Sunday, May 29, 2011

Camp Report!!

Getting pictures loaded has not been working..I’m sure it’s me, but instead of a bunch there will just be some!!!015   The views… pretty!004
The gardens and facility……wonderful!!
Twenty five happy quilters working away in this room…and across the hall twenty five more taking a class with Eleanor Burns009 ………………………
Radiant Star.018 017
021 010
so many pretty projects being made…sorry again about the picture thing!!  My mosaic maker isn’t cooperating. It’s fun to go back and meet up with camp buddies and pick up where we left off028 ….this is my friend Annie.  She works for Eleanor at Quilt In A Day, and we are best buddies!  I’m sending you big hugs Annie!
I worked on some half started things…..024

I woke up Tuesday morning at camp  thinking I would have this pumpkin done by 2 p.m.  Notice those itty bitty 1 inch squares!!!  Got a bit bored of that but I did finish half.032  The rows are now all together for my Designer BOM for just needs the outer border..I am so excited about this!!!

Finished this pumpkin topper that I started at fall camp, and made this really easy Halloween035
topper.  It’s  an Atkinson Design pattern so you know there were great directions!!  I have never met an Atkinson Design pattern I didn’t like :-)!!!  It felt so good to get some things accomplished!!!    Bottom line is camp was SO MUCH FUN.  We sewed, we ate (yummy food), and shared so much.  Connected with some old friends and made some new ones!  I highly recommend going to quilt camp…..and RB,  here’s a special shout out to you from the late night sewers:-)!!!!  Happy weekend everyone!


Darlene said...

Lots of productivity at quilt camp. Woohoo!!!

Terry said...

Lots of great projects there! And the scenery is just beautiful! :0)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to enjoy friendship, laughter and quilting with so many others! Enjoyed peeking in.

Lorraine said...

Gotta love quilt camp! I have that designer BOM to put together.....tell me it's not from 2008!! LOLOL

Allie said...

Oh Cheryl that looks so fun - love your pumpkin but one inch squares? Yikes! Looks like a GREAT group there, such wonderful projects!

Marie said...

Hey Cheryl....great pics. I'm glad you remembered RB. I'm already looking forward to seeing you in Nov! Take care & have a great summer! Marie

Kris said...

Oh what fun!

Carol said...

I can tell you just had a blast! How fun! You got LOTS done!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Look at all of that creativity. I just have to get through 10 more days of school and I am sure I will find my creativity againt.

Sinta Renee said...

Fun photos! Loooks like everyone was having a great time! In a beautiful place!

farmersdotter said...

I have been enjoying your blog and put you on my favorites list. I have a small retreat center in Southwest Iowa and would love to have you and some of your friends come be my guests! Where was this retreat? Hope you have time to check out my blog. Thanks for taking a look!
Brenda...the Farmer's Dotter

Carrie P. said...

great show and tell.