Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not Much To Report!

There just hasn’t been much progress on the sewing front, but I will show  you the little I have accomplished……002 this snazzy little roll turns into


      this snazzy holder for Big Dots fancy, dancy roll up crayons!!
We are headed out for a getaway for a few days and a change of scenery, not to mention to be close to our girl and spending time with her.  I’ll be missing Tickled Tuesday but wanted to share a couple early tickles.  First …………….001
that sweet poochie Buster belongs to my pincushion partner Carol, and there's a pretty quilt she made from a pattern featured in the magazine a while back.  If you pick up the June/July Quick Quilts that’s where you will find this cute picture.  Then our very own Pam Kitty has a AWESOME brand new spankin line of fabric coming out, and it was just previewed at Spring Quilt Market…….bursting with bloggy pride for her!  Don’t forget this Friday, May 20th is FNSIButtonour monthly sew-in hosted by Heidi and Bobbi.  Sign ups are here.  Just checked and there are over 100 signed up.  A great way to set aside some “ME” sewing time.  Wishing you all a very happy week!!!!


deb said...

I think I will have to be making one of those soon!!! Have a great time away!!!

Allie said...

What a cute crayon roll! Cheryl, enjoy your time away - family is what life's all about! Beautiful quilt from Carol!

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday there will be a crayon roll in my future to make...they are so cute but I need a reason! LOL