Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are You Ready for some Quilt Market??!

A good word to sum up Quilt Market is AMAZING, and the anticipation of Sample Spree is equally as amazing. Here are the four of us with our Moda bags that Donna surprised us with. We are standing in front of the windows that look down over the Market floor.
This is the room where we waited for Sample Spree to start. When we lined up early in the day it was being used as a meeting area for an Electrical Conference............little did they know.........they would soon be invaded by hundred's of women (well a few men) waiting to charge through the doors and scoop up whatever quilting stuff they could get their hands on :-)! Getting there early leaves you lots of time to get in to trouble....err, I mean reflect on what lays ahead... hmmm.......what oh what shall we do all day?? How about a game of cards!
We met the nicest bunch of ladies from Chicago. We spent all day in line with them, and then it turns out they were in the room right next door to us - what are the odds?! Then we noticed the nice people over at the Electricians table had flashing lights on their hats.......we need to investigate. A couple of our Chicago friends headed on over and they bring us back flashing light bulb pins . Eight woman sitting for half a day waiting for Sample Spree to open and now we have blinking light bulb pins - let the high jinks ensue:-). They have magnetic backs so you can stick them all kinds of places. They work well as earrings, and they can even attach to your glasses . Wish this picture would enlarge, she had them stuck to the middle of her glasses - we were laughing our heads off! It's probably one of those times when you had to be there.......but I can tell you there was some hysterical laughter happening at this point --- will someone pleasssse open those Sample Spree doors .....open, open, open!!

It would have been fun to show some pictures inside but once those doors open it's every quilter for themselves.......some of my fastest running has been done at Sample Spree. Here are the after photos!!
Worn out - but look at the haul!
It's back to the room for some rest and to get ready for our next day of Market. This is the view out of our window. Beautiful at night with all the sparkling lights!

Here's some fun shots of the day......................

Debbie and Linda ready to shop till they drop.....

Donna with one of our favorite people - Norbert our Moda rep........................

Visiting the LakeHouse Booth (here's a couple of shots of the BEAUTIFUL QUILTS), and getting to meet Holly Holderman - definitely a highlight of the day! Donna has ordered a ton of LakeHouse fabrics and we can't wait till they arrive!
Frank Bielec from Trading Spaces ---what a character, being as friendly as could be!

.........and a personal highlight for me, getting to see my longtime friend Merry, who owns Fiddlesticks Quilt Shop in Boulder City, Nevada. She's living her dream of owning a quilt shop. She is one creative lady and Fiddlesticks is beautiful shop!

Whewwww! That sums up our four day adventure. Wednesday I'm off to Quilt Festival with my friend Carol and I'll have more tales to tell by the weekend. Later gators!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

We're Back!

We made it back safe and sound and I have lots of pictures and stories to share. Only problem, I'm worn out! So it's off to bed for me. Tomorrow is my long day at work 10 to 8:30, and I will try to get the rest of my pictures posted tomorrow night. Needless to say lots of fun happened, lots of buying happened and some great tales to tell......I even got to meet our one and only Pam Kitty, who I might add is every bit as nice as I had imagined. Here we are in the Late Bloomer booth - CUTE QUILTS!!! Elizabeth, Pam Kitty, myself and Donna. Don't we all have that Quilt Market glow :-) One more picture to share......
This is my friend.... well actually I don't know my friends name, but I'm thinkin if any of you out there are thinking of joining the Red Hat Society you might want to check in to it a little more :-)! Promise to share more from start to finish. Later gators :-)!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Did somebody say cheese.......................ball?!

I have had literally thousands of email requests for the famous ball of cheese recipe,(OK maybe 7 :-)) so without further delay I present to you the famous Ball of Cheese recipe! Here's what you need. Two packages of cream cheese, a package of Hidden Valley Ranch Salad dressing mix (make sure it is the package that says to mix with milk & mayonnaise, not the buttermilk one), sharp Tillamook cheddar cheese and chopped pecans.

Soften the cream cheese. Add 3/4 of the dry salad dressing mix (sometimes I go hog crazy and add the whole package). Mix so the dressing mix and cream cheese are well combined.

Next add 2 cups of grated cheddar cheese. This is more of a cream cheesy cheese ball, if you want more cheese go for it. Next form in to a ball and start rolling in the pecan pieces. I crushed the pecans in a plastic bag first so there are finer pieces.
Keep rolling until it's covered with the pecans. Better to make at least a few hours ahead, or overnight . Yummy! As I told Carol, after 5:00 there are no calories in the cheese ball - just one of the rules of the ball :-)!!! My nephew
John is the one who name it the world famous ball of cheese!

Today we totally switched plans. We had planned to go to the horse races and spend the day out in the sun. We like to go to Santa Anita and sit in the infield with a picnic lunch. I always take some handwork and John usually takes a book. We are crazy betters - $2.00 per race. The winds have been really bad today, and a few fires around so we decided to stay home. Our best to everyone who might be affected by the fires.

So here's my updated plan. Finish up Carol's binding (the blue plaid) and start the binding on another customers quilt, Ruth's wonderful Egg Money quilt, and maybe read a few magazines.
Also, game 7 of the playoffs are on at 5:30, so we will definitely be watching that! Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend! Later gators!
PS - almost forgot to mention I finally finished my Lucky Star quilt

Friday, October 19, 2007

Lot's of Jabbering!

Friday- hard to believe, the week has just flown by. I ended up not going to the Lone Star class on Thursday evening. Earlier in the afternoon my throat started getting really sore, so I figured I should stay home and take it easy. Doe called and she did an over the phone diagnosis - probably from my flu shot! She must be right- I was much better today! Houston is coming up next week and I don't want to take a chance and end up being sick. I did make some progress on my Lone Star though . Only three more points and then I can add the background. It goes together so nice!

This evening was my late night sewing with the Monday girls - I know it's Friday, but once a month we sew late on Fridays:-)! Lots of good snacks to eat . One of the girls brought a pumpkin bundt cake from Sam's Club that was the most amazing cake-yummy! And of course I had to bring the World Famous Ball of Cheese!!!
Somehow we get lots of jabbering in, and maybe a little quilting. Here's a quilt that Jennifer made with the Chelsea Boutique fabric by Moda using Moda's Chocolat pattern. Such a beautiful quilt! I had intentions of taking more pictures, but between the jabbering and eating I forgot!

I am slowly getting decorated for Fall. I got the Halloween quilt up that was on my "finish what you have" list. Love his little whiskers out of rick rack of course. Got this really cute pumpkin light at a gift shop close by and I will try to get a picture up the next couple of days.

It really seemed like Fall was here, but today our temperature was in the high 80's, with the forecast for the next couple of days even higher. Come on Fall I know you are out there. Thought I would give an update on my Liquid Amber watch. Slowly they turn, step by step, inch by inch ...........................
ok, I better go to bed I'm getting wacky! Later gators :-)!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In The Pink!!

Question - What happens when you accidentally get your red hoodie mixed in with your whites (I might add one of my favorite white t shirts)?? I'm hoping that John will at least see how thoughtful it was of me to match a pair of his socks to his t shirt!
Tuesday just wasn't my day. First the pink incident and then carrying the groceries in to the house having a bottle of wine break through the plastic bag and shatter all over the floor........let's just say the kitchen still has the smell of a nice bouquet :-)! I could have cried, but instead I just decided to laugh......that was after all the swearing was done!

Last week a customer came in to the shop with the RJR fabric Mr. Halloween's Party. I love that fabric - I'm a nut for vintage fabric. We have this really easy quick pattern at the shop for charms so I knew I just had to have the fabric for that quilt. When I got home from work today this is what was waiting for me! I haven't forgotten about my "finish what you have" quest, but I just had to have this. In my mind I could just whip this up and have it done by Halloween---well there's always next year!

Here's a couple more pictures of wonderful quilts that were shown in class this week. Love, love, love this quilt. It was hand pieced by Rosemary one of our Tuesday ladies. She's been working on this quilt for 5 years, and just got it back from the quilters. They did such a wonderful job quilting it. Talk about finisihing what you have - way to go Rosemary!

And another beauty. We are so lucky to see so many beautiful quilts!

Thursday night is my second Lone Star class, so I will be spending most of Thursday getting my homework done. I work better under pressure! Later gators!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Yep, I'm another year older today!!

I have officially nudged past the mid 50's. Mind you I've just edged over the middle of the 50's so I'm thinkin I'm still in the middle and I'm holding on!!! Got a great package from Carol to start the birthday celebration ..........a box of delicious chocolates. Thanks Carol. Let the celebrating begin!
Had a wonderful birthday dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory with my family on Sunday! It was a beautiful evening in Palm Dessert, with the temperature about 82 degrees. We sat out on the patio at the restaurant and enjoyed the evening. Got great presents from the kids. A really cute new workout outfit to wear to the gym (although after all the cheesecake, I might hold off wearing it for a while)! My girl got me the cutest metal snowman sign and on the back was a note that she has tickets for the two of us to see the Nutcracker in December. That was always our thing we did together when she was little, our Christmas tradition, and I am so excited that we are going to go!!! Very special that she knows what that means to me!

Today was a very busy day at the shop. People are really getting in to decorating for Fall, as well as getting those Christmas quilts going. I can't believe how close Christmas is. This time of year my little binding business keeps me pretty busy, so I don't get much quilting done.......but call me crazy, which many people do........I love putting bindings on. Thought I would show you some of my customers quilts that I have finished. This quilt belongs to one of our morning ladies, Jan. It's from one of the Buggy Barn books. Their quilts are so much fun to do! The quilt is very striking in white and green.
Here's Nurse Carol's sailboat quilt. Look at all those little pinwheels between the ships. You can't tell by the picture, but the quilting is wonderful! Little puffy clouds quilted in the sky around the sails.................way cute!!! ..... and another Nurse Carol quilt that the quilters just brought in today. I told her I'm going to take my time putting the binding on this one!!!! I think it needs to live at my house for quite a long time :-)!!!!!!!!
Every Monday night at the shop we have a group that has been coming for a number of years. They always have quilts to show and here are some of what we got to ooooh and ahhhhh over tonight.Also, did I mention the Death by Chocolate birthday cake. Yummy!!!!!

When I come home from class I am always wired, well tonight it's probably from the big slab of chocolate birthday cake, but usually it's from all the projects that everyone is working on. Usually I come home and poke around in my sewing room for a couple hours plotting all the things I'm going to get done!

Some of you may have read over on Sharon's blog that Kim is being left all of Sharon's fabric. Well, that's just fine, but I'll be holding her Christmas Quilt hostage till she comes home! Sharon, this would look great in my bedroom:-)!

Thanks to my wonderful family and all my great friends for making my birthday so special! Later gators!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I've Got Mail!

Look what I got in the mail!
I was the lucky winner of Nicole's Owl swap! Isn't he the cutest....I've named him Hootie. And the glittered C is perfect! He already has found a spot to nest in. Thanks Nicole!

Things have been pretty quiet here. Took a class at the quilt shop Thursday night. The Lone Star, using fusible interfacing. So far I have one diamond done. I can't believe how easy it is and how nicely all the seams match. We are doing the wall hanging size, so only 7 more diamonds to make.

Got my flu shot a couple days ago and I have been feeling, how should I say it, YUCKY!!! I know they say you don't get sick from the shot but......! I got mine at our local grocery store, and there's just something really funny about sitting in front of the frozen food isle getting a shot! The last 3 years I've gotten one I've not had the flu - so I guess I'll put up with feeling a little YUCKY!! Come on everyone - get your flu shots!!!

Tomorrow it's dinner with the whole family at the Cheesecake Factory - yummmmmmmy!!!! Hey let's forget dinner, what flavor cheesecake shall I have? Later gators!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Boy I'm Blitzed!

Thought that title might get a little attention :-)! Last weekend at the shop was the Reindeer Dash. Eight local shops participated, with customers dashing (not really!) from shop to shop, with Christmas of course being the theme. We all wore antlers so here I am...........

OK Sharon, let me have it ---I know it's coming :-) I love when we have quilt runs. We get to see customers we haven't seen in a long time and then a chance to meet lots of new people. I worked with Dasher (aka Susan) on Saturday, and the both of us being reindeer's in our mid 50's, well lets say we were worn out by the end of day. We had to put our hooves up and just have a time out before we pranced home!

You would think after a quilt run things would slow down, but this week was as busy as ever! My little home binding business is going strong and this time of year everyone is getting those Christmas quilts done, so they are sure to have them quilted in time by the longarm quilters. Mr friend Carol (actually we call her Nurse Carol) makes so many wonderful quilts, and I am lucky to get them to put the bindings on. Thought I would share a couple of her quilts.

She makes more quilts than anyone I know! She is such a good piecer and the bindings always go on so easy. She is a nurse in a pediatric care unit (hope I said that right Carol), and she hangs up her quilts, changing them with every season. What a wonderful treat for the kids and their families as well as the staff. I'm going to go visit her soon and I will take some pictures of her quilts hanging in the unit.

Fall is slowly creeping in to California. I've been enjoying all the blogs from people living in other parts of the country where Fall really has showed up. Here's a peek at the beginnings of our change of season . If you squint real hard, and close one eye, and stand on one foot you might be able to see a slight yellow tinge starting to show up!!! I love these Liquid Ambers along our driveway. Hopefully in another week or two they will really put on a show! Well I better get to those bindings! See you later alligators :-) !

Friday, October 5, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Can't believe I haven't posted anything all week - this has been a crazy week with not enough time as usual! Friday I met Sharon for lunch at our favorite yummy eatery to celebrate my birthday!!! Hey, wait a minute, I know I keep forgetting things, but did I forget it's my birthday???? Look at the goodies she brought me.
She knows what I like! LOVE those Cath Kidston bags! And I don't know why but I seem to be obsessed with cupcakes. The cupcake book is WONDERFUL! Look at the yummy flower cookie - good thing I have a picture, cause that thing is history now!

How cute is this crocheted tape measure! The picture doesn't really show all the great detail. Cute as cute can be!!
Thanks Sharon for the great birthday stuff ----oh, now I remember it really isn't my birthday yet. Think I like this pre-birthday celebrating. What ? There's another bag???? Now I'm being spoiled! This one is chocked full of Fall goodies! A wonderful Susan Branch book, dried Fall pods and berries, and a cute witches wand sucker! And I love how that bag is decorated.

Here's an outside view of the sweet Fall bowl. Can't wait to make the famous ball of cheese to go in it!
And did you notice I got one of the cute Fall Purses that Sharon is giving away over on her blog!!! You can have one too - just go sign up! Also, she's hosting a chocolate swap over there - Red Geranium Cottage, and I know we all love chocolate! Thanks Sharon for all the wonderful goodies and for the great day!

I'm still concentrating on finishing up what I have. here's a quilt I started a number of years ago. There are 3 other sections just like this one. I have all the blocks and triangles, done just need to put them together. Love the blocks. The handles are appliqued, and you can't beat civil war reproduction fabrics! Here's a shop project that I'm going to be working on.

I love Cotton Way patterns.This is made with charms and jellyrolls. I just can't seem to get enough of them, and the projects work up so fast!

Today I will be doing the happy dance - I'm spending the day with my daughter, which means lots of shopping and of course going out to lunch. See you later alligators!