Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year…..a Time For Reflection

Here we are at the end of 2012…the year that zoomed by.  Like everyone, life has given us ups and downs……happy and sad times.  None of us can escape either, but that’s what makes life, life.  There are always lessons to be learned, and family and friends who surround you …to be there to cheer you on, and there to pick you up and support you when needed.  I am so, so grateful for my wonderful family and the great friends that I have, which includes so many bloggy fri004ends.  I have been thinking about my word for 2013, and I have decided to reuse my 2011 word…..Gratitude!!!!
The last few days I have been a big  blob…just kind of hanging out in my sewing room straightening a bit.  The dust bunnies were starting to wave at me as I walked in and out, so figured it was time to do some straightening and cleaning!! 
Yesterday I decided to sew a wee bit.  I saw this cute towel on a few blogs by Sweetwater and knew I had to have one….so in no time whipped it up using Mama Said Sew by Moda.  This months Schnibbles challenge was to sew something004 from the Morsels pattern, so I whipped up a pincushion using the Lucy's Crab Shack fabric from
Moda. Thanks to Sherri and Sinta for hosting Another Year of Schnibbles….so fun!!!! 
Tonightmosaic06e217d3d2a301b5014d6d9172823a56e3827653 I am going to watch New Years TV and work on a runner of packages from The Christmas Favorites book.  I made one earlier in the year, but this one is going to have six packages to go on my counter in the laundry room for next Christmas!  I am still in denial that Christmas is over…it just went too fastchristmasthroughtheyearbutton.  Speaking of Christmas… Kim at Lily Patch Quilts has very graciously taken on hosting Christmas Through The Year for 2013.  Word has it she will be posting about it tomorrow, so check over at her blog.
FrthCALG0XURom our family to yours we wish you a very Happy New Year!!!    Here’s to a great 2013!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SSCS Reveal!!!!

Finally time to open the "Main Event” present!! The suspense was almost too much to take, but as you can see well worth the wait!!

Such a 050sweet holiday hanging, the fabrics are so perfect for me and I love the star hanger. I LOVE IT!!!! 051  Thank you so much Nicky, and thanks to Elf Donna for such a wonderful swap.  She had parcels flying all over the world!!

Then there was a wonderful brown squishy package that came from Darlene……054 inside, this sweet pincushion and cute pins.  I love it Darlene, and such a wonderful reminder of our friendship.  It’s new home is right next to my sewing machine.

Our girl and her guy were home from Christmas Eve and they both pitched right in and helped with all the Christmas preparations.  My girl made a yummy ice cream dessert for Christmas Day……I found the 057recipe here on Pinterest.  It  was OUT OF THIS WORLD  DELICIOUS….even though I forgot to drizzle the chocolate on the top!!!! Here’s what is left!  The recipe called for mint chip ice cream, but we went with Cookies and Cream!

I don’t know about you, but Christmas was pretty much a blurrrrr…and now on to celebrate the New Year.  I was so bad about pictures on Christmas day, but I will be borrowing some from my girl…those to come later!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

th  The gifts are wrapped, goodies are made and the soup will be on for Christmas Eve.  The Dots are so excited for Christmas and we are looking forward to a fun day tomorrow with family.  So, from our family to yours a very, very Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Getting Close…….

Yes, the time is counting down and as ready as I have wanted to be, well you know, I guess I’m really not :-)!!  That’s ok, because it all will be ok!

There has been some wonderful mail.004   This sweet pouch is from Carol….she knows I love Vintage Modern…and those sweet them!! Suc005h a sweet

charm on the pouch.  thanks so much Carol!




Such a CUTE Reindeer and pincushion from my other bloggy friend Carol….ADORABLE. The Dots are having so much fun moving him here and there.  Thanks Carol…and again, love them!!!!


I know I use the word sweet a lot, BUT……look at this SWEET Tree Topper Annie.  Nicole at Raggedy Old Annie’s is this creator of this precious girl.  She always has wonderful Annie’s looking for some good homes….have a peek!!!


These towels were a gift from a customer…LOL….funny!!!!!  Then there was a wonderful squishy package that came today, but I won’t give that away because I know there are more brown squishy packages headed to other homes.  043

Tonight was our potluck/gift exchange at our friendship group……you know one of those pick and steal exchanges.  Much laughing and silliness went on…and I have to say that felt really good.  Here’s Si046ndy modeling her Diva glasses…she wore then very well!!!  The food was over the top yummy too.

So moving on…tomorrow is Big Dots class party and Little Dot and I will be attending…the boys will be in their PJ’s… Nana Banana won’t!!!  Don’t know if I have mentioned it, but Nana Banana is the nickname they have given me……that makes me smile super big.    Happy Thursday everyone.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Like everyone, just trying to digest and wrap your mind around what has happened in Newtown is a struggle.  The feeling of wanting to do something, but not knowing what you can do looms. Today I read this blog post by Susan Branch…….with some suggestions of some things we can do… write letters.  To let people in power know how we feel….how we want some changes to come about.   Things just have to change.   Thoughts and prayers to Newtown.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Mail……Happy News!!!

 SSCS 2012 logoIt’s that time of year, and Elf Chookyblue’s sleigh is making the rounds all around the world. 

Waiting at my door was my SSCS parcel from Nicky all the way from New Zealand!!!!


How exciting.  Three packages…one marked “Ornament To Be Opened Now”!!004


So, so cute and what an amazing job Nicky did .  I LOVE snowman anything and everything, and to have a cross stitched ornament from Nicky to add to my handmade ornament tree is wonderful.  Now there are two other packages to tempt me…one marked “Open Whenever”.  Ok, I am very weak!!!  My whenever lasted about 12 hours!!!!006  It contained a super cute tea towel from New Zealand and a wonderful assortment of Christmas ribbons.  I love the ribbons my packages were tied with, and now I have my very own !!!  Package number three marked “The Main Event” has been hidden away….I cannot be trusted.  Nicky thank you so much for my wonderful goodies and a HUGE thanks to Chookyblue for coordinating this fun international swap!!!

Now for some more Happy Family News.  In the words483035_847564222699_2086029258_n of my sweet niece “After many, many years of being a girlfriend I was promoted to fiancĂ©e!   So another wedding will be happening in the family!!  We are over the top excited and proud too!!!  Her guy recently passed The Bar a008nd has been officially sworn in!

Anyone looking for a good attorney??  He comes highly recommended by his future Aunt!!!!


I am still under some deadlines for Christmas bindings526742_495130577193697_1680358373_n… no sewing here!!!  But tomorrow The Dots are coming and there’s some big time playing with Papa and Nana scheduled!!  Happy week everyone!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I’ve Been In Lock Down

……..getting customer bindings done.  There are some beautiful quilts being made for Christmas..lucky people!!  Today is delivery day 010 for some of the quilts,  and I am going to play for a bit with a friend….a needed break!!  I am way behind on emails and all things bloggy, and I even missed a friends birthday…bad me and no excuse for that :-(.  Hoping to catch on up life this weekend. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Exciting Christmas Through The Year News…..and WINNNNNNNERS!!!!


It’s been a fun year of cheering, and watching those Christmas present boxes fill up.  Darlene and I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting this group and getting to know so many wonderful crafters.  The gifts that have been made by everyone are amazing, and just knowing we are headed in to Christmas prepared is HUGE!!!  Deciding not to continue on was hard, but this year ahead will be a busy one.   So now for the exciting news…..Kim of Lily Patch Quilts has decided to continue on with Christmas Through The Year!!!  WOOOOOHOOO!!!  She has some sponsors lined up for the coming year, and will be announcing details in January.  We are so grateful to her, and to stay up to date with what she has planned you can follow her over at her blog.  BIG HUGS to you Kim and here’s to a wonder CTTY 2013!!!!!!!

WINNNNNNERS……. Sandie from Crazy’boutquilts is the winner of this months prize….Darlene’s stinkin’ cute Snowman Runner.  Congrats Sandie!!

GRAND PRIZE WINNERS…….The winner of Darlene’s grand prize is Karin (Ranch Wife) of Lovin’ Life At The End Of The Dirt Road.

The winner of my grand prize is Carrie P. of A 001 Passion For Applique.   Just send us your snail mail addresses and your prizes will be on their way.

Thanks again everyone for making this such a fun Christmas Through The Year group!!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Through The Year….and Some Monthly Finishes


Here we are at the end of the month and our last check in for the year.  Make sure to link up over at Darlene’s to be entered in the drawing for the monthly giveaway……a super cute Snowman runner made by Darlene.  Tomorrow Darlene and I will also be drawing two grand prize winners ….one person to receive 11 gifts from Darlene and another person to receive 11 gifts from me.  If you played at all during the year your names are automatically entered in the grand prize drawing.005

My gifts for the month are these two towels and then I finished up this bitty runner.  I had m006ade a couple

last year, and this one was tucked away in my Xmas prezzie box  just needing the binding……so a very simple finish!


I got the top done for my mini Drop for the Schnibbles group.  I used Mama Said Sew.   Maybe a little too busy, but it’s done!!!  Then I decided to try my best to get my Scrappy Stars done for Terry’s group.  Well, I managed to 007 get one done with just a bit to do on the second one.  That will be on my to do list for tomorrow. 

The last few days I have been decorating like crazy for Christmas with just a bit left to go.   Wishing you all a very happy weekend.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Wonderful Moment

Tuesday I drove out to be with my girl and do some special shopping….real special shopping013.  My girl had done her homework. She  shopped and looked online…. she found 014a
wedding dress she LOVED… found a pretty shop close to her place that had it.  We looked through racks and racks with help from Caitlyn, a sweet girl working in the shop.  We pulled some other choices and styles, then the trying on and modeling began.  She came out in her Dream Dress.....she looked so, so, so  beautiful and so, so, so happy!!  I cried, even though I promised I wouldn't.  Then a flood of memories of her came to mind..... time has passed so quickly.   Soon the many choices were whittled down to 4…..and in the end it was Dress #1, the Dream Dress, the one that made me cry, and she loved from the start... that was the sure winner. We floated out of the shop and grabbed a bite to eat….and talked WEDDING!!! Thank you Pinterest for so many wonderful ideas!!!!!  Such a special fun day with my girl…one that I will treasure forever and ever.  I am a very lucky mom!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Bloggy Meet Up

I spent the most wonderful time today with Lorraine, Granny Loz.  I met up with her at her hotel.  Now she is headed back home to Australia after a fantastic trip to the States visiting so many fun places…..and quilting related stops too.  She has some wonderful posts over at her blog about all that went on.  Meeting her in person was like visiting an old friend…chatting like we were neighbors down the street.  Oh we would get in to some trouble if we lived closer.  So much chatting was happening I completely forgot to take pictures …UGH!!!!!!!  Sending you BIG HUGS Lorraine, for a safe journey home and hoping for another visit with you someday!!!  Since it’s the day before Thanksgiving and traffic can be a nightmare, Mr. P.  was my chauffeur and dropped me off with Lorraine while he did some secret Christmas shopping.  What a guy, and I greatly appreciated him navigating all the traffic on the way home.

Ttitle9b For everyone in the States and from our family to yours, a very very Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tutorial Monday……the last for the year!

 christmasthroughtheyearbutton I always admire people that come up with great ideas……Allie is one of those idea people!!!  It was January of 2011 when she started our Christmas Through The Year Group….just make a gift a month and by the end of the year, you have goodies all made and ready to go for Christmas….GENIUS!!!   Lots of us jumped on board, and boy did it make Christmas a lot easier.  She was an amazing cheerleader, finding wonderful projects to keep us inspired.  At the end of the year there were other things calling to her…creative things, so that’s when Darlene and I decided we would hop in and try our best to make Allie proud!!!!   We have enjoyed the year of hosting together and cheering you all on, but all the while Allie has still been there cheering us on too!!!!  BIG HUGS to you Allie for all your support and friendship, and the big bonus for me is a wonderful friendship with Darlene!!  Now we are stepping aside……things are calling us too.  For me 2013 will be the year of planning my sweet daughters wedding……and enjoying ever minute of that experience!!  Now it’s time to pass Allie’s torch on to Carol.  So here’s to another year of Christmas Through The Year.  Hope you will all join in.  I know she has some exciting things planned!


These next few tutorials are from A Spoonful of Sugar……a sweet mother daughter team.  They will dazzle you with all their wonderful, creative projects and ideas!  Have to say I am A Spoonful of Sugar groupie!!!   First off this sweet Neck Pillow CoverTravel Neck Pillow Cover 11_jpg… tutorial here. I definitely need to make myself a polkadot one!  If you are looking for a cute ornament idea how, about their tutorial for these GinghamGingham Stars 5    _jpg


      Stars….love them!!  Yummy treats are always good for giving, and you can find Chocolate Spoons    12_jpg

directions for making these super cute Chocolate Spoons here.  Thanks girls for being so generous with your tutorials!!!! 

Ok, more cuteness here…Beverly at Flamingo Toes (don’t y278097345711645098_Z2VaVuG3_bou just smile when you say that!!) has a super, duper cute tutorial for A Little Potholder Love. ….and also for a more traditional version.P1014234 

Beth at Beth’s Paper Cuts has an adorable tutorial for this Grinchy Gift DSC03510 (575x800)Card Holder. 

Stinkin’ cute and very Grinchy for  sure!

Shelley at Scrappergirl  has a fun and so cute tutorial64598575875180062_RwglpMXO_b for DIY Photo Christmas Balls…..and with additonal info on making the photo strips here.  Looks so hard, but her directions are great!!  These would make excellent Xmas presents…I see a crafting DIY Photo Ball party happening here soon!!!

Like before, if you make any of these projects and post them on your blog please make sure to give credit and link back to the crafters!!

  Darlene has a great giveaway planned for November.  She will have Mr. Linky up at the end of the month….make sure you link up to be entered in the drawing for this months giveaway.  Happy week everyone.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Camp Report

FUN!!!!!!  That pretty much sums it up.  There was so much going on….tons of laughing, tons of amazing projects.  Catching up with old friends, and making some new ones.003     Here’s where the rowdy bunch sews….all 25 of us!!!  This is my space001…yes  I


am an over-pinner!!!!  Sitting directly across from me my wonderful friend Annie.  She’s at camp to help out with all our questions,  and even available for ripping out….she’s an amazing ripper outer :-)!!!!!  mosaic5a7af79acf095ea92bcff191a34cc3f8c9cb1f17  There’s Annie with her cute mitten quilt…pattern here found on Pinterest.   Some other lovelies from camp friends.  That bag is stinkin’ cute don’t you think?!!!

For me, this is what I got done.  A swmosaic0d10dd6b4891f9902ab9922a1d55b7b167006205eet red and white hanging, Christmas Tree Skirt, my Bounce Stars, and three secret projects ….PIF gifties.   Sue B. who is Eleanor Burns right hand gal, had this cute007 project for us to make….a pumpkin pincushion……..LOVE IT!!!!!!

Our last night at camp there was a raffle.  I was a very lucky winner.  This basket is filled 018to the brim with Christmas goodies…books, ornaments, handmade gift bags, and 5 yards of various Christmas fabrics…WOW!!!!

So now it’s back to reality and back to getting ready for the holidays.  Next week I am meeting up with a bloggy friend!!!!  So exciting.   Happy weekend everyone.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Date Has Been Picked…..

60756_4813358102753_1263681637_n  We are all crazy with excitement!!!!!!  The wedding is scheduled for next October.  The venue has been picked….so, so pretty, up in the mounthumbtains with a stream flowing close by …… here’s a picture of the reception area.  184971_4813374183155_1768054691_n It couldn’t be


more perfect for our girl and her guy and we are over the moon thrilled and excited.  Now let the wedding dress shopping begin!!!!!

But first…..QUILT CAMP, QUILT CAMP!  I am all packed and will out of here bright and early tomorrow.  Excited to meet up with my sweet friend Annie and all the other campers from years past.  Happy weekend everyone.