Tuesday, May 31, 2011

By The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin….and I am Tickled Pink!!!

It’s the end of the month and last night I realized I hadn’t made my Xmas present for the month for Allies Clubchristmasthroughtheyearbutton ……………………

then I remembered ..kitchen towels!!!!  I made a few of these a couple years ago, and I knew up in the sewing cupboard there were some cut out just waiting to be 003finished!!  So a very fast buttonholing job, some primitive stitching and buttons and bells and they were done…whewwww, that was a close call.  I am loving this club.  Just knowing I have presents made ahead is so nice. The club is open every month and you just join in when you can.  There is also a giveaway each month to one lucky person, so what are you waiting for??  Check out what projects were made  here for this month.  I am definitely Tickled Pink that I got my monthly project done!!!!  Happy mid week everybody.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Camp Report!!

Getting pictures loaded has not been working..I’m sure it’s me, but instead of a bunch there will just be some!!!015   The views…..so pretty!004
The gardens and facility……wonderful!!
Twenty five happy quilters working away in this room…and across the hall twenty five more taking a class with Eleanor Burns009 ………………………
Radiant Star.018 017
021 010
so many pretty projects being made…sorry again about the picture thing!!  My mosaic maker isn’t cooperating. It’s fun to go back and meet up with camp buddies and pick up where we left off028 ….this is my friend Annie.  She works for Eleanor at Quilt In A Day, and we are best buddies!  I’m sending you big hugs Annie!
I worked on some half started things…..024

I woke up Tuesday morning at camp  thinking I would have this pumpkin done by 2 p.m.  Notice those itty bitty 1 inch squares!!!  Got a bit bored of that but I did finish half.032  The rows are now all together for my Designer BOM for 2008..it just needs the outer border..I am so excited about this!!!

Finished this pumpkin topper that I started at fall camp, and made this really easy Halloween035
topper.  It’s  an Atkinson Design pattern so you know there were great directions!!  I have never met an Atkinson Design pattern I didn’t like :-)!!!  It felt so good to get some things accomplished!!!    Bottom line is camp was SO MUCH FUN.  We sewed, we ate (yummy food), and shared so much.  Connected with some old friends and made some new ones!  I highly recommend going to quilt camp…..and RB,  here’s a special shout out to you from the late night sewers:-)!!!!  Happy weekend everyone!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thank Goodness For FNSI!!

003It’s so nice to know that one night is set aside each month to sew with all our bloggy friends and to keep on track with some goals…………………

001sewing machine organizer complete!  I had to really zoom in on this so all the chaos wasn’t showing :-)!
Pillowcases for Carol complete and in the mail.  Now to come up with my Christmas present for Allie’s Christmas Club.
004 There’s only one thing this picture means…packing for quilt camp.  Bright and early Monday I’m out the door.  Think I have about 15 UFO’s packed….wonder if that will get me through the four days.  And not only is my Fat Quarter Shop Designer BOM for 2009 going, but the Fat Quarter Shop Designer BOM for 2008!!!!!  I’m so excited to meet up with camp buddies and get our quilt on, and lots of chatting of course.  So have to say I am very Tickled Pink about this.

I wanted to share this wonderfulforever%20may%20she%20wave%20005[1] patriotic quilt that my friends Chris and Karen made.  The pattern will be available here next week and possibly some kits.   It measures 53 X 75 . The perfect quilt to make in time for the 4th of July!
Back to packing for camp. You better believe my next post will have TONS of quilty photos!  Happy weekend everyone.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some Pretty Views……..

Time away at the beach……..a visit with our girl and her guy and some putt putt golf……..
007 haven’t putt putted in years….it was so much fun.  Tomorrow night is  Friday Night Sew-In. FNSIButton  Sign ups here.  Thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for hosting.
I have a couple things going that I want to work on……012
a mat for under my sewing machine using these fabrics and some pillowcases013 using these fabrics for Carol’s pillowcase project…..and only four more sleeps till quilt camp….that should help with some quilt production!

The Dots are coming to play tomorrow, so I think I better get to bed! Happy Friday everyone.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not Much To Report!

There just hasn’t been much progress on the sewing front, but I will show  you the little I have accomplished……002 this snazzy little roll turns into


      this snazzy holder for Big Dots fancy, dancy roll up crayons!!
We are headed out for a getaway for a few days and a change of scenery, not to mention to be close to our girl and spending time with her.  I’ll be missing Tickled Tuesday but wanted to share a couple early tickles.  First …………….001
that sweet poochie Buster belongs to my pincushion partner Carol, and there's a pretty quilt she made from a pattern featured in the magazine a while back.  If you pick up the June/July Quick Quilts that’s where you will find this cute picture.  Then our very own Pam Kitty has a AWESOME brand new spankin line of fabric coming out, and it was just previewed at Spring Quilt Market…….bursting with bloggy pride for her!  Don’t forget this Friday, May 20th is FNSIButtonour monthly sew-in hosted by Heidi and Bobbi.  Sign ups are here.  Just checked and there are over 100 signed up.  A great way to set aside some “ME” sewing time.  Wishing you all a very happy week!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday………

hint, hint…….LAUGH, DANCE!!!!!
It was a great Tickled Pink Tuesday.  My girl got the three of us standby tickets for The Ellen Show…we were there bright and early this morning to check in and we knew there was a chance we weren’t getting in, but we went for it.  There was shopping close by and then a wonderful lunch.  Checking back in at 2:30 we found out……YIPEEEEEEEE, we made it in.  The guests….Taylor Swift (man can that girl sing), John Hamm from Mad Men, NeNe Leakes for The Atlanta Housewives and the Apprentice.  Lots of dancing happening in between guests and so much laughing.  Then a bonus taping after our show was over……..ROB LOWE!!!!011    Also some wonderful gifties…Taylor Swift’s new CD, a $100.oo gift card to CVS pharmacy and Rob Lowe’s new book.  All good and wonderful, but my favorite part was spending the day with my two best girls.  I’m a very, very lucky mom!!

Sooooooo, if your feeing tickled about somethin' join Allie and myself and play along!!  Happy week everybody.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday…a Day Late!

002  All  my log cabin blocks are done and now the sweet part.  Adding cherries, leaves and backstitched stems to the centers of 13 blocks.  For some of you that would be fast, but when it comes to stitchery I am slower than molasses!!! Lovin’ these blocks.

  Last night I was visiting blogs and Carol of Brown Quilts has a post about her friend and the pillowcase project she has been working on for the Military.  Have a hankie handy, and if you have a bit of time you can help out Carol’s friend by making a couple pillowcases and read a wonderful post of friendship and support.  Happy mid-week everyone