Sunday, March 30, 2008

My girl, my girl...talkin about my girl....

......who somehow, someway managed to fix our computer!!!! Yeah, a big old thank you, and now it's working at warp speed for whatever reason. We started having trouble right after my last post. I would go visit a blog and post a comment and it would work for a few minutes and then freeze. Then send some emails and the same thing. But now we are back in business. And I am happy to report the zoo quilt is done and I sent it home with Katie. She was very happy with the way it turned out.....and that made me very happy!!

It has probably been just as well that the computer was down. My little binding business had a record week! I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by midweek when I kept getting more and more quilts from customers....but now have this pile completed with two more to do today and I will be caught let's just say not much sewing was happening in my neck of the woods!
I had a busy few days at work. Last Saturday when I was working I had a celebrity guest worker stop by ! She was drooling over my shoes! You can read all about her over here! Thought I would share a photo of our Tuesday morning gals having a rather raucous vote on which fabric to put on the back of Phoebe's quilt. Susan, who I work with on Tuesday (in the plaid shirt)had them all fired up!! We are very excited at work because Susan has been asked to teach at Road To California next year. Since I haven't gotten any quilting done I'll show Susan's braid quilt that she just got's a beauty, and here's a couple pictures of quilts from the pretty pile of binding quilts that are going to be auctioned off at a school. They are so sweet and I am sure there will be some parents bidding like crazy on them.

Not much more to talk about, the week was a blur and I felt like I was taking 10 steps backwards all the time! Did get a wee bit of shopping in though. Found this really cute shutter at O'Flanary's Emporium a few doors down from work. Love the little cut outs! In a few days we will be off to Morro Bay for a get away with some friends and I am really looking forward to that.

Hope that all of you have a great start to your week and have some time to work on projects. Now for me it's time to do some fast lurking and then back to the thimble! See you later alligators :-)!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Belated Easter

Howdy Bloggers! Hope that all of you had a great Easter. We spent the day at my sister-in-laws, and had a wonderful Ham dinner with all the fixins. Boy can that girl can cook!!! We had the best time visiting and eating, and eating and eating :-)!! Back to the diet today!

I had a wonderful box waiting for me. Gee, wonder what this could be? It's Nellie Annie Blue and Red, and Naked Annie. How cute are they? Naked Annie has a little heart locket that says made with love on it! They are made by the fabulous Nicole talented!!!!! In the little tickled pink box was some yummy chocolate that didn't last long at all - thanks Nicole....the Annies are perfect! If you need an Annie just hop on over to her blog and check out what is for sale.
I finished the binding on these 3 quilts for a customer. The two flower ones were just the right size to finish in the car going back and forth for Easter. The picture isn't very good, but that pink, black and tan quilt is wonderful. Someday I'll get the hang of this picture taking thing!
Haven't sewn much, but I have made a little progress on my Prairie Paisley quilt. All the strip sets are done for the 9 patches and I am hoping to get the 9 patches pieced this week. Talk about yummy fabric!!!!

Wishing you all a great week and full steam ahead to Spring. Bring on the tulips! PS. I keep forgetting to mention that there is a Mary Englebriet cham pack and jellyroll giveaway at work. Pop on over to the blog and leave a comment to sign up!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

We Are Having a .............................

Yipee!!! Bring on all the boy stuff! Megan came in to work on Wednesday with her friend Adrianna to pick out some fabric for crib bumpers and a quilt for the crib. No coaching from me either.....can you believe it, polka dots and rick rack. Yipee again :-)! She wants the strip quilt from that Cotton Way pattern. It will be really cute with the polka dots, and so pretty with the soft yellow. I can't wait to get started and to see that grandbaby in person!!

Today was a good day, mainly because I got the zoo quilt
done. Still not happy with my fabric choices, but it is done! Tonight I will piece the back and then off to be quilted. On my way to hanging the quilt on the fence to take the picture I noticed a lizard in the deep end of the pool. He was still moving which was really hard to believe. I got out the pool scoop and pole, and scooped him up and took him over to some bushes. A proud moment....I had saved a lizards life. Alert the media. I am sure the paper will be here any moment to take my picture......then all of a sudden while I was basking in my glory I got stung by a bee! Would that be considered instant Karma?! :-)!!! Good to report the lizard is doing well and was last spotted soaking up some sun!

Also finished up a little quilt using ME charms. Such
an easy little quilt, and just love those
yo, yo flowers! The border is from the Swell line, but I think it goes really cute with the charms.

The computer is still not behaving, but at least tonight I am able to post. Last night it was a no go, and boy I have missed my blogging. Hope that all of you have had some good quilting time this week and that your computers are behaving!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Computer woes have hit our family. We installed a Norton virus yaba dabba doo (that's my computer lingo), and now our computer is not working properly
It took over an hour just to log on to the Internet, and we can't get in to our email. Hopefully we will get things resolved in the next day or two. I some how manged to get to blogger, so I'll see how this goes!

Another busy week. The zoo quilt is coming along. I have an extra week to work on it which has taken the pressure off. The contrast is not as good as I had hoped in my fabric selection, but it's too late to go back now! I am hoping the quilting will help it out. Our girl was home for a couple days as well as grand dog Bailey Baxter. She is such a wiggle worm, but doesn't seem to mind dressing up!! Strike a pose girls :-)!!
Friday night was late night sewing. Doe joined us and got everyone all worked up with her Mary Engelbreit quilt. She has pictures posted on her blog. She used a pattern from Monica of Happy Zombie fame! It is so stinkin cute! I got too busy cutting fabric for everyone, eating and talking to take photos, but I will take some Monday night to show what everyone is working on.

We have had some weird weather out our way. The beginning of the week we were in the mid to high 70's. This is what we woke up to this morning! So pretty...but by noon it had all melted away. Hope that every ones week gets off to a great start and I am really hoping that the computer gremlins vacate the premises! Later alligators :-)!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Have you read the mystery....."The Case of the Overconfident Quilter"?

Oh wait, think I was dreaming that and it was a nightmare. Nope, it actually
happened!!!!!! I have been working on the quilt that will be raffled off at the zoo. Things were going along nicely, that was until I found a mistake in the pattern after I had already cut a big part of the fabric. Luckily I bought quite a bit extra, so I escaped tragedy. Then I found another mistake in the pattern. On no Mr Bill, say it ain't so....! Phewwwww, thank goodness there is still some extra fabric. Now not trusting the pattern, and after all I am a professional, (this is what we say at work when we mess up :-)), I proceed by following the pictures and knowing that I have the situation under control. So much under control I managed to sew the wrong fabric to all the wrong squares. Rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip......Ok this went on for wayyyyyy long, but after ripping out what I sewed wrong I am back on track. I love quilting, it is such a humbling sport :-)! I know these blocks look pretty harmless, but believe me they about did me in. There are all kinds of interlocking blocks happening and I hoping tomorrow night to start putting it all together. Please everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

Now with my ego slightly bruised I had to get something done just to get back on the horse. My Red, White and Bold quilt was back from being quilted, so I managed to get the binding on it. Love this quilt, and after washing it, the quilting looks so wonderful. Then I made a purse for the shop using charm squares out of the Swell line from Moda. Having two successes I think I can continue on!!!
Hope that all of you are having a great week, and that you are keeping your ripping to a minimum. I am bringing back the cupcake that my friend Nurse Carol made me just to remind myself to be POSTIVIE!!! Thanks Carol. See you later alligators :-)! PS -blogger spellcheck isn't working for
me again, so sorry about any typos!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Good Golly Miss Molly....have you ever seen an egg this big?

Tonight we went to a wine tasting at the zoo. It was such a fun night, with various wines to be sampled as well as great appetizers and a silent auction. That's where the big egg came's an ostrich egg from one of the birds at the zoo. When I saw that sitting on the table I just knew I had to have it. There were a number of people trying their best to win it, but I kept my eye on that big old egg! Wouldn't it look great with polka dots all over it :-)?!

This has not been a very productive sewing week for me. I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, yesterday I did major cleaning, and today was errand day. My Red, White and Bold quilt is back from being quilted and I did manage to get the binding sewn on by machine. Just have the hand work left to do.

My friend Carol made this cute little hanging for me.. well, she really made it for Katie. Her nickname is cupcake, but I think I will be borrowing it just for a little while. She is one of the most prolific quilters I know. I need to bottle up some of her energy!!!

I have been doing lots of blog hopping and I can't believe all the wonderful projects being worked on out in blogland...........there are so many creative people out there and I have to give you all credit for getting me back in to the groove :-)! Hope that you all have a GREAT weekend, and don't forget to spring forward!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I am not crazy..............AN UPDATE :-)!!

ok, maybe I am a little crazy....but, the other day I posted that I found this quilt top and did not remember making's because I didn't!!!! My friend Lynette hid it in my sewing closet after a sewing day we had quite a while ago. She had made a top for herself and one for me, and she thought she had left a note on it saying we would work on it together at some future point. One problem, there was no note!!!
Last night I got a call from her and I was telling her that I thought I was going crazy because I found this top and had no memory of making it.....after she finishes laughing hysterically she tells me of her sneaky little trick, but still insists she pinned a note to it. Hmmmmmmmmm....just got an email from her this morning that said she got out her pattern and there was the note tucked in her pattern!!!!!!! First what a wonderfully sweet thing to do to make me the top, but then THANK GOODNESS the mystery has been solved because I really thought I was going crazy!! Happy Wednesday everyone and now I can stop racking my brain over
this little quilt mystery :-)!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Marching on!

Well Marching on thru March anyway! Yesterday was a good mail day..........I purchased a rhinestone heart pin over at Cherry Hill Cottage and it arrived in this sweet little box! The picture just doesn't do it justice. It has the best sparkle ever. Being heart crazy, I feel very lucky to have this pin. Also, don't know if you have ever visited Cherry Hill Cottage, but Tina is featured in this months Country Accent Magazine, with beautiful pictures of her home and some of her wonderful collections. Also, she has the most wonderful recipes over on her blog!!!

Last night I finished up this cute little 30's quilt. for the shop. After it is quilted I will snip the edges around the flower petals and yellow centers so the edges will be raggy. Talk about a fast and easy quilt!

Time to get ready for work. Hope everyone is having a great first week of March with some sewing worked in here and there!