Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday

I’m tickled%20pink%20final3[1]starting to think my “Quilters Union Card” should be taken away….I’m just not getting a darn thing done…but still, lots to be Tickled Pink about :-)!
Last week we were lucky enough to spend a week in Morro Bay.  We have taken this trip each year for about 34 years…with family and friends.   Mere babies when we started going, and so many wonderful memories collected along the way.  There’s always a wonderful Farmer’s Market to visit002.  The produce is fresh, fresh, fresh and there are always yummy things to buy…….003 001
Aren’t these amazing??  Cooking not really being my strong suit…but I’m sure there is something good to do with these!
006  Then there was a trip up the coast to visit the elephant seals..love the little guy swimming in the runoff from the rain…his very own cold tub!
Of course a  visit to The Cotton Ball in Morro Bay..a very sweet fabric shop.  They have the most beautiful decorator fabrics and samples hanging around.  Our friend Sandy that camps with us is one of the most creative crafters/quilters I know.  She has been collecting
018 020 019
embroidery for a long time and came up with this great  idea…piecing them in to blocks just like you would a crazy quilt.  Using the blue floss really ties them all together.  The foundation blocks are 20 inches square, and then she layers the embroidery on top, even using some edges of pillowcases and hankies here and there……I HEART this project!  Such a fun relaxing week.
Tomorrow I am off to spend the whole day with my two girls and the Dots…..hanging out at a children’s museum.   Sometime this week I am really hoping to dust off my sewing machine and work on a project or two….we shall see!!!  Happy March 1st everyone!


QuiltSue said...

You may not be sewing, but it sounds like you're busy and having fun.

Val said...

The farmers' market looks like fun. The pieced embroidery will look amazing as a quilt. A great way to show off all those items in a modern way.

Carol said...

I love the seals...I could watch seals all day long. What a great trip...have fun with the girls and the dots! ENJOY!

Little Pieces of My Life said...

Cheryl, Oh how I miss the coast!
Morro Bay, and especially Pismo Beach, were my old stomping grounds.

What a great idea, making all those vintage pieces into a crazy quilt. I've a large collection and you've started me thinking.I just hate to see hand stitched pieces selling for a quarter.I feel I need to buy them for the stitchers' sake.
Have a great week.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

You are enjoying yourself. The sewing will come. Have a great time tomorrow!

Allie said...

You know your Quilter's Union Card comes with a lifetime membership - even if your sewing machine gets dusty! Looks like you're having SO much fun, good for you - enjoy the dots and the museum!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh you lucky girl -- that trip looks wonderful. Just to see the seals would make it all worthwhile! And what ARE those long yellow skinny things???

Barbie Jo said...

I love a good farmers market! Looks like you had a wonderful getaway and to be with your little dots, well that is just the best!!