Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The past week found us camping in Morro Bay for a family reunion with Mr. P’s family.  So much fun to catch up with cousins….lot’s of laughing, remembering the past and lots of relaxing…..BUT----- NO PICTURES!!!  I sure hope the blog police don’t come for me :-)!   It was so nice to escape the 100 plus temps we have been having.  The locals, apologizing for the heat wave….85 degrees!!!  That seemed like a cold snap to us!  Then returning home to much cooler temps….ahhhhhhhhh, Fall is here finally!!!

Speaking of Fall, we have a really fun pumpkin 001 patch that opens this time of year.  Not only is there a huge pumpkin patch, but a corn maze, jumpers for the little guys, and a sweet country store brimming with Fall decorations.

Yesterday I met up with my girl for breakfast…let the wedding planning begin!!!  We are brimming with ideas and the search is on for the spot……so exciting!!!!!  On my way home I stopped by my friend Judy’s shop…..O’Flanary’s Emporium.   WONDERFUL!!!012   She is filled to the brim with Fall goodness everywhere you turn.  If you see



something you lo014ve, she ships too!!!   I just love, love  Fall…….

but now back to reality!!!

Customer bindings are streaming in and I have to put the pedal to the metal005 .  The bindings on this stack are ready for hand sewing.  We have another adventure ahead next week, so I better lock myself in the quilting castle upstairs to get my work done!!   Happy week friends and welcome Fall!!!!


Annelies said...

Seriously.....we are leaving the Central Coast TODAY!!!! We were in Moro Bay too!!!! Oh well, we WILL catch up at camp (G) !!!!!!!

Kris said...

So many wonderful things going on in your life right now!! I am eager to make it to that pumpkin patch this year!!!!
XO Kris

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

Looks like you had a great time! Enjoy the wonderful fall weather!!

Darlene said...

Fun days happening and exciting day in the not too distant future.

shez said...

oh Cheryl we would love some of that heat,we are so cold and its supposed to be spring,our temps around the 9-10 deg,brrr.xx

paulette said...

Isn't Morro Bay home to the COTTON BALL Quilt Shop?! Love that shop!!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- it looks like you've been really busy. I'm glad it's finally cooling down for you. Good Luck with the bindings!

Wendy said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Good luck with all those bindings.

Carol said...

Sounds wonderful! Retirement is a wonderful thing! LIFE IS GREAT! Enjoy every minute!

Carrie P. said...

I used to camp at Morro Bay when I was a little girl. Great memories from there.
didn't know you did binding for people. that is a lot of work.

Mary Anne Drury said...

How exciting !!!! Wedding planning ! Enjoy !!!! (after you get all those quilt bindings done that is !!!)

Fall is my favorite season also ....(as you know since you were visiting my blog and left such a sweet comment about my blog hop quilt block) ..... glad you're out of those 100 degree temps ! Happy Fall !!!

P.S. the Nov/Dec McCalls magazine might not be out in stores just yet .... mine came in the mail ..... but my sister in law said she found it yesterday (she's in Tampa)..... not sure what store she found it in.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You sound like a busy, busy lady! So you were in Cali? How fun! Next time y'all are out here, let me know. I live in the Central Valley and would love to show you around.

Happy Quilting, Cheryl, and thanks for the kind words left for me today.


Lorraine said...

Busy, busy, fun, fun.......! Lots going on in your world.