Thursday, September 27, 2007

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs!!!

I am a sign person!! I love old metal signs, signs that tell you where to go, OK Sharon, I can already imagine the comment. Anywho, here's a sampling of my sign addiction. This is over the family room entry - got to make the peeps feel welcome when they come in!! Here's one over a door in the kitchen! I bought this when Sharon had her shop!

This sign I put up several Christmas ago. It hangs over the door to the garage. I decided to leave it up because it's a nice sentiment to take with you out in to the world!
Now here's my favorite. From the time I was a little girl my mom would always say "see you later alligator"to which I would reply "after while crocodile". It was our phrase. Now there were years where I rolled my eyes at her when she said it, let's say the teenage years when I was going out the door with a date!!! Not cool :-)!! But now that my mom is gone, it means even more to me. It was our thing. A few years ago I was shopping at one of my favorite gift shops, Crackerjacks, and here was this metal sign hanging there just waiting for me! I have it at the back door so when I go out it's like my mom saying it! I call this my comfort sign!! So I bet you are wondering where all this is going....!!! One of my very favorite blogs is Cherry Hill Cottage. She has the most amazing photos, not to mention recipes. Over the past few months of me lurking over there I would see wonderful letter signs hanging here and there. Then I discovered that Tina's daughter Mika makes them. Woohoo - somebody to make me signs. Watch out family there will be even more signs poppin up around here. My family is huge Angel baseball fans - we have a whole room dedicated to this obsession. I emailed Mika and asked her to make me Angels letters and look what I got back! I'm working on getting them hung on the wall, but just had to show them

off! I love them and can't wait to get them hung on the wall. If you are in need of some words :-) just contact
Mika - I think they would be really great for a new baby's room!
Tomorrow I'm leaving for a couple days of sewing - can't wait, and I will definitely have some pictures to
post on Sunday! See you later alligators!

Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm So Busted!!!

First before I get to the busted part thanks to everyone who wrote about loosing things in weird places. After my traumatic day of throwing my keys in the trash, it was very reassuring to know that I am NORMAL :-)!! You guys are the best.

Now the busted part. Ms. Doe called me yesterday and reminded me about how I was suppose to be finishing what I have -- hmmmmm, did I really say that???? I did - busted!!! I hate when my conscience calls me on the phone :-(!

Tonight I have a sewing night with my Monday night group, so I'm dragging along some of those projects I need to FINISH!! I won't get them all done I know, but just having them pulled out in a basket together will really help. So here is what I plan to tackle. Here's a Halloween hanging from last year that just needed the binding. Not very big ---- so no problemo, I'll get this baby done tonight :-)! Next we have...and you are probably saying what in the heck is that mess? A pile of quilt squares from the Picket Fence line from Moda. Just needs to be put together---well and maybe a few more blocks pieced-- but again, no problem!

Now here's the problem, well not really it was me I'll admit. This is a Lucky Star quilt for the show in January, and I had worked on it a week ago and started putting the rows together when I realized it was wrong -- simple quilt, stupid quilter!! So I've ripped it apart, laid it out again, and now I will put it back together again. My work is cut out for me.

Yesterday on my way home from my Mr. Potato shopping spree I was at a signal and there were two young men, each on a motorcycle, revving their engines, horsing around a bit. When the signal changed they zoomed around me and proceeded down the road. One of the guys went to make a right turn up a street -- he was leaning waaaay over, and then his rear tire hit a puddle of water. The bike came down on him and he slid for a short distance. I pulled over, and a woman coming the other way did the same. About that time his friend realized something was wrong and came back. By this time, we could see that he could move, his friend got the bike off him. He was really embarrassed, but we were so thankful to see he was OK. It was horrible to see it happen, because he went down so hard. He kept reassuring us he was fine, all the while us two moms hovering over and making sure he really was OK. He really just wanted us to leave him alone!! We told him how he needed to go to a doctor, not sure if that was going to happen, but we gave it the old mom try. Walking away I just reflected on how in an instant things can change, having a son about that age, and thinking about his mom and how lucky she was that her son was alright. When I went to drive away I heard a weird crunch. Got out and here is what I found .....the crunch was the lens, hey now that's kind of a cool new style. Just readers - I'm just glad that young man is OK!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What a Halloween Find!

I just have to share what I found while grocery shopping today............notice the Trick or Tater at the bottom. I was cracking up at the store. I thought I would get it for my daughter to add to her Halloween decorations (she's coming home tomorrow), but now I want to keep him. So I'm going to go back and get another!!He even comes with a ghost costume and his eyes glow in the dark. Isn't he just about the cutest Mr. Potato Head you've even seen? I bet he wouldn't throw his keys in the trash can :-)!. Later gators!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some new projects!

I have some pretty great friends. Look what I received in the mail today from one of them! OK, here I am again doing that sideways thing, and it's a good thing it's 11:30 at night or Sharon would be getting a technical support call right at this very moment. Then the computer said I was having some problem with my cookies and how in the heck did the computer know I was eating cookies - I'm on a diet and I was eating my cookies in private! I see some late night reading in my future :-)!

So back to the projects. First off here's some stitcheries I probably started about 5 years ago. They are the four seasons and all I had left to do was summer. I had even found a window that they fit perfectly in - so now they are ready to go.

I Love, love, love this quilt. It's a Debbie Cafrey pattern called One More Time. This was probably started about 4 years ago, and just needed the borders. Now it's off to be quilted! It would have been perfect for my bed, but it's not quite big enough, so it will probably go on the window seat.
This is a quilt I started and finished on vacation. It is way out of my color box -probably out of my color planet. It's Holly Jolly by Moda - and one thing you gotta say is it's certainly bright! This was made using the 5 inch charm packs. I could have done without the blue but it took every charm square except 2 to make the quilt. Now last is a quilt that I had made for the quilt shop. When I got it back from being quilted we sold all the kits before I got the binding done --- then I stuck it away! OK, so this was about 6 years ago, but now it has the binding on! Think the kit was Cabin In The Woods By Moda. The girls that quilted it for me did a wonderful job. There are bears, acorns, leaves and all kinds of woodsy stuff quilted all over.
So you are probably wondering what has gotten in to me getting all these UFO's done - well I've been inspired by Vicki at Turkey Feathers!! I love that blog and she has a Finish What You Have challenge going on --- go over and check it out and catch the fevvvvvvvvver and pull out those UFO's. I'm afraid to say what I have done so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

If it wasn't so late I would write about lunch today with Sharon . Quite the tale.
It involves a cat fight at lunch over the bill and two old guys taking our picture
and I could go on and on but that will have to wait till tomorrow. Night everyone!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Whewwwwwwwwwww-I'm back!

Ok, so a little bit of a funk, but I'm back!! Sharon just wouldn't let me rest till I started blogging again. What a good friend she is to keep track of me - Sharon you are the best :-)!

I had every intention of showing some pictures of projects I have completed but for what ever reason I can't get them to import. Tomorrow I'm buying a new memory card and see if that helps. Anyway, I'm going to show some of my favorite pictures. My daughter is a zoo keeper and she takes care of the giraffes. Every so often we get to go behind the scenes and have a visit and feed them. It is the most wonderful thing in the whole world-their eyes are so beautiful. Here we are having a little chat about the weather!

It's so much fun to feed them - they have the longest tongues. Just think of all the chocolate you could scoop up - yummy! You can tell this guy is a fan of Target - he's got his eye set on my bag-well I guess because his food is in there.

This is baby with his mom. He is so cute. He was being a big mama's boy this day and would not leave her side, well actually her behind!! Too funny.

It was fun while Sharon was on vacation she kept texting be about all her adventures with photos of her haul! That husband of hers is a keeper! Ok, time to get some sleep. Have a good night sleep every bunny!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

A Big Thanks

What a very nice surprise to be nominated by Doe for a Nice Matters award. The truth of it is she is just about THE nicest person you could ever meet, and I feel very lucky to have her for a good friend. Have to say however, I'm not feeling very nice with this heat we are having ! Thanks Doe for thinking so kindly of me and I'm glad I crack you up!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Friday night we had all the kids home with lots of catching up on every ones activities and had a nice dinner together (despite the hour power outage)! Sunday we celebrated my mother-in-laws 84 birthday. Again, lots of good food, laughter and great family time together. The past few days we have been having thunder/lightning storms, which has been causing some computer issues. I have some pictures to share from projects I'm working on and hopefully tomorrow I'll get them posted. Sharon left a message on my phone yesterday, so at least we know she is safe and sound! Well off to get my beauty sleep :-)!