Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh Boy.....Some Reverse Sewing and Fixing

Last week I was celebrating being done with all my A Year To Crow About BOM's.  Looking at a couple of the blocks I realized they were WRONG, so very, very wrong.  UGHHHHH, some reverse sewing, some cutting of new pieces, sewing back together...oh wait, some more reverse sewing because I once again sewed something WRONG........ let me repeat UGH!!!!!   Now another happy dance.......all my A Year To Crow About blocks are done  AGAIN....Tahdah!!!!!  I think I will hold off looking at the others for a while****.just sayin'!!!
Spring is starting to poke up here and there.  Today the boys were here and they had a great old time playing outside and being silly.  Little Dot loves the tulips ...he was calling them toelips.  I think that's what I will call them from now on.   They wanted me to take a silly picture of them here's silly.    

They have so much fun playing together, and it's fun to watch that brotherly bond grow stronger and stronger.  We have another day together tomorrow and all kinds of fun is planned.  They pointed out my car was a bit dirty, so we planned a date with the drive thru car wash.   Nothing like having water squirted at you in the safety of your car and then being covered with bubbles.   Happy Tuesday everyone.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Our trip to Arizona was WONDERFU, the bonus was meeting up with Darlene and Carol for lunch.  The reason we went was BASEBALL…Spring Training games.  This is something Mr.. P has always wanted to do, and being an huge Angels fan the time seemed perfect.002   The first game was against Milwaukee.  It was a bit hot that day, so we moved to the shady side!  Game two playing Cleveland, was in Tempe at th005e Angel’s home field, Diablo Stadium.   The weather was perfect that day, and we were really up close and personal with the players008 .                                                                                                                                                                 So fun watching all the kiddos and bigger fans getting autographs and talking to the players.  Here’s our skipper, Mike007 Scioscia signing autographs.  The lady you can see had a  huge notebook of baseball cards……a big fan I would say!
There was some time for sightseeing.  We visited the Casa Grande Ruins….quite an amazing place. 010  I highly recommend visiting there if you have the chance.

Somebody got in a round of golf, and I worked in some time to sew.009  I brought along a Lucky Star quilt that has been cut out since 2004……I found a picture in the box of one a friend made that had the date on it!  So I’m thinking this fabric has aged enough and is ready to be015come a quilt!  Later in the day I moved outside to our patio where we were staying……the perfect spot to sew.  That evening  I had a pile of stars ready to be trimmed.
                Back to life for us and more important visiting The Dots tonight…….we really missed them!  I also have decided to jump in and give Bloglovin a about you?   Happy weekend everyone.

Monday, March 18, 2013

My Blog Is Back Together, a Crafty Polka Dot Daze Visit, and Rehab Check In!

Thanks to Becky at Cutest Blog On The Block, I am all put back together and with a new look.  I really love it, and hoping that it will stay this way for a long more vanishing acts for me!!  Becky went of her way to work me through the whole process, even installing all the new goodies.  I highly recommend her.  BIG THANKS Becky!!!!

Spending some time in Arizona, which was a huge opportunity to visit and meet in person a couple bloggy friends.  Darlene from Quilting Daze, and Carol from Carol's Crafty Creations.  Carol has named it Crafty Polka Dot Daze......a very good name for our get together I think!!!  Darlene searched out a spot for us, and it turned out I was right in the middle from each.  I can tell you there was no moment of what are we going to talk about......just like old friends getting together and catching up.  It couldn't have been more perfect, both of them being as nice and fun as you could ever imagine when you read their blogs.  Darlene gave each of us a cute bunny and bunny towel, and from Carol a sweet Bag and charm pack...minie was Happy Go Lucky.  Love it, and think I will be making one of the minis for the Simply Charming sewalong using it. 

Today is Monday, and time to report in to Sinta with BOM progress!  I finished my last block for A Year To Crow  About ..........exciting!!!!   My little Easter mat isn't a block of the month, but it's almost done too.   I just need to add a eye to the chick and some quick quilting.  The pattern will be on it's way to you Sinta!

Next on the agenda, tackling some of my own bindings.....I am great at doing them for other people, just not so much my own!!  Hope your week got off to a great start!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013


I really want to sew SOMETHING, but when to fit it in?!  This week I am once again reporting013 in to our BOM Rehab leader, Sinta……another block for A Year To Crow About.  One more to go and the top hopefully, will come together!

Sew……back to wanting to sew something.  I saw thi016s little sweet thing, and knew I needed to make it.  It’s small,  just my speed at the present, and I have the perfect spot for it to go for Spring decorating.

We had a couple unexpected return visitors this week….009  they haven’t been by for a few years.  Just cooling their feathers, and soon to catch up with friends who are on their annual migration.  Sorry for the blurry spot, but I had to take it through the window.

Now I’m off to check out what everyone else has going on….and for some much needed inspiration.  Happy week friends.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday, Monday……..

Another blogger rescued me. Terry from Terry’s Treasure’s bailed me out this time!!!  Apparently if your blog name is in white it won’t show up on white…….:-)!!!!  Didn’t even think of that one, let alone know where to change the color…..THANKS TERRY!!!!


Monday means check in with Sinta for any BOM progress.  I am still plugging along and creeping my way to having two BOM’s closer to the putting together stage.  So gosh, darn exciting!!!!001  Another section done for the Christmas Favorites quilt by Nancy Halvorsen, and two more blocks for A Year To Crow about.  Thanks bunches Sinta for the motivation.

I have a load of customer bindings coming today, so I know what I will be tackling this week. Wishing you all a very happy week.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Polka Dots & Rick Rack

Slowly trying to work on my blog.....I am obviously in over my head as I can't seem to figure out how to have my blog title in my header!!!!!  This is going to be a late night :-)!!!!