Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How you doin'..........

I am doin' just fine........sitting by the pool, nothing to do because today is my first day of RETIREMENT!!! I am sure this is where you will find me every morning - NOT!!! Hey, there's a grand baby to be held and quilts to be made....I am still a few behind on my Christmas project of the month quest!!! The Tuesday morning ladies gave me a wonderful send off yesterday with a very yummy spread and this pretty bouquet of flowers. Then John took me out for a celebration dinner, Mexican food of course!! We talked over the day and started making some plans for an upcoming trip...his retirement is coming very soon also!!

I got a call from Megan last night asking if I could come over in the morning....yipeee!!!!!!!! No better way to spend the first day of retirement..spoiling little guy! Then our girl will be home Thursday for 4 great days. Friday she invited me to tag along with her and her friend for a shopping trip to IKEA...I don't know what it is about that place, but I LOVE IKEA!!!!!! And I almost forgot I have a class I am taking on Thursday evening with some quilting buddies, so I think I am going to handle this retirement thing quite nicely!

Again, not much quilty for me, but others around me have been very quilty!!! A beautiful grandmothers flower garden quilt that was gifted to our customer Debra; Debra's Trip Around the World; Debra's dragon quilt; Nurse Carol's wonderful Miss Rosie's quilt; Evelyn's hand pieced stars-what a beauty; close up of Evelyn's hand pieced stars; Jennifer's pretty quilt; hey, there's grandpa with baby polka dot!; Nurse Carols' Orange Crush quilt from the Quiltville Mystery Quilt series-love it! My picture on this one really didn't turn out very well. In person it really doesn't read Orange!!! Love the mosaic pictures, but I am still trying to figure out the settings. One of these days I'll know what I am doing :-)!! The whole set enlarges very nicely if you click on the photos!

Now I am off to have some quality time with my grandson. Hope everyone has a wackadoodle Wednesday and that you have some quilty stuff going on in your world!! See you later alligators!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mail out, mail in.........

Today I finally got my cupcake swap partner Tammy's, packaged mailed. Only two days late.....but then my package from her arrived...WOWIE!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of cupcake goodness. Cute polka dot, rick rack and cupcake apron; a wonderful cupcake card with polka dot hankie; cupcake pincushion; chocolates and a very sweet Brighton cupcake charm. Tammy how did you know I have a Brighton charm bracelet?.....and a very sweet quilted square commemorating the swap (I'm hanging that in my sewing room!); some wonderful Lakehouse cupcake charm squares and cupcake fabric; a very sweet tea towel - that I will definitely heed the advice it has on it, and Baby Luke......hey what's Baby Polka Dot doing there??? You know I had to sneak a picture in!! Thanks Tammy for all the wonderful thoughtful swap goodies and thanks Sharon for coordinating the swap!!

I have nothing quilty to report. I finished up Tammy's swap items and then I have had a few bindings to finish up. Today I got to go over and have some grandma time with Baby Luke, so mom could get some rest. We had a great time together. He is such a snugglebug, and even though we were helping mom out, it did me a lot of good too!!!!

I have a great new word I am going to start using...wackadoodle!!! I was watching Project Runway, and one of the designers was using wackadoodle to describe something...wackadoodle certainly will fit quite nicely in to my life. I have lots of wackadoodle things going on, and I think just saying wackadoodle can turn a bad situation in to something quite funny!!!

The plan for tomorrow...something quilty for the soul :-)!!! Or perhaps some more snuggle time with you know who! Friday is breakfast and girlie time with my girl. I miss her badly. It's been a couple weeks and we have tons to talk about! Hope that you are all having a wackadoodle good time and getting some wonderful projects done!! See you later alligators!
UPDATE!!! Bonnie at Calamity Janes is having a giveaway....a really, really, cute Fall purse! Don't forget to leave a comment over at her blog to be entered in the drawing!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

And The Winner is.........................

Wow, my basket is filled to the brim with entries.....and now to throw the names in to the random name picker generator...... sorry about the lighting, Checkers refused to work under those conditions! Ok, now back to the winner.....drumrolll please and the winner is ................... Bonnie over at Calamity Janes. Congratulations Bonnie and an email is on it's way to you. Thanks to everyone for playing along. Now I have a list of tons of new blogs to visit!! What a fun way to meet lots of new blogger.

This was just a crazy busy week. Out little guy is doing great and so are mom and dad. That dimple that mom has, well guess what, our guy has one on the same side! I had fun at the purse class and got everything done but the lining. I think whatever you make using Prairie Paisley comes out great. But this bag was really fast and easy...lining to follow! I have also been working on the goodies for my cupcake partner! I can't show much of that yet, but hopefully goodies will be in the by Monday, especially since that is the deadline. All this working on cupcake goodness has me thinking cupcakes or better yet chocolate. I scoured the house in hopes of finding some chocolate, but no luck, until......well helllllllllllllllllo Kitty!!! Desperate times call for desperate measures...yumo!!!

Not much quilty going on for me, so I will leave you with a couple pictures of a couple binding jobs I have done. The one on the left is Nurse Carol's and Jan's on the right. Great job as usual ladies!!!
Now right in the middle of writing this post my font went to small. What the heck??!! Then when I went to Blogger Dashboard it is in small font also....again what the heck??!!
Oh no, maybe the eyes are going. They say that's whay happens you know and then.....well everything starts going!!! OK, enough blabbing from me. See you later alligators!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


What a great response to my GIVEAWAY!! There is still time to enter..the drawing won't be till Saturday. It is so much to find a bunch of new blogs. My intention was to reply to each entry, but please know you are all entered, and like I said if you mention the give away on your blog you are entered 3 times!!

Not much quilting going on here. I did manage to finish my second Designer Mystery Block of the Month....I am really enjoying these block, and yesterday block three came, yipee!! Also BL (before Luke!!), I was the very lucky winner of a cute bag from Sharon. Love, love, love the colors and look at the sweet little polka dotted chicken pin-CUTE!!! Great fabrics I might add! The other night I was poking around on the blogs and ran across a bunch of posts about what are your some of your favorite quilting tools. Thought I would share some of mine. Love my needle threader and when I was out and about I found this really cute wooden base to stick it on. Doing all the bindings it makes it really handy to use. The creative grid 4 l/2 by 12 l/2 is one of my favs. Again, doing bindings, I like the size and use the 45 degree angle line for joining the end of my binding pieces to make a perfect joint that you can't even tell on the front where the start and end is! The little silver scissors, my absolute FAVORITE. It has a little hook on one tip for ripping out. My friend Gayle gave me these when I started quilting and they are always beside my machine! Thought I lost them in my recent sewing room redo, but last Saturday I found them!!!! Like finding an old friend. The gold stork can you not love them, they are too stinkin cute and my thimble - WONDERFUL!! It's by TJ Lane and it is the best fitting thimble I have ever found. Very light weight and thin, you don't even know you have it on. Now for a really odd favorite tool.....our upstairs banister! There is an open span of about 78 inches. It is the perfect place for measuring a quilt for borders.

Some fun mail again. Our very own Nan, who soon will be starting her own online pattern business, sent me one of her patterns. I can't wait to whip one up with Luke's name on it. Two different sizes and it uses charm squares. CUTE! Way to go Nan. You are going to do so good. I am proud of you :-)!!

Today I am taking a purse class---I am excited. I haven't taken a class in ages and hope I remember how to behave. I also will be visiting our sweet baby, and mom and dad are going to go out for lunch and I get to hand out with baby! .I am one excited grandma. Tonight we are goingl to see an Angel Game..go red!!!! And once again I must leave you with some babu Polka Dot's our boy with his Auntie!
Hope your week is going well with some crafting going on. See you later alligators!
BLOGGY UPDATE!!! Check out Doe's post of 8/13. She has made the most beautiful quilt using one of Moda's free patterns.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's my 1 year blogiversary.....and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I started my blog! It was a year ago May that my Silly Lil' Friend told me about her blog. I never even knew all the quilting/crafting blogs existed. In fact I think it took her a few times telling me about them, and then one evening I was up late with nothing to do so I checked out her blog...........well, you all know the rest! First Doe's site was, so stinkin cute!! Then as she instructed, "click on the blogs that I have listed on my sidebar"....hmmm, there are some cute names there!!!! Well she had me at Pam Kitty Morning and Chookyblue!!! OK, now I was TOTALLY hooked, and then it went on and on and on and on...... I know you have all been there! Now with my Silly Lil Friend and Miss Red Geranium pushing me from behind, it took me a few more months to take the plunge. My daughter was home for a weekend and I showed her blogland and she said OK, mom, let's make you a blog!!! I Wonder Undered my polka dot fabric, and hot glued on some rick rack, my girl scanned it in and somehow printed on my Polka Dots and Rick Rack title. Oh so was all as clear as mud to me!! I really never used the computer, except to email some friends. My learning curve was HUGE and at times I just didn't think I would ever get the hang of it. But with much coaching (and I mean MUCH) from Doe, some very late night technical support from Sharon, and my daughter always on call, I have muddled through. Thanks guys....and I haven't even had any sideways pictures since that first month! I am still learning though. I was having trouble with my flickr badge a couple weeks ago, and have had a Flickr Tech working with me through email to figure it out.....who would know that the REFRESH button had so much power!!!!! If only that would work in real life.

So down to business here!!! GIVEAWAY! A while back Nicole whipped up a couple of these sweet little polka dot girls for for my blogiversary giveaway and I had to have one of course...... this sweet little bundle of fabric by Little Quilts (got these from quilt market last year), a package of John James Pebble needles (love John James needles), and some pins with the cutest little button heads!! Let me know that you have mentioned my giveaway on your blog, and I will enter you two extra times (total of 3)!!! I will be picking the winner next Saturday. Thanks to one and all for the wonderful year of friendship. I can't believe all the creative people out there and how supportive and kind everyone is!!

Being a new grandma and all, it would be really, really unforgivable if I didn't include a picture. So here you go, some more baby Polka Dot goodness!! Here's our boy with great grand mom and great granddad, my husbands parents! Ok, have I driven you all crazy yet???!!! This week it is back to some quilting.I have a few bindings to get done, plus a couple of my own and then I need to finish up my cupcake swap gifts. Hope you all have a really great week. See you later alligators!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

A big old giant THANK YOU!!!!

Yep a big old giant THANK YOU to all of you! All your wonderful thoughts and comments mean so much to our whole family. When I visited our sweet family yesterday I told them, and they could not believe that all these kind comments came from all over the world. I have printed them all out and all you will become a part of our little guys baby book. I have listed all the places everyone is from and how wonderful to look back and see all the kind people that welcomed him in to the world. As if crying happy tears for him being here wasn't enough, you guys all made me cry some more...but again happy tears!!

The three of them are all GREAT!!!! They probably will be coming home tomorrow - YEAH!!! Mom is amazing. The girl is just taking Tylenol. Even the nurses are amazed! She is up and walking, not running a race, but moving around and beaming from ear to ear. Watching her with Luke is so wonderful...she is a natural mom. Daddy is doing great also. He has been staying in the room with his two, taking care of them both and has been changing diapers like crazy...such a proud dad and I just get all weepy when I see the three of them together. It is so amazing. Yesterday I took them lunch and a change of clothes for dad. They hadn't expected to be there as long as they have. So of course I was happy to do both, knowing that I would get to hold baby Luke!!! He is such a sweet little guy, and sleeping a whole lot right now. But I suppose that will change. They can't wait to get him home! Well I am off again to get ready for a lunch time visit and take my furry grand dog back over to her house! Again, words don't even seem enough to thank all of have no idea how much all your comments mean to all of us. (((HUGS))) See you later alligators!!!! PS - doesn't he have the cutest nose??!!! Sorry, couldn't help myself :-)!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here's our sweet little man.......

August 5th, 8 a.m......the day begins! Our kids so excited and ready to welcome there sweet baby Luke! You never know how things will go. Labor was long...she had actually started having labor pains the day before. Much later in the day (9 p.m.), mom developed a fever and it was decided that Baby Luke would be born Cesarean Section. So off they went...our sweet family and the rest of us waiting patiently (NOT!!!!). There were some complications in the O.R. Megan's blood pressured dropped, but after some very stressful moments for the two of them it was stabilized and sweet Baby Luke made his appearance!! We are so, so, so, so proud of Megan. The day she had was long and hard!! She hung in there and her focus was getting sweet baby Luke born! And our son by her side being such a loving and supportive amazing to watch the day unfold.
Born at 10:38 p.m. on 8-5, weighing 8 pounds and 5 ounces, and 20 inches long with a very healthy cry!! Another scare though..right after the picture on the left was taken Megan's blood pressure shot up to 168....worry, worry, worry...but the doctors and nurses sprung in to action and quickly (have to say it seemed like forever) stabilized her. Daddy and Luke go off to the baby boy becomes a dad right before my eyes .....
...and today, baby Luke, Daddy and grandpa..three generations. and ....yipeeeeeee I'm a grandma!!!! He has stolen all our hearts...the best feeling I could have ever imagined! Some of my photos were blurry and didn't come out.... but not to worry more to follow :-)!!! Life is good and we are very grateful that mom and baby are doing so well and grateful for our new sweet little guy!! Thanks for all your wonderful comments and emails. What support and friendship....amazing! See you later alligators!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Here we go........

Tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. the mommy and daddy to be will be checking in to the hospital and the rest of us will be waiting with excitement and anticipation for the arrival of our sweet baby. With some minor contractions happening today, the doctor has decided tomorrow is the day and with some encouragement (inducing), we are hopeful tomorrow will be the BIG DAY!!

My mind is racing.....I have taken quite a few pictures since my last post and had some real gems to talk about, but frankly right now there is just no focusing on anything but what lays ahead. After a few late hour phone calls tonight from some close friends who always know the rights words to say, we are all feeling wrapped in love and support!!!

So with a heart full of joy, and thoughts of our wonderful family, I am off to try to get some sleep. Wishing and hoping for an easy time for our Megan and baby, and daddy Matt also!!! I can hardly wait to open my eyes for the day to begin :0)!!! See you later alligators!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Not Yet!

No baby yet!! Mommie and I spent part of the day Wednesday at a beautiful outdoor mall shopping, walking, eating lunch and having a great visit together. We had gone to the mall to return a baby food processor/cooker that she had received as a gift. She had heard that the plastic in the bowl where the food is processed is the "bad" plastic, but we were happy to find out from the manager at Williams Sanoma that that was not the case. So we managed to do a little retail therapy and lots of chatting. Lots of chatting about BABY!! Thursday a friend of mine begged me to go shopping, OK it was totally my idea, so more retail therapy was happening!!!!

Last night I finished this Christmas quilt for Luke. This fabric just cracks me up. 12 Dogs Days of Christmas from the Happy Howlidays line from Moda. The border fabric says things like Happy Howlidays", "Very Hairy Christmas" and We Woof You A Merry Christmas!! ROLF - Ok, I am very simple and very easily amused :-)!!!! I have my second Designer BOM cut and ready to go and I plan to finish that today. Also I thought I would share this quilt with you. It was made by my friend Jan. I really love this quilt. The picture isn't that great (operator malfunction!), but boy it's a beauty.

Since Wednesday was the day we were convinced the baby was coming I was all full of excitement and anticipation and just couldn't get to sleep. I was up hopping around on the blogs VERY LATE and thought I would list some things of interest that I came across.

*May Britt is having a giveaway for her 2 year blogiversary
*Helen is hosting the Stitchers Angel Swap. I have been
seeing this badge on other blogs and finally decided to
check it out. Wow this is going to be a fun swap!
*T at Purple and Paisley is on vacation but her dad is
her guest blogger. Start back to the beginning of the
week and check out his posts. Very creative and funny
with lots of good quilty related items tucked in!
*Nanette at Freda's Hive has the most wonderful
Parcheesi quilt on her blog complete with some wonderful applique tips.
*Kim at Kims Big Quilting Adventure.. all I can say is you have to read her post
from Wednesday 7-30. And like she warns, make sure you are not drinking
anything when you read it!!! Talk about funny :-)!
...and I won the cutest bag over at Sharon's for being the 6,000 person to comment on her blog ......6,000 comments, now that is pretty darn amazing!
Lastly, a sweet picture of the baby cute!!!
So now it's back to baby watch, or wait for us. Are you as shocked as I am that it's August? Hope that everyone has a great weekend with some quilting tucked in here and there. See you later alligators ! PS: My blogiversary is August 10th and there will be a give away !!!