Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thanks to one and all!!!

What a wonderful surpise I had when I saw all the comments from everyone. Sharon and Doe sure know how to rally up the troops! Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and making me feel so warm and fuzzy!

I am going to be clueless (I mean pictureless) for a bit. Without my daughter here I'm having a little trouble figuring out the picture part, but I know Donna, Doe and Sharon will give me some tips.

Yesterday was such a wonderful day. First, of course, all of you and your great welcome and then meeting my friend Lani for a day of shopping! Lani and I met in our first quilt class (for both of us) about 25 years ago. Somehow, and we are both fuzzy on this part, we became best buds with the teacher and then I drug my friend Judy in to the mix and we started meeting on a weekly basis at the teachers house. Now we know there were other people in the class, but neither of us can remember how we got from being in class to just the 4 of us -I guess we just voted the others off the island! Well anyway, back to yesterday (boy I'm a rambler!) - at least once a year we meet at a quilt shop in Montrose called Quit n Things, then have Mexican food for lunch and shop at my very most favortie country store ever - Country Classics!!! Love that place --and of course lots of gabbing. Now if I could just show you some pictures -hmmmm! I'm going to be working on that part. Thanks again everyone!


sharon said...

Glad you had fun with your friends. Can't wait to see pictures. WE made it to Napa and we're still talking. LOL!! I could have killed him a couple times but it was his birthday so I kept my mouth zipped. Well, sort of.
Miss you.

Cheryl said...

Glad you had fun, and glad that Dennis is still alive - can't wait to see you.

sharon said...

OMG I've been gone DAYS and no new blog from you. Girlfriend you better get busy with this. LOL
Can't wait to show you all my goodies again.