good cause!! Drawing will be May 9th. To read all about it and meet Perry's cutie patootie granddaughter hop on over to her blog......we all can help to make a difference :-)! Here's a sneak peek of the quilt you might be lucky enough to win.


Belvie said...

Have a fun safe time! I'm packing too...headed for TX to a wedding.

Ginger Patches said...

Hope you have a great trip!!

julieQ said...

I bet you will have (had by now) a great time!

Mar said...

Have a wonderful trip, stay safe!

Leanne said...

Have a great time away.