Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hold On To Your Hats…..Tech Support Here!!!!

Me giving anyone computer help is at the very least hysterical…in fact I know Sharon is probably crying she is laughing so hard. To start off my computer knowledge is itsy bitsy, and what I know my girl has taught me, Sharon has helped me with as well as fellow bloggers. I just stumbled upon this quick way to post totally by accident….so here goes.mosaic6ee9a802e4af31492e6edb00e5acf718297fb132

A quick way to do a post with pictures….. On my computer this bar pops up when I turn it on. I clicked on the camera icon and then clicked the box below the camera icon. Up popped all my photos. The bar above the photos says “make” which I clicked and then up pops make a blog post!!! What ….are you kidding…whoohoo, sorry back to business. It walks you through inputting your blog name and then up pops my blank background all ready to write a post on. On the side bar there are lots of inserts you can do…pictures which I added in a blink of an eye. AMAZING….Then at the upper left hand corner is an icon that says Publish….and whamo, bamo my post was done. I can’t believe how fast. Sorry for not knowing the correct computer lingo!!! It has spell-check and all the other neato stuff to jazz up your post. This is all done off line, and when you publish it sends it to your blog.

Hopefully this makes sense!!! It is so fast I’m thinking I have no excuses for not blogging now!!!!! Happy Tuesday!


Red Geranium Cottage said...


Red Geranium Cottage said...

ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I just had to say that. Ok you knew I'd be laughing.

PunkiePie said...

No kidding! I will have to check it out and see if my computer has that!