Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monthly Christmas Finish!

005  Three tea towels done…perhaps my goal of 7 was a little too ambitious….they will be waiting for another month!!  Hop on over to Allie’s and see what others have done…and better yet, join in!!!  No obligation.  Just make a present each month and link up.  The bonus, a giveaway each month!!

My cherry quilt is starting 006to grow.  I love this little quilt…it’s just plain happy.001




Yesterday the mail lady brought my next Santa Sack presents from Sharon……TEMPTATION!!!  Seriously?? We have to wait till December?  :-)!!!!!!

Today we are having an old fashi008oned rain storm…very strange for this time of year, but very welcome.  The heat is gone for a day and we actually have all the windows open…NICE!!!

We are still recovering here.  Yes, Mr. P didn’t want me feeling lonely with the crud so he joined in.  I think we have made a turn.  Better have, cause Friday I leave for quilt retreat!!!  Happy day everyone!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday

 001 Being silly with papa after a long day of playing…….006




a snuggle with brother and dad before heading home to mama!

Yes papa and I are Tickled Pink!!  Please join Allie and myself in sharing what tickles you!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

FNSI Results

 002 Not a “Sew-In” night, but a Heat n Bond, cut and tack down rick rack type of night!!  Five more towels ready for stitching and that will be on my agenda the first of the week.

Today was a great mail day001 .  Carol offered up her Seuss pattern to me and I said in return I would send  patterns to her.  WOW!!!  Not only the wonderful Seuss pattern but more great patterns and a book!!!  I’m over the moon excited.  As I told Carol, I am definitely addicted to patterns!  Thanks bunches Carol.

Mr. cold/flu bug has come to visit me and I am putting him on notice right now that he needs to leave the premises…..I have had enough, there is too much to do, and too many fun things going on. So scoot, skedaddle, get the heck out of here.  You have way worn out your welcome!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Good And The Crowded

We are back from our beach getaway.  Here’s the  pretty vi001ew from our trailer…the good!!  So pretty and amazing. 
Now here’s maybe the not so good004………        

The view from the back.  Maybe it’s because we’re getting older…but it was a bit crowded… boy that view front the front again AMAZING!!!!!
I did manage to get the stems embroidered on the cherries.  I have decided I’m backstitched challenged, but at any rate they are done!  Then I starte011d working on my Christmas Project for the month.  Our neighbors all do a cookie swap at Christmas and my plan is to find a sweet little basket and fill it with cookies FNSIButtonwith the dishtowel added in. Since  tomorrow night is Sew-In Night, I’ll be working on the snowmen towels!!  Here in our neck of the woods we are experiencing cooler than normal weather….so sorry to hear that those of you in other parts are not.  I am sending cooling thoughts your way and hoping for major relief for you all.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We’re Back……But We Are Leaving!!!

 001 We’re back from a great week at the beach.  The Dots are great campers…..we had all kinds of rugs out for them, but playing with your cars in the dirt is much better.002

Auntie got to spend some quality time with her nephews, but the time went way too fast.  The boys left with their mom and dad on Tuesday for Sea World, and Auntie and her BF left for home after lunch.  So wonderful having them all there.


I did finish a couple bindings for customers that don’t mind their quilts going on vacation…and one finish for myself006 .  This Seuss quilt is embarrassing.  It’s been quilted for quite a long time..just waiting for me to do the binding!!!  The Dots are sleeping over tonight and I have it on Big Dots bed for a surprise!!

Tomorrow we are off again.  Mr. P managed to get another spot at the beach.  So that’s where we will be hanging for a while.  I have another couple vacationing quilts going w005ith me for bindings and my cherries are coming along.  I need to get the stems embroidered.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  Off to check out what’s going on with you all!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater

…… I have been doing a bit of cheating sewing …well maybe not cheating, but super easy.002   Sewing with my friendship group the other night there was this really cute and easy Thanksgiving runner hanging in the shop.  Cut the center, fussy cut the borders and add some rick rack…..DONE!!!!  


Next up this cute runner that I saw hanging at one of my favorite shops.  The bulk of it is a panel that is cut apart and a bit of piecing here and there, throw in some prairie points…and easy, peasy it’s done.

Tomorrow we are off for a getaway…..a getaway to some cooler weather.  The 90 degree temps, plus humidity are not my fav, and where we are going it has been in the mid 60’s….bring it on!  Auntie and her BF are picking up the Dots …(their mommy and daddy are attending a wedding), and we are all having a sleep over tomorrow night at the campground….so excited! I’ve packed, bubbles, coloring books, cars and all kinds of goodies.  I’m hoping the WIFI works in the campground, but sometimes it doesn’t.  So just in case I miss Tickled Pink Tuesday I will say right now I am tickled pink to be in some cooler weather!!!    Happy week everyone!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday

A while back my partner in crime, Allie and I   tickled%20pink%20final3[1] decided we would use Tuesdays to post positive things….  Might not be big giant doings, but just something that’s positive!!  If you  would like to join in please free to grab the wonderful button Allie made and join us!


….and oh yeah this is positive!!!  My pumpkin is all pieced and will be sent off tomorrow to be quilted …RELIEF!!

This is not my quilt, but I’m doi002ng the binding for a friend… is stinkin’ cute!!




Notice all those sweet little crabs made with that shrinky dink fabric…..CUTE!!!  The friends they are visiting this week go crabbing all the time.  She is so excited to give them the quilt.  I am so excited for her….she did an amazing job .


One thing I tackled this week was my thread box.  With all the bindings I do there is such a wide range of colors I need.  JoAnns had thread 50% off so I filled in some color ways.   Inheriting my friend Deb’s thread stash still has me with016 a huge inventory of lights, browns, and blacks…so now I am really stocked.  This is the sweet little hanging my friend Carol made me……very appropriate for Tickled Pink Tuesdays!!

The weather here is hot and humid.  I’m trying not to focus on that.  So thinking of my monthly Xmas 005project helps, and then there’s this ……I have something brewing with this panel! 

Hope this finds you tickled about something …… Happy mid week to everyone.