Friday, April 29, 2011

Christmas Through The Year Finish

It’s so hard to believe that it’s the end of April..time is just going too fast.  I barely made the end of the month deadline but I did it, and here is 013
my finish for April…two snowmen runners. You can check here on Allie’s blog to see what others have made.  I am so excited about this fact I have my pompoms raised and I’m doing high kicks!! Trust me---this is a very scary sight! You don’t have to join each month, just when you can, and by the time Christmas rolls around you’ll have some gifts made ahead of time.  Here’s Allie’s explanation of why she started the club.  OK, my arms are tired…pompoms down :-)!
I have started on my Charlevoix quilt..log cabin blocks.  I have two more  go rounds of lights, and two more go rounds of some cute applique in some blocks.  I just love this fabric.  After I’m off the computer I am back to working on it!

I enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding while working on my blocks.  So beautiful and uplifting.  But then thoughts turn to those in the South dealing with the aftermath of such devastating weather.  The enormity of it all is just so hard to comprehend.  Prayers to all involved.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday

Feel free to join Allie and myself on sharing what is tickling you!

I have a lot to be tickled about today.  Last week was a fun filled week..not much quilting but other fun stuff!  Each Wednesday evening I sew with a crazy group of ladies…fun crazy!!   I was lucky enough to join this group a couple years ago and what a wonderful support group.  We all get handed bumps in life, and to have this group to go to just makes it a whole lot easier. Saturday was a day spent sewing with the Quilts of Valor group.  Here's a couple quilts that will be sent out as soon as they are done.

Then there is this sweet gift from a friend.031   It’s a magnetic box for needles with plenty of room for scissors and thread!  LOVE IT!!!  I was gifted with this pretty jelly rol030l!!        Can’t wait to find the perfect project for this!  I have so much I should be doing..for one thing get my Christmas Through The Year April project done.  I know what I’m doing, just need to etch out the time.  Allie is getting us all organized for Xmas 2011…..BUT…….this is calling032 my name!!  I’m making this up in the next couple’ll see..I’m gonna surprise you!!!

It’s good to be Tickled Pink!!!  Happy Tuesday everyone.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday

My friend Beth sent me this list .....too funny!!! I'll definitely be
using some of them. Happy Tickled Pink Tuesday everyone.

SENIORS TEXTING CODE...             
ATD-At The Doctors
BFF-Best Friend Fell.
BTW-Bring the Wheelchair.
BYOT-Bring Your Own Teeth.
FWIW-Forgot Where I Was.
GPBL-Gotta Go Pacemaker Battery Low.
GHA-Got Heartburn Again.
IMHO-Is My Hearing-Aid On.
LMDO-Laughing My Dentures Out.
OMMR-On My Massage Recliner.
OMSG-Oh My! Sorry, Gas.
ROFLACGU-Rolling On Floor Laughing And    Can't Get Up.
TTYL-Talk To You Louder

Saturday, April 16, 2011

FNSI Success!

Another Friday Night Sew-In come and gone, but I am so happy to say my last 001four blocks are pieced.  Whewwwww!  Have to hand to it Fat Quarter Shop. The patterns for this BOM were so well written and easy to follow.  My piecing, well it may not be the best, but as my friend Deb use to say, ‘if you are holding your quilt up and someone gallops by on their trusty steed it is going to look perfect!'’  Next step, getting the quilt together.  Thanks again to Heidi and Bobbi for hosting
Before I started sewing Friday night I organized my sewing desk drawer a bit003.  When I was out shopping Monday with my girl, we went to IKEA and I found these drawer organizers that were the perfect size for my sewing desk……still looks messy I know, but compared to where it started….PERFECTION!

The next couple days will be filled with housework, so not much sewing will be happening, but next week....lots of fun planned!  Happy weekend everyone.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

FNSI…..A Plan Is Hatched!

Tomorrow night is our Sew-In night and if you want to join in you can sign up here.  I just checked, and there are 120 sign ups, so looks like tons of sewing will be happening tomorrow night. Thanks again Heidi and Bobbi for hosting.
Here’s where my plan hatching comes in…………….004  these are my done blocks for the Designer BOM for 2009, and here are the not done005 blocks. Today I am
    getting them cut out and my plan is to piece them together Friday night.
Jen mentioned this really fun Santa Sack Swap on her blog and I just had to join might want to check it outsanta sack both.
Cheryll at Gone Stitchin' is hosting. Sign-ups are till the end of this month.

Happy Thursday I go to cut my blocks out!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday

 Allie and I have a few things that have Tickled us, so please
join in if you like!!   I am very tickled here….very, very tickled.  I am just back from spending two full days with my girl.  That involved shopping, eating and going to the movies.  We saw Your Highness....FUNNNNNY!!!  Here’s a picture of some of the eating.  This was my girls HUGE shrimp burrito from the Coyote Cafe in Old Town San Diego….  one of our favorite places.    Then today the Dots and their mom and dad flew in to the airport in San Diego,back from their trip to North Carolina.  It couldn’t have worked out any better.  We met up with them for lunch at Seaport Village so Auntie got to have a visit with the boys.011  Big Dot had fun chasing the pigeons while we ate…met a new friend while we were there too, or as he would say my “best friend”.  Whenever he meets a new kid it’s always his best friend!!010   Little Dot chowed down and laughed at his brother!!!!014
Then there was some time to ride the carousel…that’s Auntie with Big Dot, Mom and Little Dot.  Dad and I stood and waved as they went round and round and round! Only thing missing was Papa…but we will definitely do this again with him along.
  Sewing and quilting for me….hmmm, zip, nada, none, ZERO!!!  But this Friday is Friday Night Sew-In hosted by Heidi and Bobbi….so if your feeling the urge join in Heidi has Mr. Linky up and waiting for your name!
I do have a couple new patterns calling me, but 018 again there are quite a few unfinished things calling me too.  My Fat Quarter Shop Designer BOM 2009, yes 2009 …. now that would be  a good project to get finished!!!   Wishing your all a very Tickled Pink Tuesday :-) !

Saturday, April 9, 2011

And The Winner Is……..

Mary of Quilt Hollow!!!!  Congratulations Mary.  Please email  me your address and your Spring Topper and goodies will be in the mail.  Thanks for all the nice comments and emails.
I have Spring Fever….Spring sewing fever.  010 012
I finished up this cute little chickie quilt and right now I’m working on this tumbler bunny runner.  Yes Spring is in the air….well it was in the air006 .  This is what we woke up to this morning.    Crazy California weather.005 There’s the Dots little jungle gym frozen out in the corner of the backyard!   Happy weekend everyone.  I’m off to make some hot chocolate!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


 002 It’s been a long time since I’ve done a giveaway so I’m thinking it’s about time.  All you need to do is leave a comment and you will be entered in a drawing for this Egg Topper….plus some top secret extras!  I will draw the winner on Saturday morning!!  International bloggers welcome to join in.
Blogging has brought me so many wonderful friends and lots to help keep me inspired, clubs to keep me on track with my goals, and always friends along the way to offer encouragement and support.  I feel so lucky to part of this wonderful community of crafty people and that's a whole lot to be Tickled about on this Tickled Pink Tuesday!! Happy Tuesday everyone.