Friday, September 30, 2011

Christmas Through The Year …(under the wire)!!

Earlier today I was thinking I would just whip up something really quick to get in under the September 30 deadline for this months present.  Two hours ago I was thinking …I’m  not going to have time to make anything not to mention I didn’t even have an idea :-( !!!  Think, think, think.  Then it hit me.  My friend Jan had made me the most wonderful journal for Xmas last year…. it had a paper type cover, and she stitched some wonderful patches on it.  A few months back I had found the same journals and put them away.  So about an 006hour ago, I Heat n Bonded, and did a simple stitch…added some stickers and tada …two presents done!!!  Whewwww, what a huge relief.  Check over at Allie’s and see what others have done.  I am quite sure they weren’t last minute Annie’s like me !!!!

Last Saturday was Quilts of Valor, and for a fund raiser we made chicken pincushions.  These were007

my test chickens…smile girls!!!  A bit of a challenge for me but I did manage to get some done.  Sadly I forgot to take their pictures.

At 001  friendship group this week  we got to see a finished Farmers Wife quilt….AMAZING!!!!!  I just love those blocks.  Think this will have to go in my “make it when life slows down file”!!!

Well that’s a wrap for me.  I will be MIA for a bit, but there will lots of stories and pictures to share when I get back!  Happy weekend everyone.


Darlene said...

The journals are wonderful - great idea.

The Farmer's Wife quilt is not on my agenda (for now) :-)

Enjoy your time away.

Allie said...

You know, since you made it by midnight your time but not mine, you could always count that as October's gifts! I love the journals and what a great idea.
I will never, ever make a farmer's wife quilt - but I sure do love seeing it. *G* Your little chickens are cute! I hope you enjoy whatever you're up to, are you on vacation again? BEACH TIME? *jealous*

Carol said...

Those journals are so cute! And look at those fun chickens! LOVE the Farmer's Wife! ENJOY your week!

Thimbleanna said...

Whew! Good job making it under the wire. Have a fun little mini-break!

Dandelion Quilts said...

I like those chickens...bawk, bawk...good job!

deb said...

darling idea on the journals!!!!
LOVE the FArmers Wife quilt....really stunning!!!!

Wendy said...

Good idea with the journals, I'll have to remember that for gifts.
The farmers wife quilt is outstanding, I'm doing small blocks that might be a quilt someday.
Have a good time away.

Kris said...

Cheryl....WHAT..I drove right by your house on our way to Oak Glen???? We must meet up next time!!!
Love your projects you did!!! The journals will be perfect for gifts!!!