Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Little Of This And That!

I have a collection of Swell fabric by Moda that has been aging in my quilt closet….I would say about 3 years of aging….the025 plan then was to redo my laundry room incorporating the fabric. The time has come!! I made two of these runners to go on top of the washer and dryer..some buttonholing left to do on the flowers and leaves. Next step curtains, a valance for a shelf, and some kind of runner for the top of the cupboard. I just love it when a plan comes together!!

We had a two day getaway to San Luis Obispo to attend a retirement party for a close friend and his wife. Such a fun event, connecting with old friends and welcoming another couple in to our growing group of 024retirees….YIPEEE……this means more people to play with. The car ride there and back was just enough time for me to get the binding on my girls quilt…my January finish!! I have a visit planned in a couple weeks, so I will be delivering it to her in person.

Tonight the Grammy’s are are on (I’m watching as I type in fact). I love, love the Grammy’s . In my head I am quite the singer…if only you could hear. But unfortuna027tely in real life the sound is not so good…too bad :-)!!! While watching I finished putting this little topper together. The blocks were done, so it was just a matter of adding the sashings and corner squares…easy!

I tried a new recipe tonight for pulled pork……so EASY and quite tasty. You put 026a 3lb. pork loin roast (seasoned) in the crock pot with 14 ounces of beef broth and cook for about 8 hours on low. Take meat out and shred, put in a cast iron skillet and mix with 18 ounces of your favorite barbeque sauce (this is to taste you might want to add a bit more). Bake in oven at 350 for 30 minutes. I served it on onion buns, with cole slaw….YUMMO!

This is a week full of quilty get togethers….breakfast tomorrow morning with my friends, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings friendship group get togethers and Saturday a soup and sew day….I’m thinking housework will have to wait this week because I’m going to be PLAYING!!!!! Happy week everyone!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lots Of Sweetness

Hello baby brother010…are you ready to play. We have the coolest car room that mama and dada made for us and so many fun toys….hello are you listening.!!! Little Polka Dot was so glad to see his mommy..he missed her so much, now life is the way it is suppose to be.Meeting Aunt KK016 for the first time… at first sight022! How did my two babies grow up so fast, and now my son has two of his own…amazing!!!!!! There has been lots of holding and visiting this week and I am getting all the holding in that I can because I know the holding part doesn’t last very long.


There was a bit of time to squeeze in working on a mini..yummy! And then three quilts of my own back from the AMAZING quilters and ready for the binding to be put on.029

A sweet comment left by Corrie on my last post led me to her blog Quilt Taffy…which along with her sister Des they have so many wonderful things to share and then to the030ir FANTASTIC EBay store Quilt Taffy that is brimming with kits, patterns, jelly rolls, charm packs, fabrics and on and on and on which then led to this arriving in my mailbox licikity splicity….great customer service ladies!


I am pleased to introduce you to Boogie who is one lucky pup living with my friend Beth and her husband. Even luckier because he gets to go to school with her and hang out with her students. Sleeping on backpacks is oneDSCN0315[1] of his favorite spots . Are you looking at me?? Woozers those are some blue eyes..sorry Boogie I couldn’t get that blue out!

I would like to thank you all for the very special comments and emails welcoming our new bundle of joy. Your friendship means so much. You guys are the best. Happy Thursday everyone!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Hearts Are Full

Early this morning (4:05 to be exact) we got the call that it was time. I threw on some clothes and rushed over to stay with Little Po031lka Dot. So exciting and nervous all rolled up together, but with my DIL’s mom keeping me informed it was just a matter of waiting! Well at 8:30 a.m. our sweet baby Caleb Joshua was born. Baby, mom, and dad are all doing fine! Here he is sleeping so sweetly on his mama. Those chubby little baby cheeks, so sweet and we hear there is a possible sighting of TWO dimples. He just had to outdo his big brother. He chowed down right away…so he definitely is one of us!!

Papa, Little Polka Dot and myself had to go have a look see in person, but not before we took care of some very important business. You probably have heard we are having some wild weather here in California, and our wild weather turned to snow early this morning. So Papa and L025ittle Polka Dot had some fun in the snow. So sweet, when he saw the snow out the window he said oooooooooooooooo! He was so excited and had his rain boots on .

Off to the hospital we went. Little Polka Dot had to stay in the waiting area with his other grandma…….no little visitors anymore because of the Swine Flu. There was our sweet family, I was just overcome with emotion and we are so grateful that all went well. Mom and dad were just beaming and little Caleb was sleeping so snug on his mom. His mama looked beautiful and hard to believe she just had a baby! The nurse came to bathe him, and wouldn’t you know it, but it was a quilting friend. She was so gentle with him, answering all our questions, and of course getting a bit of quilt talk in!!!

Life is good………..and you know more pictures to follow!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


My Churn Dash t019op is done……CHECK..ok, so it’s only 16 X 20, but it’s done and so cute. My piecing abilities are a bit in question, but nothing that a little practice can’t correct!! I just love it and now I think I’m on to something…SMALL QUILTS….. I can actually get them done. 018

Two of my 020next options……both small so why not do both!

Here’s a real finish..pieced by a friend041, quilted by a friend and I put the binding on. Perfect on my table and chocked full of friendship!!

We are still on baby watch or waiting I should say. Little Polka Dot is coming for a play day tomorrow and we can’t wait. Wednesday we have a visit with our girl and some sight seeing in her neck of the woods, then Thursday and Friday a visit from some long time quilty friends.

Feels so good to be back to getting something accomplished…now to keep the ball rolling. Happy week everyone!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thoughts And Prayers

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all those in Haiti. So many lives lost and so many suffering. Such an enormous's just hard to wrap your mind around it all.

Mary Anne at Moombeams In A Jar came upon this wonderful site....Craft Hope, and in Mary Anne's words, "a blog hosted by 3 gals who organize crafters to benefit all sorts of good causes." They busily put together an Etsy site to help the people of Haiti, and we all have an opportunity to help by either purchasing items from them, or donating items. 100% of the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders. Thanks Mary Anne for passing the word. Off now to do some shopping!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Inch By Inch, Stitch By Stitch…I Am Determined!!!

 013 I’m in need of some quilting time, so I decided this mini churn dash would do the trick and I could whip it right out…some piecing001some  trimming……..002 some laying out……

003 some more piecing….progress is slow, but progress is progress!!!!

The week has been fun and tonight is my sit and sew night and there is a binding just waiting to be done!!!

I have had several emails about where to get the wooden cars we painted at the baby shower.  Info to follow when I hear from our hostess.048 Here’s my wonderful sister in law and sweet niece showing their models.  Love them both so much and that sweet niece of mine is graduating from college  in a few months…..WE ARE OVER THE MOON PROUD OF HER,  and can’t forget her brother who is graduating from High School…again OTM PROUD OF HIM!!!!  There’s going to be some major celebrating going on!!!!   Happy mid week bloggers:-)!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Good Quilty Week…..and ahhhhh …A Baby Shower!

Such a good quilty week. Tuesday my weekly breakfast with my quilty friends Evelyn and Carol….Wednesday night , weekly sit and sew---my cheeks hurt from laughing…..Friday night a quilty dinner exchange!!! Last January another friendship group I meet with, decided we would pick names and take a year to make a quilt for the person we picked. Friday night was our dinner and quilt reveal, and wow, the quilts were wonderful. Here’s a peek at some of the beauties and the butterfly quilt is MINE!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the oh so pretty quilt Lillie…I love it and it is so beautifully made. Fourteen quilts exchanged in more pictures to follow!

Today was Baby Polka Dots shower and was so, so, so, so much fun. My DIL has a car theme in the boys room, and her friend Adrianna who hosted the shower ordered wooden cars for all of us to paint. It was so much fun to sit and paint and visit, and of course lots of eating was happening too. And finally a chance to use my wonderful cupcake stand that my friend Lani gave me!! This little guy got a HUGE pile of cutie patottie outfits. He is going to be one stylin’ little guy! Sixteen more days and Little Polka Dot becomes a big brother! So much in the moment not many pictures taken

I am so grateful for all my wonderful quilty friends and so grateful for the wonderful family and friends that made the shower so special for our sweet mommy and her baby to be!! Happy week everyone!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hold On To Your Hats…..Tech Support Here!!!!

Me giving anyone computer help is at the very least hysterical…in fact I know Sharon is probably crying she is laughing so hard. To start off my computer knowledge is itsy bitsy, and what I know my girl has taught me, Sharon has helped me with as well as fellow bloggers. I just stumbled upon this quick way to post totally by accident….so here goes.mosaic6ee9a802e4af31492e6edb00e5acf718297fb132

A quick way to do a post with pictures….. On my computer this bar pops up when I turn it on. I clicked on the camera icon and then clicked the box below the camera icon. Up popped all my photos. The bar above the photos says “make” which I clicked and then up pops make a blog post!!! What ….are you kidding…whoohoo, sorry back to business. It walks you through inputting your blog name and then up pops my blank background all ready to write a post on. On the side bar there are lots of inserts you can do…pictures which I added in a blink of an eye. AMAZING….Then at the upper left hand corner is an icon that says Publish….and whamo, bamo my post was done. I can’t believe how fast. Sorry for not knowing the correct computer lingo!!! It has spell-check and all the other neato stuff to jazz up your post. This is all done off line, and when you publish it sends it to your blog.

Hopefully this makes sense!!! It is so fast I’m thinking I have no excuses for not blogging now!!!!! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Testing, Testing!!!

This is so exciting!!!! I found this program on the computer that I think will make writing and adding pictures to my blog so much easier!!! So I am doing a test and couldn’t help but use Little Polka Dots picture, and that’s his cousin Beth!!! She has taken some wonderful pictures of our little guy….so nice that we have one of her and him!! Ok, off to see how this test works out.

Happy Tuesday everybody!!!!