Thursday, June 30, 2011

Christmas Finish….or Plan C!!

 christmasthroughtheyearbutton It’s time to report in, and once again I just sneaked under the wire.  First the back story!!  My plan was to make an  easy peasy Christmas apron.  Last week I was showing it to a friend and now I can’t find it!  It’s here somewhere, just hiding.  So plan “B” was to make Pamkitty’s so cute potholder, which you can see here……problem, I didn’t have the right size rick rack.  So plan “C” was this super easy table runner004.  I goofed off today and spent the whole afternoon getting it together.  I am LOVING Allie’s monthly club.  It’s so hard to believe the year is half over!

My last post Debbie stopped by for a visit.  Well I just had to pop over and visit her.  She posted a picture of this wonderful OrigamDSCF0255i wreath…..and great news, here’s the tutorial.  Looks like it would be so much fun to make.  I have never seen anything like that before…very pretty!
002Bright and early I was off to the Post Office to mail Sharon her Santa Sack…once again..having Xmas presents hanging around for 6 months that you can’t open is going to be a real challenge….just sayin’!!!!
Our summer is officially here.  It is just plain hot and forecasts for the holiday weekend have even higher temps…..time for popsicles!!!!  Happy Thursday everyone.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday

002  I’m very tickled about this… Santa Sack arrived from my swap partner Sharon.  Love it and there’s two sweet gifties wrapped up and will go in my sack. …..I’m thinking waiting till December will be really hard, but I’ll be strong!!!
Blog hopping yesterday I was visiting Karen at Sew Many Ways.  WOW….you have to read this.  A list of all kinds of projects people are working on, some recipes and some decorating projects. Amazing links, but Karen’s blog is always amazing.
Here’s my sewing progress…three more rows added to my pumpkin!!! Now that's just pitiful prodution don't you think?!

  Deadline for Allie’s club is looming, so I need to get on my Xmas project for the month.  So what’s tickling you??  Join Allie and myself and share the news.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Simply Caught Up!

I’m caught up on the Simple Things Quilt Along… 002 again, Kelly said easy peasy and they were.   Good thing I got these done because the next step is posted on Kelly’s blog!!
I also decided to stop pouting about having to rip out rows on my pumpkin quilt.  Stitched them back in and added006 a few more rows.   Now only ten rows left.  I’m seeing the light on this one!

Before I left for quilt camp I had ordered a BIG cone of  Aurifil thread from here.  Started using it at quilt camp (with my handy dandy cone thread holder), and my thread kept breaking.  Very frustrating.   Remembering a tip from my friend Deb about taping a safety pin to the side of the machine and threading the thread through the hole008 …and YIPEE, problem solved.  Must be an angle thing that I don’t understand, but no more breaking thread.

If you have a chance head on over to Carol’s blog and see the beautiful FW blocks she has going.  So tempting…..but I have way too many UFO’s around here!!!  Happy Thursday everyone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yes Sireeeee I’m Tickled Pink!

Happy Pink Tuesday everyone and so happy that my sewing machine is working.  I think the threat of going to  the machine doctor did the trick. 

008   A couple weeks ago I was invited, along with a couple friends, to visit a friends revamped crafting room….I think sewing studio would be a better way to describe it.  I don’t know why I didn’t take my camera…it was totally amazing.  Cutting stations, ironing stations, cupboards, book cases and a place for four people to sit and sew.  She was formerly a scrap booker ….now as she says, an official quiltaholic!!!  She had three of the above spinner stations she was getting rid of and she very nicely offered them to us!  I love it, and already need to tidy it up, but it’s so darn handy.

Believe it or not I have actually009 started sewing on my Simple Things Kelly says “easy peasy”!!!  I have an hour left to get some sewing in, them I off to my Tuesday friendship group where we will solve all matters of the world!

005 Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day. My son and his wife had us all for a very yummmy dinner. Auntie helped big Dot look for rolly polly bugs.  A perfect day for one and all. 

So yes color me pink and if there is something tickling you please join Allie and myself in sharing the news!!  Happy Tuesday everyone.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

FSNI Report

 045 The old girl changed up my plans a bit….something is wonky with my machine and after fiddling with it for quite a bit I decided sewing on my machine wasn’t in the the cards .

Working on customer bindings seemed to be a good second choice….this one047 finished and then there was some time to get started on another…   048

so I’m calling the evening a success!

The last couple days have been filled with lots of fun with the Dots.  Today bubble chasing was the favorite thing to do021 !!!

I suppose I will be making a visit to my favorite machine repair guy…or fingers crossed it just starts working again.  My Simple Things Quilt Along blocks are waiting to be pieced!!!   

Wishing all the dads out there a very happy Father’s Day!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Simple Things Cutting Done!

 010We are back from a wonderful getaway and I am very happy to report my cutting for The Simple Things Quilt Along is done….all those bits and pieces just waiting to be sewn together!
We couldn’t have had a prettier002 spot.  This was the view from our place.  We are so excited to bring the whole family here.  Notice the cool playground off in the distance…the Dots will love that.  There’s a big water slide, canoe and kayak rentals, fishing and even a Frisbee golf course….all perfect for our family.  Wednesday I met up with my friend Lani and we had a very, very scrumptious lunch, not to mention tons of talking that got done :-)!
A little quilting disappointment.  I was working on my pumpkin quilt.  Sewed four rows completely and then starting attaching them.  First row on I was having to do some extra stretching and easing….second row on it got worse.  UGH!!!!!!   I know this rule….don’t  use two different machines when working on a project.  Apparently my Bernina and my Featherweight (which I use when we camp) don’t sew the same l/4 inch seam, so I spent a few hours reverse sewing everything I had sewn.    Now I will be working on my FNSIButton pumpkin quilt for the Friday Night Sew-In tomorrow night. 
Nice to be home.  The dots are spending the weekend with us….but still it was very hard t008o leave such a pretty place.  Think  we need to work on making some more camping reservations!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


The trailer is packed and we are off for a four day getaway….along for the trip my fabrics for the Simple Things Quilt Along.   Cutting will be done this week, and I also have thrown in a couple other finish up projects.
Yesterday was such a wonderful family day.  We celebrated my father in laws 90th birthday.  The whole herd was there from bigs to littles….just missing Chris who was working hard at his fire station.  So great to have the whole family together ……making wonderful family memories.004
Here’s little dot rocking in Aunt Janes’s rocker.  Such a party boy this little guy is! 
Wishing you all a happy week!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday

Tickled Pink really won't describe how overjoyed I am for my dear friend Annie.  Today her daughter underwent surgery as a result of improper care she received after the birth of her son.  You can read Annie's post here.  Getting an email from her tonight saying the surgery went well, and that her daughter is home is the best news ever.  Relief.......A HUGE RELIEF.

Quilting......none!!!  I feel like such a quilting slacker.  I am so inspired by all the wonderful projects that everyone is working on, but that time thing seems to be my problem.  I'm looking forward to Kelly and Carol's Simple Things Quilt Along. I'm tackling the smaller size using this  ...................................

So if there is something Tickling you, please feel free to join Allie and myself in sharing what it is!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Deadlines, Deadlines!!!

There have been many, many, many and may I say many Graduation quilts, and quilts for school auction binding jobs keeping me plenty busy, but I am happy to report all deadlines have been met!!!!!036
One of the quilts up for auction at a school was entitled love letters.  Each student wrote a special note to their parents.....35 love letters in all.

All this means no sewing has happened here, but my goal for next week is to get my pumpkin quilt done023.  I figure 3 rows a night should do the trick!!!
Something in blogland has caught my eye though.  Carol and Kelly are hosting this wonderful Quilt AlongSmall Button
……….such a sweet quilt (just click their links above to have a peek) and look at this cute button!!  There are two sizes . Carol has made a large one using a layer cake, and the smaller version made by Kelly calls for charm squares.  Sew Cherry has been calling my name and that’s just what Kelly made her’s out of.  I still have some charm packs of Friends and Flowers that I have been hoarding, so I probably will be using that.

The weekend has been a good one.  The dots are sleeping over, tucked in bed right now after a fun day of playing and visiting their other grandma’s for a swim in the Jacuzzi.  Guess I better get myself settled in for the night to be ready to play first thing!!!  Happy Sunday everyone.