Friday, June 26, 2009


The Scrappy Star quilt is finally pieced. whew...there are a kazillion pieces in this baby. Well maybe not a kazillion but probably a bazillion :-) ! I really like it and it's big enough to go on our bed - 108 X 86.
After finishing that I was still a bit inspired (must have been that dusting thing that happened the last post) and I decided to start on the Fat Quarter Shop 2009 Designer BOM. This block went together really nice, and again the pattern is wonderful. I was pretty much seeing stars all day.
Lots planned for this weekend. Some sewing time tomorrow with friends and then Sunday a getaway to the beach for a bit of time, and just in the nick of time since it is suppose to be in the 90's!
Ok, I'm off to have some root beer float ice cream...have you tried it??? It's by Dryer's and it's limited edition......yumo!!! Happy weekend everybodeeeee!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Finish Is A Finish!

I was doing so good on finishing a project a month. That was until May. Over on my side bar May is just looking so sad. It was starting to look like June was going to follow right along. Yesterday I started digging through projects that are waiting to be finished. Some are going to require a whole lot of time, and some are going to need to be quilted. Then there it was.... just sitting at the very bottom of my quilt pile in the hall closet. A rag quilt that I started who knows when. All the rows were together except the last two, and most were already clipped. So I whipped the last two rows on and finished the clipping...washed and dried and WOOHOO, my June finish in the nick of time!! There is a little princess that is going to have a birthday really soon and this will be her gift.

Then some really happy mail came. Just the sight of the box made my heart easily pleased! Inside is the 2009 BOM finishing kit and the #1 block from Fat Quarter Quilt Shop. So here we go again. I can't wait to get going on this. The patterns from 2008 were so wonderful and so much fun. I know that these will be just the same. Once again, wonderful yummy fabrics.

This is where I should be reporting all I have worked on....hmmmmmm! Seems the old mojo has taken a bit of a break. The possible cause....... life in general is pulling us in all directions, good directions. My poor sewing machine seems to have a layer of dust on it. I am very happy though to share my friend Carol's sparkly Xmas quilt! The fabrics are so perfect and how could you not love those wonky trees!!!

So off I go with my Swiffer duster and to see if just maybe my mojo is hiding under that layer of dust!!! Happy evening (and good morning to some) everyone!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Case Of Being Overly Optimistic!!

Way overly optimistic!!!! I really thought by now I would have my Scrappy Stars quilt done. I set out to "just finish the borders" and quickly realized there was a lot more involved then I thought. First off there needed to be 3 l/2 inch light squares around the entire outer edge of the center...job done!! Then I realized each border (yep 4 sides) has one row of 3 1/2 inch half square triangles and two rows of light 3 1/2 inch squares. Very time consuming so as you can see I have two sides done. At least some progress has been made.

Last week was filled with lots of family time. Our girl was home for three days and we enjoyed every minute of having her here. That doesn't happen very often. We even had a trip to the San Diego Zoo. I knew that girl has been working too long with her giraffes because she has morphed in to one!!! We met up with her old room mate and fiance for dinner and that was tons of fun.

Saturday we had a family birthday party for my father in law who turned 88....the most wonderful 88 you could ever imagine. Both of my in laws are very active and full of life. We had the best time and all our kids were there. My sister in law coordinated the meal, with all of us bringing a dish. Baby Polka Dot really enjoyed the day. His favorite was the gift bag that was laying empty on the floor and the musical card we got dad. He kept opening and closing it to hear the cute! We were missing my two nephews and their families because they were at baseball tournaments for their kids. We have some amazing athletes in the family and we are all so proud of them. My much" younger" sister in law and my nephew, niece and her boyfriend also were there. So much eating, so much laughing, so much great family time! I am very grateful for the extended family I have.

We are still having the weirdest weather here.....63 degrees yesterday. Now I am lovin' it because that heat and I don't get along so I am soaking up every bit of coolness.

This week I really am planning on having my Scrappy Stars done..I don't think there are any other surprise borders to be added! Happy mid week to everyone!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We Are Swinging From The Trees.......

......... make that swinging from the swing at the park! We have the most exciting news. Baby Polka Dot is going to have a new baby brother or sister. Can you hear my WOOHOO!!!! We don't know for sure the date our next baby polka dot is expected, but probably sometime around the holidays.
Two grand babies. We feel very, very lucky!!
There has been some more progress on my Scrappy Stars, and I am finally nearing the home stretch. My hopes are to show a picture by this weekend. I have finished a giftie for my Christmas In July person, but I can't show too much. And sadly I have to report I had no WISP for May....I forgot:-( !!!

So I am here floating on cloud 9 with visions of baby quilts swirling around in my head. Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's All About The Reverse Sewing!

UPDATE, UPDATE----Today Tuesday, June 9th , is Ms. Geranium's birthday.
A giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Sharon! (((((hugs))))))!

Here's my Scrappy Star quilt with the rows all sewn together. Yesterday when I laid it out I found a bunch of like fabrics together. Not the end of the world, but it was making me crazy. It was the light squares, and light half square triangles with the darks. It just left holes here and that's when all the reverse sewing started happening, and happening. Two hours later all fixed. Now there are some darks touching on the diagonal here and there, but enough is enough and I'm leaving them. The two scrappy outer borders are the next step and then finished! Not bad for 4 l/2 years!!!

Over on Jen's blog I saw this quilt and just knew Baby Polka Dot had to have one. It just so happens that Jen has sets of these letters on her Etsy site and mine arrived yesterday. They are so great and come already fused. I am going to (without shame) copy her quilt because it is just so cute ( with her permission of course! ) So if you are in need of some letters Jen's the person to go to.

Now that I am back on board and have this new zippy computer I have been catching up on all things bloggy. Marcie has this really cute pox button that she has made up and we are all welcome to snag so our blogs will be immunized!! Some people are so darn clever, not me, but some people....just sayin'!

Then I was visiting over at Quilt Hollow and there is the cutest Sewing Machine video if you click here! So perfect for all of us who love our sewing machines.
Ms. Geranium is busy, busy getting settled in her new digs. I hear the second truck made it there yesterday. We had been texting like crazy, but now finally back to emails. With all the boxes I saw they should be unpacked by Xmas!

So there you have it for a Saturday in Polka Dot Land. Happy day to everyone :-) !!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Driving Miss Bailey!

I Just couldn't resist that title. Picked up our furry grand dog Bailey Baxter, and here she is riding in my back seat just looking out the window. She is a very good passenger and loves to observe life along the way! Baby Polka Dot was also here for a sleepover, so lots and lots of fun was happening. Bad grandma new pictures!

The mail has been very, very good here. My signature blocks arrive from Connie. They are so much fun to look at. So many familiar names and lots of new blogs I need to explore. Great job coordinating the whole thing Connie. Then yesterday this is what arrived
WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO, YIPPPPPPEEEEEE. I am a little bit, no change that, a whole lot excited. Today Mr. Polka Dot will spend the day getting it going and I am hoping tomorrow I will be emailing, blogging and hanging out on the new computer. This computer has just had it. I have not been able to get to my blog for days, and email is on and off, not to mention emails sent don't seem to get to where they are suppose to go! Ms. Geranium and I have been texting like crazy just so I can keep up with what she and hunka are up to.

My Designer Block Of The Month just needs the outer border, so I am hoping to have a picture for my next post. Not much quilting going on otherwise. My Stars and Rails quilt came back from my quilting friends---WOW, that quilting is amazing so I have that binding to do along with my Dutch Treat. Spring cleaning a bit here and there, and honestly goofing off AGAIN!!! But what else do I have to do!!! This is a quilt my friend Carol did. She is all set for Fall with that wonderful collection of apples! Last Friday was a fun day with my girl. We met for breakfast and did a bit of shopping...of course....lots of talking, catching up. How is it the daughter is now smarter than the mom...just sayin'!! She is very wise and always gives me the best advice.

The garden is looking wonderful. Mr. Polka Dot is out there every day and enjoying the leisure time he has to devote to it. This is a picture of our jasmine bush that when in full bloom covers the gate to the front's our secret entry! It smells so wonderful right now. Today is an interesting weather day for us......thunder and lightning, with some micro bursts here and there. Quite the nice change, but that heat is just looming out there waiting to pounce!

Here's a shout out to my friend Josie for the wonderful and kind email. You made my day :-)!!!! Wishing you all a very happy mid week and now I really have some blog catching up to do!