Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back At It!!!

Last Saturday our niece graduated from's a picture of her cap from up top!! Great view don't you think?! We are all so proud of her and we had such a wonderful family celebration. My sister in law had quite the yummy spread laid out, with friends and family stopping in to congratulate our grad!

Monday and Tuesday I spent with the much fun and I love being so close to be able to help out with watching them. After two days this nana was played out, and I know Brown Bear Brown Bear forwards and back!! Wednesday a full day with my girl at the beach...she is such a lucky ducky to live in such a beautiful spot...I'M JEALOUS!!!!

Sewing....hmmmmmmm, well a bit - - - I realized I missed Friday Night Sew In last week so I decided to make up for it last night..... here's what I have to show for it......a wall hanging, mini topper and a few more pillowcases - - - all in all a productive Friday Night Sew!! Sew off to visit all of you see what you have going on :-)!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend for those of you in the States!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Stash Gone Wild

 005 Just a little peek in my sewing closet…and yes this is a stash gone wild.  My friend Teresa has inspired me to get it under control.  She recently donated 4 HUGE bags of fabric to a group (actually there were 7, but her mom captured 3 of them)!  I have donated a bag, given a couple kits to friends and mailed off a couple more to some  long distance quilty friends to add to their own wild stashes!


……then there was a bit of time to whip up a dish towel…….


……finish up the Valentine Cake  hanging I started at quilt camp….


and make  pillowcases for some kiddos.  Sprinkled in here and there, some wonderful time with my favorite little dots.  Our niece is graduating from college Saturday and a big family celebration will be happening…….life is very good!

Happy Friday everyone :-)!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Camp Report #2!

More camp fun!!! I have been on a quilting high ever since I've been home....but housework has called and windows too, and then there are some bindings waiting patiently for me in my customer box...but in my head I am quilting up a storm!

Here's our very gracious camp host Eleanor Burns. She is so much fun and enthusiastic and such a cheerleader for all of us quilters. The four days of camp she is right there with us sewing and checking in on our progress and also entertaining us...introducing her new book, Quilt Blocks On American Barns, with a sing along to Old McDonald Had A Farm and Quilt In A Day staff and campers dressed up in barnyard costumes......TOO FUNNY!!

One of our afternoons we were invited to Eleanor's home for goodies and to have a look see around her wonderful home and studio........ooooooh, ahhhhhh!! Love, love, love that antique quilt on the table in her studio. A very pleasant afternoon spent with quilting buddies. I just can't say enough about this camp experience and if you ever have the chance I think you need to come to camp!!!! Thanks to all the gals at Quilt In A Day for the best time ever!!!!

Some more many amazing quilts. The quilt in the bottom left corner is Dutch Windmill....a book that was written by my friend Annie who has worked at Quilt In A Day for 19 plus years. Annie and I met through the blogs and then when I went to quilt camp a few years ago I overheard her talking about having a blog and there we were meeting in person!! We are kindred's kind of scary but in a good way and best of all she has become my own personal shopper, always on the lookout for fabrics I might be needing!!! Hugs to you my friend!
So I guess it's back to quilting up a storm in my head!!! Happy Friday everybody.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Campers!!



Lots of happy campers….two wonderful sewing areas 037 and so many beautiful quilts being made.003 015 031 062 036 014061032Just a handful of the beauties…….a time to make some new friends and time spent with old friends….064

Here’s my buddy Annie and my friend Marie with baby quilts for their new grandbabies….lucky babies to have such wonderful Nana’s!! Sue and I were so excited to spend the four days sewing with Annie at her table and boy did we get lots of talking in!! I’m already looking forward to next camp Annie!!

Here’s my friend Sue working on the most wonderful 042 angel quilt…just waiting for the heads to be buttonholed on. I love the fabrics in this fact Sue taunted me so much with these sweet blocks I had to get myself a kit----she was so very proud of pushing me over the edge :-)!!!

For me it was a productive 4 days. Finished the Tossed Nine Patch quilt, finally the basket quilt, added the outer border to Between Friends, and got most of a mini valentine done-- just need to add the wool heart and outer scrappy border….such a great feeling to get so much done!



more camp pictures next time!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

and.....Away I Go!!

There's only one thing this all means.......QUILT CAMP--woohoo!!! I'm off in a bit to Quilt Camp with Eleanor Burns and her girls, which means seeing my friend Annie. I have packed about 8 projects, way too many, but better too many than not enough. First stop breakfast with my quilty buddies than away I go!! Pictures to share by weeks end. Happy week everyone!!