Friday, April 30, 2010

My Charming Club Goal…and Some Sweetness!

 018 Here’s my April finish for The Charming Club.  I wasn’t wild  about the small outer border, but  the quilt is the size I need and I think with the binding I'm going to love it….in fact I think it’s SWELL!!







This week brought this beautiful view out my sewing room window…….. I just love rainbows!


……..a rose making it’s Spring appearance.   Our weather is pretty cold for this time of year, but  the rose bushes are just full of buds.


Then the sweetest thing of all ……………


15006_1457645841708_1250230420_1274030_4932378_s our  sweet Dots….big and little.  I love these boys more than I ever could have imagined!!   Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Zen Of The Scalloped Border

A friend asked me if I would put the binding on her quilt..oh 022 yeah it’s a scalloped edge-----YIKES. I am not

fond of doing these bumpity edges, but I said yes. Let the whining begin :-)! I called a quilty friend of mine. We have been on this crazy quilting journey for many, many years. And I whined. She said -- “when we started did we know how to use a rotary cutter; when we started did we know how to piece blocks let alone read a pattern—and on and on and on!!! Basically put your big girls panties on and getter done (our favorite saying)033 That’s our Zen part :-)!!!

So dip by dip, bad words here and there—I gotter done! A quilty friend is always there to pull you out of a bind---couldn’t resist that!!! About every 4th dip kicked my you know what….but it’s DONE!!!!!!!!

This weekend was a full weekend of quilting. Saturday was Quilts of Valor day and we made pillowcases to put the quilts in that we make. I highly recommend you joining a group. It’s such a easy way to say thank you and spend a great day with friends doing what we love. Sunday my LQS, The Quiet Mouse, had a Quilt Till You Wilt Day…9 to 9mosaicfbdab2bc23f0072e8c144253814d0d52255f87c0 . A fun filled day with friends, crazy fun friends and so much laughing and eating!! Terry the owner made us individual chicken pot pies---yummmy!! There were prizes and of course sharing of quilts. Here’s a few but many more that I didn’t get pictures of. You didn’t dare leave your sewing machine029 unattended because it might just get toilet papered-my friend found that out! I worked on my Between Friends quilt and made lots of progress, so I’m thinking my April Charming034 club

goal just might be met .

I have been going through closets and getting rid of STUFF…’s amazing what you can collect over the years.

Then a big GIANT EXTRA EXTRA!!!!! Our very own Miss Red Geranium is opening her very own online quilting business. She has been planning and planning, getting things set up. To start off she will be carrying Lecein Fabrics, books, patterns, bundles and everything quilty, not to mention the wonderful purses that she makes to sell. Having been a frequent visitor of the shop she once owned, I can tell you we are all in for a BIG treat. Way to go girl---now OPEN, OPEN, OPEN.

Wishing you all a very happy week with some fun stuff thrown in that you love to do!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In Update

047 I bought these strips in Houston years back..orignally for a Strip Club pattern—I just love quilting humor—so when I saw the Jelly Roll Sampler blocks on the blogs I knew that’s what I wanted to use-----a perfect Friday Night Sew-In project049 . Bocks 1 thru 4 done!050

Then with some time left in the evening I finished the 048

four patch blocks for Between Friends…once again thanks Darlene for the great pattern and thanks to Heidi and Bonnie for our monthly Friday night meetings!!!!

Now what to cook for dinner…hmmmmmmm?!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Retreat Report


My friend Pat invited me to her guild retreat and we had so much fun. Located in the mountains about an hour from where we live, it was the perfect location for a couple days

of sewing, chatting and lots of laughing. Our sewing space was in this great big hall with this cozy fire to keep us warm. A time to catch up with some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and time194188 to make some new friends….oh yeah, quilts to share~196

195186 185 25 women, so chatting and laughing was HIGH on the agenda. We played Left/Right/Center. Every one brought 3 fat quarters

192and woohooo the fun began, with one lucky player getting ALL the fat quarters (you can never have too many fat quarters)!!!

I worked on my Between Friends quilt…guess counting isn’t high on my list because I thought I only had 10 more to do and actually I had 16. Got those done and all the 4 patches 209…..I am eeeking my way to the finish line and think I will be meeting my April goal on this one.

Reality has set in and I have settled back in to getting things done around the house…there was too much goofing off going on! We have had lots of wonderful visits this week with the little dots and our girl was here overnight…………very lucky mom and nana!

Hope your week has been good so far. Happy Thursday everybody!

UPDATE.....Friday Night is the Friday Night Sew-in!!! Come join the fun!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pictures To Share!

Back home, and laundry done!!! We had a wonderful visit with the little dots last night and their mom and dad, and next week our girl will be home for a bit. Boy did we miss all the kids.......but what a wonderful time we had. We visited so many interesting places. It was truly a trip of a lifetime with so many wonderful memories made. Traveling with our friends only added to the fun. I already miss our before dinner get togethers and all the laughter. I could totally bore you with all 210 pictures that I took.....but I thought some mini collages might be better!

First stop, Aruba. The water was the most amazing color...we took a ride on a glass bottom boat! That's one of our guides swimming under the glass.

Then pretty and so humid!!

The amazing journey through the Panama Canal. Such an engineering fete. There was about 2 feet to spare on each side of the ship. It took 8 hours to get through all the locks. Wonderful views from every spot on the ship and a guide on board giving us the history of The Canal and info on the future expansion due to be finished in 2014.

A boat ride the next day on Gatun Lake....a search for animals that inhabit the many islands on the lake. Howler Monkeys making a noise I have never in my life heard....more like the sound of a lions roar, a sound that can be heard 3 to 4 miles away. There were Capuchin Monkeys in the trees that were very excited to see us....I'm thinking it was the plums the guide had that brought about the excitement. The train in the distance was a land tour that our friends were on...I'm sure they could see us waving at them!

The next morning, Costa Rica and a visit to a rain forest...........the lower picture, a Toucan peeking out at us on the aerial tram. Plants, flowers, trees, birds, butterflies, rain forest critters and peoople zipping through the rain forest on zip lines (if only I were braver)..........WOW!!!

Huatulco, of my favorite ports. I didn't snap very many photos. Think I was too busy looking. The center picture is an outdoor walls - breathtaking.
Acapulco.....and a visit to the Fort of San Diego which was built for protection against buccaneers that were preying on the expensive cargo that was being shipped to Spain. A museum filled with wonderful artifacts.....such a rich and interesting history of this area. The fort being built in the perfect location to have amazing panoramic views of the entire area. Our friend Yolanda taking in the scene.
Sadly our last port...Cabo San Lucas. Here's a spectacular view of the arched rocks of Los Arcos where the cool waters of the Pacific merge with the Sea of Cortez. (ok, I took that off that ship daily paper!) A beautiful resort town. Love that sweet pelican!! Our visit here was short............. hmmmmmm, maybe a future visit will have to happen!
A great time spent with good friends. We met wonderful people from all over and even ran in to some from our area. In fact a guy that use to golf with my husband where we live...small world!
We feel very grateful to have taken this trip, but also so happy to be back with our family.

I am very spoiled ----- tomorrow I am off to a weekend quilt retreat. Guess it's time to dust off the sewing machine. My plan is to finish my "Between Friends" quilt....pattern courtesy of Darlene. You know what I'm gonna say ------ pictures to follow!!!! Missed all the blogs, so now it's time to do some visiting, and Miss Sharon thanks for the entertaining evening last night!!! She may be far from me now, but she still knows how to keep me laughing and on the edge of my seat.....thank goodness for live chat!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Still Cruising!!

I am laughing at the title of my last post "Her In Florida"....I was pretty excited to get on the ship. We are cruising our way to Cabo San Lucas and will be arriving in the morning. We have had so much fun.....way too much eating and laughing till we've cried and the sights....AMAZING!!!! We return on Tuesday and I will have tons of pictures to share. We have some brief time to be on the computer so I just had to blog. Miss all of you and the goings on in blogland. Adios and Happy Easter everyone!