Sunday, September 15, 2013

Checking Back In!

June 25 was my last post????.......SERIOUSLY?!  Wow, but busy times with all the wedding preparations and now less than a month to go.  Last weekend was my girls bridal shower....her girls did an amazing job with the whole thing....I enjoyed helping too!!!   They set up a wonderful
 Mimosa bar, and I found a great Peach Tea recipe on Pinterest.
We have been having extremely hot and humid weather and we did our best to prepare the backyard with some extra shade, and fans for everyone to have at the ready.....BUT, we didn't expect a HUGE thunder shower!!  We at least got to enjoy an hour outside and quickly moved the party inside.  It was a perfect even so,
with tons of laughing and great time spent with family and friends.  Here's my girl looking so sweet in her polka dot dress with her attendants for the wedding.  Each one mean so much to her and I love them two favorite girls, my daughter in law and my girl.

There is definitely tons to catch up on.  The Dots both started school.  Here's our big guy stylin' in a super cool hat with his very best buddy, and out Little

Dot ready for the first did they get so big, so fast?!  We greatly enjoy our couple days a week with them and feel so lucky to be so close by.  Another first, Big Dot started soccer....his dad started about the same age.

Notice the action shot for the camera...never mind the game is going on
behind him!  He knows Nana needs a good picture for her blog.

Our old faithful laptop crashed and now we are adjusting to a new one.  This one isn't quite as user friendly (or maybe it's the operator)...that's probably more like it!

I have tons, and tons more to write about, but that will wait for another day.  Today we are off to celebrate another upcoming wedding in the family, my niece!

Hope all is well in blogland, and boy I have  missed you all.  BIG HUGS!!!