Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas Through The Year and Bouncing

 christmasthroughtheyearbutton It’s link up time over at Kim’s blog for  Christmas Through The Year.  She has a wonderful giveaway.  All you have to do to be entered, is make a Christmas gift.  I have been working on a little Christmas hanging…time ticking, ticking away and it become very apparent I wasn’t going to get it done.  I went back to my old standby,003 the Ten Minute Table Runner….pattern here.  Saturday I spent the day sewing with friends, so I whipped up these three…..they really are super, duper fast!!!!

A few months back we were making Bounce in Sinta’s and Sherrie’s Schnibble’s group… Bounce quit Bouncing :-( ….so sad.  I decided004 I’ll start working on it Wednesdays when I sew with my friendship group.  The big stars were already done, just the bitty stars to do.  I sewed the center part on the stars and started on the top and bottom rows…..never mind I sewed the wrong size background on the left…ugh!!!!!  I will not be deterred….now I’m on a mission!

We have a wild weekend planned here.  The Dots are here Friday to Monday since their dad and mom are off to a Super Bowl weekend getaway.  So you know what that means for us P A R T Y !!!

Have a wonderful day friends!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rehab Report

Busy times and sewing has been on the back burner for a bit….but I BOMrehab175am determined to do a weekly check in with Sinta and her Rehab group. 

Today I worked on the candy cane block, with  butto028ns and stitching on


the holly leaves to be added after it’s all together.  Then call me crazy, but I had to jump in on a new BOM029.  It’s called A Year To Crow About with two blocks handed out every month.  Fingers crossed they are all done by June…that would really be something to crow about.

Happy week everyone!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Bit Of Sewing…Rehab Report …and A Fun Sew Along

 010 We are enjoying some beautiful weather…it’s warmed up a bit and today we actually have the house open, feels so good.  I finished up my Valentine topper, (Crazy Eight Strip Teaser Topper…pattern can be found here) and then got inspired to get two blocks done BOMrehab175 for Sinta’s BOM Rehab group.011  I am so excited
about working on this quilt.  I had decided it would have to wait till next Fall, but thanks to Sinta it will get done!!

When a couple bloggers get together and start brain storming you know a good idea will be hatched!!  That’s just what Kathy and Darlene have done.  Using this bookP1150002 , the plan is to make a mini quilt every other month, starting with February. Darlene was so inspired she already made a mini. This is a no stress group!! No competition, no commitment, just joining in when you can.  If you play along in 2013 you would end up with six mini quilts to show for it.  Kathy will have a link up over at her blog in February.  This sounds right up my alley… how about you????? 

There won’t be much sewing happening this week, too busy with other things.  The most important is celebrating Little Dots 3rd birthday…….party to start in about an hour!
Wishing you all a very happy week!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sew……Back To BOM Rehab!

 BOMrehab175 Yup, going back to Sinta’s BOM rehab.  I made an attempt last week, but was a bit confused….well, it gave Sinta a chuckle I am sure.  Seems you actually need to make something to go to rehab, not just sign in :)!!!!    Yesterday I got busy!!!   I love the mosaic593acbff4df51de3148f4d09295287a351f68ef9Christmas  Favorites quilt by Nancy Halvorsen,  and I have all the BOM waiting, so that’s what I am going to work on.  The Poinsettia block is done, and the 3-D petals will be attached after quilting.  Fabrics are cut for two more blocks and I will work on them this week,  so I’m on my way.  Now to stay motivated!!!

I wrote Darlene after Xmas I was feeling like a big blob.  Seems like she was feeling blobby too…..we were thinking our MOJO’s were off some where together, but boy she got some motivation to work on a cute pattern…peek here!!!   I figured maybe working on a couple small things would snap me out of it.  I haven’t made The Dots pillowcases in a while and saw this cute glow in the dark famosaice26b4254da5f5801419039a9e7cbcb0552308f77bric, so I whipped up a couple pillowcases.  The stars and moons really do glow in the dark, so fun.    Then there was an after Christmas breakfast with my good friends 004Metta and Jan…..using Miss Rosie’s Morsels pattern, these pincushions were fun  to whip up for my two dear friends.  Using the printer made the label making super easy.

I got the urge to go through my sewing closet…..UGH, where to begin.  Right off the bat I ran acr015oss these rail blocks.  They were from a block exchange I did with a bunch of gals on Prodigy, probably about 15 years ago.  Wow, they would be perfect for a Quilts Of Valor qu018ilt, so that’s what I worked on last Wednesday night at sewing.  They went together super fast and before I knew it the top was done.

So I guess my blobbyness isn’t quite as bad as I thought.  I even have a top secret Valentine project I’m working on.  Here’s a sneaky peek011 ,,,,,

Such happy fabrics!!!  Smiles to you all.