Thursday, February 28, 2013

Moving On From The Blog Fiasco!!!!!

OK, I have stopped whimpering ……in the scheme of things this is not a biggie!!!  So moving on!

There are a couple group deadlines I am just squeaking in under the wire….. The Simply Charming004 Mini  quilt along, and Christmas Through The Year.  Happy to say my mini is done, including the quilting and binding!!!!!.  I used scraps left over from a quilt I made a number of years back, from the line, Old Fashioned Charm.  I will be linking up over at Kathy’s for this finish.  Thanks to Kathy and Darlene for this fun quilt along, and a big shout out to Darlene for cheering me on in more ways than I can say!!!!!!   Kim has a link up for projects finished this month for the Christmaschristmasthroughtheyearbutton Through The Year group.  I quickly whipped up a couple oven mitts (above photo).  It feels good to have my Christmas box with a few things tucked in there already.  Thanks Kim for continuing on with our group!

Yesterday was my meet up with my friend Lani!!!  So fun.  There’s a quilt shop halfway between us (about a 1 1/2 hour drive).  Of course there is a quilt shop involved!!!….. Quilt N’ Things in Montrose, and then lunch at our favorite Mexican food restaurant.  Talking was the best part of the whole day, and we covered so much!!!  Love you to pieces Lani.  You have always been such a good, constant friend to me.  Lamosaica291c3f5f84ced23deab17282a3d389118c00d07ni brought along some show and share, and we had ourselves a trunk show in the back of her car!!   These first two quilts she made for a charity group…mosaic019f7d4d210110525cb16babf6fdc7da237e531cso cute and two lucky little ones will be happy to have them.  Then there’s this parade of beauties…..WOWZERS!!!  I love each and every one.  We are planning a quilt getaway weekend at her cabin in the woods….I can’t wait. 

Thanks to my friends Chris and Karen for quilting my Quilts of Valor quilt, I am happy to report it is all done.    I finished the binding yesterday afternoon.  This quilt was made up fr001om swap blocks I received through a Prodigy quilt exchange 15 years ago.

Now on to fixing my blog!!!!  Happy end of the week everyone.

My Blog Is Fixed……but, Now Some Sprucing Up Needs To Happen!!!

Bloggers are wonderful….we all know that.  When I sent out my distress call, I got action!  Annette from Jindi’s Cottage came to my rescue and she figured out what the problem was.   I can tell you I would have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, figured it out….Annette you are a lifesaver for sure…BIG THANKS!!!  As Annette said, I need to go shopping for some new clothes for my blog!!!  You can see some changes need to happen….a new header, and some cuteness here and there,  which I really don’t know how to do but I will figure it out!!!!  Thanks so much for all the emails and support.    The Dots are coming today and tomorrow so no time for a picture post…..that will happen tonight!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Blog Is Broken :-(!!!!!

I was all set to do a post tonight and my blog is broken.  I have no idea what is going on and what happened!!!  On my computer my background  art stuff is all gone plus there is some Photobucket message floating through my posts.  I don’t even belong  to  Photobucket.    UGHHHHHHH!!!!!  I am hoping I wake up in the morning and it is all fixed.    Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllp!!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Quilts Of Valor, BOM Rehab and A Finish!

 mosaic725b523d89d2c0715f9cb965774a9374d091d50a Saturday was our monthly Quilts of Valor sewing day.  Pictured, are three quilts ready to go, and one on it’s way to be quilted.  Pat hosted at her house and as always, lots of talking happened, as well as catching up with friends…so fun, and such a wonderful group to be part of.


I’m afraid I have turned in to a bit of a boring blogger.  Here it is another week and all I have to report on is my rehab work, but at least it’s something!!!  Thanks to Sinta for keeping me on track.007  Two more blocks for A Year To Crow About, and another block for my Christmas Quilt.  I have been having a struggle with the Crow about blocks.  I’m sure it is me, but they have really tested me.  I was thinking I should may be put it aside for a while (and we all know what that means :-) !!!  This morning I went to breakfast with a friend and saw my friend Debbie’s completed quilt top ……..ok, it was stinkin’ cute (sorry no picture)!!!  I came home determined, and since I only have 4 more blocks to go, I’m going to hang in there!


Here’s a finish for me.  This little runner has only been in the works about two or three years….I don’t know why, but it has!!!!  So my friends Chris and Karen quilted it up for me, and yesterday I got the binding on, and added the furry cotton tails…a finish, is a finish no matter how long it takes or how small it is!

Wednesday I am meeting up with my friend Lani.  We met 29 years ago in our very first quilting  class and she is one of my very, very best friends.  We have shared some wonderful quilting and family memories along the way, and it is always fun to see what she has been working on.  I’ll remember my camera that day for sure!!

There is a reward for anyone finding my missing MOJO…..and please tell it to come home!  Wishing you all a very happy week!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hey Sister, Go Sister, Soul Sister….and BOM’S

I’m so silly I know……but this pattern and fabric 011 are calling me….Sugar Dish by Cluck Cluck Sew using a jelly roll of Marmalade.  Then the song pops in to my head, Lady Marmalade…..silly!!!!!  It’s been stuck in my head all weekend, so think I better get sewing to may be shake it out!!!

In the meantime there is Sinta’s rehabBOMrehab175.  This weekend I worked on two blocks for A Year To Crow About.  May kicked my you know what :-)!!!  I almost gave up and a friend talked me off the ledge and I got the block together.  I don’t know what the deali009o was, I ripped out so many pieces, but finally it went together.  Thanks goodness June cooperated.  Checked another block off my Christmas Favorites quilt….the candy block.  I am so excited!!!  Only four more blocks to go.

Friday we had a great day at that park with The Dots….the weather was PERFECT.  Big Dot hasmosaicea4625018de3d2ba5fdcda323da654cf4793e2b4 conquered the climbing wall. Little Brother is just happy to be at the park.  There was time to take a little hike up the trail from the park with Papa…..a perfect day for sure.

This week I’m planning on getting a mini quilt done from P1150002this book.  Kathy and Darlene hatched a wonderful plan to have a Simply Charming Mini Quilt Along….a mini quilt every other month with February being the first month.  There are 20 wonderful minis to choose from, and you jump in whenever you want to play along.  If you join in all year you will have six wonderful minis at years end……as Darlene says, easie, peasie!!!!!!  You can link up over at Kathy’s blog the end of February.  Take a peek at Darlene’s blog and see her new quilt pattern, Rockin’ Bobbins……..STINKIN’ Cute!!!  Great job Darlene.

Wishing you all a very happy week!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Day….and Marching Through Rehab

Friday started off a very rainy day….that was till about 9 o’clock!   Then a very light snow started falling.  It fell, and fell and fell and we all watched the show.002  Little Dot was glued to the window watching it all happen.  There may be one or two snow days a year here and usually not enough to stick to the street, but that day it was001 definitely


sticking. Here’s the view from the porch!  We hadn’t planned on a snow day, so we had NO gear for the guys, but when their dad picked them up, he assured them Saturday they would be playing in the snow!547862_296807467111740_1454496211_n   Yee haw cowboy snow guy……for those of you in to fashion, please notice the belt!!!!

I didn’t get to my Christmas BOM this week, but I am happy to report two more A Year To Crow 008blocks are done.  I am lovin’ the fabrics in these blocks.  If you want to play catch up and get your BOM’s done,  join in Sinta’s BOM Rehab. Check in over here!!! Today, my girl is coming for a sleep over ……. lots of wedding talk to happen!!!  Wishing  you all a very happy week.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Rehab Check In

BOMrehab175  Monday means check in time for BOM Rehab and thanks again to Sinta for keeping me motivated.




Next up is the BIG Santa Block.  I still need to buttonhole his glove, holly leaves and the green words…..mustache, cheeks and button eyes to be added after quilting!!

Our weekend plans changed a bit…..Little Dot ended up011 sick and stayed with his other grandma.  Big Dot hung out with us, and we had  a great time, with a couple trips to the park squeezed in.  It wasn’t quite the same without his brother, so we are hoping to reschedule a sleepover this week.

Wishing you all a very happy week!