Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year



From our family to yours…… we wish you a very, very Happy New Year.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Happenings…….Wonderful Swap Goodies

Christmas has come and gone.  There were so many wonderful happenings around here and having The Dots around added to the excitement!!!  I first would like to give a big thank you to my Secret Santa Caro for the beautiful swap goodies.  Love the Angel  IMG_3867

hanging…she is sweet as can be!  A huge thank you to our Elf Chooky for all her hard work on this swap.  She coordinates parcels flying all around the world with some help from Santa of course. 

Like a lot of families we are one that has traditions that just have to happen each year.  One for sure is making gingerbread houses.  We first started this when are kids were little and my daughter continued on with her friends in junior high.  Now the girls are all grown up, but each year they come to our house to continue the tradition.  The Dots were over the top excited, and Papa put together their very own house made out of IMG_3822

graham crackers…..the perfect size for them…Papa and their dad there for some technical help as well as their Aunt KKIMG_3820!!




Going to the Nutcracker is another tradition that we loveIMG_3846…..so my girl and I made a date. 

These two sweeties were handing out the programs.  There’s something about hearing that music that puts me in the holiday spirit!

Big Dot had some school festivities going on.  First was take your grandparent to school.  He IMG_3824


school so much and has a wonderful teacher.  A very special day for this nana for sure.  That evening was his Christmas programIMG_3827…sweet!



Little Dot had his own things going on.  He has been in a sports ball program.  He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it!!!!IMG_3854  The very last day they


all were given an award for a job well done.  IMG_3856

He was so proud, and we were very proud too!! Such a sweetie pie if I might say so. 

I had really gotten behind on customer bindings with the wedding and all.  Having the best customers in the world they were all very patient with me, and my final deliveries were on December 23…that was cutting it way closer than I had planned.  I did manage to get the house decorated.IMG_3833  OK, I whined a bit about doing it, but after all is said and done I sure do love itIMG_3835 and plan on leaving it up till





New Years day!!IMG_3840   I know I’m crazy, but I sure do love all the sparkle, and when the boys are over here they are good about helping me get all the lights turned on.   I used the suitcase we had at our girls wedding for her weddingIMG_3838 cards, for our Christmas cards!





Back in November when I went to quilt camp I worked on some jar wraps for our neighborsIMG_3863 treats.  We filled them with homemade Caramel Corn……ok, quite a bit didn’t make it in the jars.  We had to do some sampling for quality control you know!

My plan for 2014 is to get back to blogging and reconnecting with the many bloggy friends I have made along the way.  Merry, merry to you all!!IMG_3864

Friday, December 6, 2013

SSCS Parcel and Some This and That

It's that time of year and Elf Chooky has been very busy coordinating all the swappers around the globe for the SSCS.  My wonderful parcel arrived from Caro who is from the Netherlands.  She was a bit sneaky and the return address was Seattle...she happened to be in the US visiting friends and mailed it from there.  Inside the cute bag is my giftie that will have to wait to be opened on Christmas day....hope I can hold out!!  But there in plain view is a cute note pad and pincushion.  We get to open our ornament
package however, and this cute guy was tucked inside......so sweet, and he is already hanging on my tree.  Thanks so much Caro, and a big thanks to Elf Donna for all her work on our swap.

Some other goings on......for Halloween there was a couple of super cute Angry Birds flying around.  Then there was a super fun Quilt Camp with the Quilt In A Day ladies....which meant hanging out with my buddies Annie and Nicole.   There was definitely some quilting going on.....but actually more laughing and talking!

Wedding pictures you ask???   Of course I will be happy to post a couple more.  I so love this picture........and my sweet family.  I am a lucky mom.  Happy December friends.