Sunday, July 27, 2008

We Are Still Waiting!!

Still waiting for baby to come. We are trying our best to be patient, but it is getting harder and harder. It's just all so exciting! The kids and Bailey dog were over today for some relaxing in, and by the pool. They have had Bailey for three years and except for falling in the pool the first night they brought her over, she has avoided it like the plague. That was until a visit at Megan's Aunts house when Bailey saw their dogs swimming, she took the plunge!! Now she is a water doggie ......getting in on the step with dad and mom close by....... a hug from mom, and hey look at me I'm swimming!!! Life is very, very good.

We got our girl moved out and moved in on Friday. She has the cutest apartment with a wonderful view of the mountains from her patio. As soon as she is unpacked and settled I will be taking some photos. It was only 110 while we were moving, so picture taking was the last thing on our minds, but there was lots of sweating going on!! Even though we all worked hard, it was fun to get her settled and we were happy to be able to help her.

Now let's talk quilting...hmmm! Not so much here with everything going on. Got a few bindings done, and I have been working some more on this Bunny Hill pattern that I started on vacation made out of Old Fashioned Charm. Boy I love these colors...kind of a yucky picture, but trust me, they are yummy! Still attacking my Christmas project a month goal. Two behind, not too bad! I have this sort of top secret Luke Christmas quilt I am going to start this week so I won't give too much away just yet.

Poking around the blogs I stumbled on this wonderful giveaway going on over at Debbie's. You won't believe the pile of notions that some lucky person is going to win. And then this morning I was wandering around and came across Treasured Threads. They carry a lot of the wonderful Australian patterns that those of us here in the States are crazy about and she is located in the US. She is also offering a wonderful BOM called Nice People Nice Things....very CUTE!!!
Back to this award that Lettie was kind enough to give me before vacation. Now I get to pick 7 people to pass it on to. Ok, that is waaaaaay too hard. I haven't met a blog that I don't think is BRILLANTE!! So consider yourselves all to be awarded !! I believe I am 7 posts away from my 100th post and August the 10th will be my one year blogiversary. I have a little giveaway planned for whichever comes first so stay tuned. Hope that all of you get your week off to a great start and don't be surprised if my next post has some MAJOR baby news in it! See you later alligators!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We are back and a very happy birthday to the dad to be!

A very happy birthday to our baby boy who is 29 today and waiting very patiently for his own little guy to make an appearance. You are such an amazing son and we are so proud of you! After a doctor visit for the new mom yesterday looks like some time next week the baby will be here. , we are ready whenever you are!!! Have you noticed a trend on my recent posts?? All the kids birthdays are all a week apart! We figure the baby is going to be born next Wednesday to keep the streak going!

Back and unpacked and put back together from vacation. We had a WONDERFUL time and it was very relaxing and coooooooool. From left to right: the view from our camp, the temp inside and out, pieces of my Christmas quilt, the finished top, a view from the pier, my very lovely shower shoes (I know you just want to have a pair), pieces of my Prairie Paisley, the finished Prairie Paisley top, Mexican Train (which I am horrible at), a 1964 mini cooper and I do mean mini, a wonderful old Woodie and finally from our seats at Tuesdays Angel game, and another Angel game last Friday night! Whewwwwwwww! What a week and a couple visits with my sister and brother in law sprinkled in. It is nice to be home and now to wait for our little guy to come. Our girl is moving on Friday so I will be helping her with the move and enjoying some time with her.

Thanks for all the nice comments and emails about my upcoming retirement and grandbaby boy coming....they mean a lot to me. I have so much planned to get done around the house, which includes LOTS of painting, oh yeah and spending time with the baby! Tonight we are off to our sons house for his birthday celebration.

Nice to be poking around and seeing what everyone has been up to.... very busy you guys have been!! So off we go! See you later alligators!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Baby Update, Happy Birthday To Our Mommie To Be and Some Quilty Suff

After work today I stopped by to have a peek at baby Polka Dots sweet little bed! All his friends are waiting so patiently for his arrival which we found out today might be sooner than later!! In a week and a half, depending on how things have progressed they might, ( A BIG MIGHT), induce her!! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy :-)!!! And speaking of mom to be, a very happy birthday to you tomorrow. We love you bunches!!

I have made some more progress on my Christmas project of a month challenge. Isn't Christmas Jolly - I just love this fabric and this quilt worked up REALLLLLLY fast. Two more projects and I am back on track!

This week Lettie of Polka Dot Pineapple fame was nice enough to give me an award.................. If you haven't visited over at her blog you might want to take a peek. She has some wonderful tutorials, and a blog just brimming with tons of great ideas. I just love her yo yo gift tags. Thanks Lettie! Next week when we are back from vacation I will pass the award on to 7 other fellow bloggers.....oh and speaking of vacation, why am I not packing??? Well I have made my pile of sewing projects to take ....some were cut for last summers vacation, so let's see if I make any more progress on them this year!! The Christmas project in the upper right is new this year. Thanks to my Silly Lil Friend, I now have ventured in to the world of mosaic pictures!!!

Some other news around here. I have decided the end of August to retire from my job. With the baby coming, Mr. retiring, a big old retirement vacation in the works, plus a quilt retreat in November and lots of other family stuff going on, we figured the time was right!! I will definitely miss being involved with the shop and all the peeps, but hopefully I can now join some of the classes! Well I really, really need to be packing, so off I go and I'll be checking back the middle of next week. Off to some cool weather, a couple Angel games and lots of relaxing! Have a good one everyone and see you later alligators!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday To Our Girl!

Twenty six years ago today we became the very proud parents of our daughter. We had a mini birthday party with some of her friends. They met up at our house, on their way to a three day vacation in Las Vegas. Got out the old Sunbeam mixer (it was my mom's), and whipped up a cake befitting of our cupcake......a giant cupcake cake for our cupcake girl................and a girl has to do what a girl has to do :-)!!! And of course no party would be complete without tiaras!! Happy day to you. You are the best daughter ever!!

Lots going on here. We had Bailey dog for 3 days and had loads of fun with her. There was some fast running...... helping with some pool cleaning......

......and some resting in the house with her favorite giraffe toy. Boy, somebody needs to get the binding on your quilt Bailey!!!!.....and making the world famous barbecued pizza that Sharon came up with! Now that's some pizza pie...yumo, yumo, yumo!!! Bailey quite enjoyed the crusts!

I finished the top for my Summer Stash Challenge and a sweet little Mary E. Christmas hanging, and started working on another quilt using charm squares and a jelly that Mary E fabric.

So now I am only 3 months behind on my Christmas project a month challenge!No problem....the middle of next week we are off for 5 days of camping in the can, and the plan is to work on the 3 Christmas projects...hmmm, we shall see!! I just had to share this sweet butterfly quilt...Pat, who is one of our Tuesday morning group, made it. I love how the one butterfly is flying off to the right. Great job Pat and lucky is the person who will be getting it!!

Hope everyone is having a great week. The plan here is for a couple more days of sewing, an outing with a friend, and then getting ready for our trip. Well gotta RUN....see you later alligators :-)!!! PS: Just in case anyone forgot we are getting close to 5 weeks for Mr. Luke's arrival :-)!!!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July... Summer Stash Update...some of this and some more of that!

Happy 4th of July to everyone in blogland! (well in the States that is)!!!!! Hope that you will be enjoying some time with your families. We are still very hot here, 100 today. Tomorrow we are babysitting our grand dogie, Bailey Baxter, so be sure some pictures will follow.

My Summer Stash Challenge project is coming along nicely. I have all the rows together and I plan to piece the rows tonight. I am even thinking ahead for another project to make from my stash. There is the 2 1/2 strip Challenge and I have a project all cut and ready to sew for that one. I also finished block one of the Designer Block of the Month Series. Love it, love it....and finished the top for a shop sample. We are selling kits for this at the shop as well as at the Long Beach Quilt Show. Speaking of which.....I CAN'T WAIT! Two of my buddies and myself are planning on attending Friday. I think we are leaving at 3 a..m.(not really!!) but we are so excited to be going ..I know we won't hardly sleep the night before. The 25th is not really that far away.

I was reading over on Freda's Hive about the No Spend July Challenge. With the cost of everything I think we are all thinking on ways to save. The challenge which was started over at Brain Fog Blog is to reduce spending in July, and try to only spend $$$ on things you reallllllllly need (I guess that would mean no fabric). So in the spirit of "trying", I am trying to at least think a little more about what I spend $$$ on. I know that I will be spending at the Long Beach Quilt Show, so I will give it a go until then. I was out today gabbing and lunching and I am happy to say resisted buying any extras, even though I was mighty tempted!!!

Our Baby is getting very close to showing himself!! About 6 weeks to be exact. Mommie to be is looking so wonderful. She is going to be such a great mom. I have a few more grandma sewing projects I need to get busy on, but I think I will always have grandma projects!!

Tomorrow we have planned a relaxing day. Mr. will be golfing early, Mrs. will be sewing ALOT. Since Bailey is visiting for the weekend I moved all my sewing stuff to the dinning room so she can supervise!! We are planning on making Sharon's famous barbecued pizzas, so wish us luck!! UPDATE #2 - Miss Sharon is having a giveaway....hop on over and sign up...really cute bags, WOO and a HOO!!! Hope that your holiday is safe and a wonderful one. See you later alligators :-)!!

UPDATE#1 - I was just about to publish my post when the home phone rang, the cell phone rang and then a knock on the door. John was calling from work about 5 minutes away, and he wanted to know if I knew what was going on down the road from our house and he told me to go look out front....(the knock was a neighbor at the door) always scary to see this sight and we deal with it about this time every year. Luckily as I write this it is pretty much under control, but our thoughts go out to all those in Northern California that unfortunately are dealing with many, many fires.