Saturday, December 4, 2010

On The Road To Inspiration.......opps behind again!

I'm behind on my camp post so here goes!!! Whenever I go to quilt camp I always get inspired...very inspired.  All those quilty people together in one place, so many wonderful projects being made, so much quilt talk going on and then to have Eleanor Burns right there with us the whole time....well just plain inspiring!!!  I just have to admit she is like a rock star to me...a living, breathing, quilting rock star.  She's to blame for my first quilt class.  The sign posted in that craft store 26 years ago read "Log Cabin Quilt In A Day"!!!! Well heck, I have a day :-) !!!  That's the very moment where my quilting obsession was born.  So many quilts and wonderful friendships have been made since that day and I give her all the credit.  Her passion for quilting is infectious, and how she keeps the schedule she has is a mystery to me!!  All the people she has started down the quilting path......well just plain amazing.

Camp this year was mainly a social (jabbering) time...but here's some pretty quilts that were there to inspire. Gotta love a log cabin....and this quilt on the right called to me all camp!!  I have a huge collection of 30's that just need to be made into this quilt.   An oh so sweet posy the rick rack for the

stems.  I can just see this beauty on a little girls bed. 

 My dear friend Annie made this cuter than cute birthday quilt for her granddaughter Clare's first's in a Quilt In Day book called Ice Cream Cone Quilt.  Some grandma love went in to that!  So great visiting and sewing with Annie.      

Here's a group of us visiting Eleanors studio.....Lani, me, Karen, Jennifer and Pat...all such great friends...I'm a lucky girlie!   This should be an add for how are you enjoying retirement?!  My friend Beth (standing) retired in June and sadly moved away to New Mexico...well not sad for her but for me because we can't play anymore.  She is so happy and loves her new place. We all were very grateful that her husband drove her to quilt camp.  That's Judy and Marilyn enjoying our visit at Eleanor's lovely home.
Since camp things have been very busy. Thanksgiving....
my sweet family.  Then there's been some decorating happening...  getting lights on the tree, decorating the castle......
oh wait....that was a visit to Disneyland with the Dots, their mom and dad and our girl.  We were busy looking for Nemo.....and here's our girls!
Yes decorating is happening in our castle, but may be not as many lights!  Happy December everyone!