Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all my bloggy friends in the States!!!
Be back next week for lots of catching up....happy rest of the week everybody!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Back From Camp!!!!

We are back from quilt camp at Cedar Glen, hosted by Eleanor Burns and her girls. So much fun, so much quilting, so much laughing and so much eating!!! The colors of Fall were everywhere, along with the cooler temps, which was appreciated by all of us. The picture on the right was our sewing hide out!!!

Apparently my mojo had been waiting up there for me because finally I was productive!! For those of you that have put up with my whining about not getting things done...much appreciation and thanks for your support!!! I am very happy to report that I got Katie's quilt top done, the little quilty hangie things all buttonholed, and I made a lot of progress on the I Spy quilt. I still have a bit to go on that, but the end is in sight. Being the confessed serial starter than I am, I just couldn't help myself and had to get another project going. This is Quick Trip published by our host, and so fast and easy to make. After piecing the rest of the strips an inner border will go on, and scrappy squares around the outer edge. A great Spring quilt for someone special!!!

I was fortunate to sew with the best group of friends, so when the quilting wasn't happening talking was!!! And catching up with friends made at past camps is another bonus. Annie and Luann were our helpers and cheerleaders, and always available for consult on our projects!! We love them :-) !!!! Our camp host is always there to encourage us, as well as entertain us up in the dinner hall. Here Eleanor is dressed as a turkey to introduce us to her new pattern, Autumn Leaves. With a few little changes you can turn a leaf in to a turkey. When she first came out the bottom half of the turkey costume was on backwards...OMW, hysterical is all I can say! The next evening my friend Annie introduced us to her new pattern, Twice As Nice......Plus More. With one jelly roll you make the blocks for all three quilts, and then with the addition of background, borders and bindings, you have three really quick and cute projects.

We all were invited up to our hosts beautiful log cabin for appetizers and feeding the neighbors donkeys. They came running when they heard Eleanor calling "donkeys, donkeys". Such a beautiful home decorated to perfection with quilts. Each and every room had quilts that you just want to make, and her sewing studio, perfect!!
Here's a peek at some of the
beauties being created at camp. There were around 50 people
.... guess I was talking so much I forgot to take more pictures!!

I am still on a bit of a quilt camp high. Being around all that creativeness really gets a person inspired!!! So for me it's back to the sewing machine! Wishing you all a happy week!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Charming Girls Quilt Club

Here's my hopeful finishes for the Charming Girls Club.....I have been a no show sewer for a couple months and hope to get back on track. Monday I leave for quilt camp, so I think I have a chance at meeting my goals. On the left my girls quilt and on the right an eye spy quilt that is half done for Little Dot. Also I plan on getting the buttonholing done on these sweet little hangie quilts!!!

Sewing machine here I come. Happy rest of the weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm On A Mission

This pile of bindings done and ready to ship out....whewww. The reason I have been sequestered in the sewing tower....QUILT CAMP, QUILT CAMP, QUILT CAMP!!!!! Five more sleeps and off to camp we go. Finally I will get back to quilting. On the list, my girls quilt, Baby Polka Dots Eye Spy quilt, and a Quick Trip quilt that I took to camp in May and never got to. I know, those first two have been on my posts the last two months, but now I really will have no excuse not to get them done!!!!!! Four days of quilting, YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE, and of course lots of laughing and chatting. Pictures to follow the end of next week.
Other happenings around here....Halloween and the cutest Kermit The Frog I have ever seen. My picture taking is just pitiful. Little Polka Dot had quite a haul of candy and had fun taking it out and putting it back in his sack. Of course the rest of us did the eating. Good thing Kermit came by....that was our only Treater this year!!! Very weird. Little Dot and his parents got all moved in to their new house. We are so excited for them. It such a wonderful house, and only two traffic lights and one stop sign away!! A visit and dinner Tuesday evening with our fun. She took us to this wonderful rib place for dinner.....yummmmmy, and a nice visit with her..just too short! What a lucky girl to live in such a great town. Tonight a fun sewing night with my friendship group and of course lots of golfing for Mr. Polka Dot!!!
So there you have it....all up to date what have you been up to???!!! Off to check things out. Happy mid week everyone.