Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back To Reality!

We made it back yesterday afternoon and I made a deal with myself - no blogging till I was unpacked and laundry done! Both missions accomplished. We had a wonderful vacation in Morro Bay, and especially enjoyed the cool weather - mid 60's most days.

The last night we had quite a show. Thunder, lightning and rain. A little noisy in the trailer, but it was really spectacular. It's hard to come back to 106 degrees, but Fall is in sight, right around the corner. Here's a little peek of the view from our campsight. Most of the week we spent lounging (sewing :-)), John golfed and we took some great walks. Tuesday we decided we wanted to go to Hearst Castle and take a tour. Once there we would of had a two hour wait, so we decided to head on up the coast for a drive. It was such a pretty day, we figured we might as well enjoy the sun and catch some rays!! Here we are just hanging out with some of our friends!! I just love these
elephant seals. They have quite the life. On our way back to camp we saw the most amazing thing - a heard of zebra's - I know , I know - where's the picture?? I can just hear Sharon, but by the time we passed by it was too late. We figured they must be from the Hearst Zoo-I'm telling you there were at least 20 - it was quite a sight. John's comment was "how many people get to see a heard of zebra's and a bunch of elephant seals all on the same drive."

Nice to be back home and have all my kids home for dinner tonight. Also, I can't wait to see all the new things in at work. I know those girls have probably changed things around again! :-)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Am I Too Pooped To Post???!!!

NOPE!!! Just back from vacation number 1 and in the midst of getting ready to leave early in the morning and once again I am on the computer. I've got it bad. We had a wonderful time in San Clemente - weather was about 70 degrees and boy I soaked it all in. I even had to wear a sweatshirt one night-yipeeeeeeee!! All the years we've been camping we have met and been next to some pretty interesting people, but this trip is a first. We camped next to Tikidaddy (that's what his license plate said!) He pulled in,in an old van that had bamboo shades over the top part (I know I should have a picuture!)He then unloads 3 five foot tall tiki dudes that he puts out in front of his spot. Have to admit I've never seen that before. Just when we sit down for dinner we hear the sound of a power saw. Well, Tiki Daddy is carving tiki's right in his campsite! Amazing - again sorry but no picture, just imagine in your mind.

I really got a lot of sewing done. Here is a photo of sewing world inside the trailer- have I said I love our trailer? It's so cozy and such a great place to sew. Here I was working on a Lucky Star quilt for the quilt shop. It's out of 30's, reds and blacks -I'm really lovin these blocks!

This is outside sewing world! This is a wonderful quilt made by my friend Carol and I'm putting the binding on it. If only I had thought to turn around and take a picture of Tiki Daddy - I'm sure he was looking over my shoulder wondering what I was doing.

So this is a little glimpse of my week at the beach. John did get some good golfing in and maybe next week when we are at Morro Bay I'll tag along and take some pictures of him golfing. Next weekend technical support is coming home (aka my daughter!!) - this picture thing is still kind of slow for me so I'm hoping for some good coaching! Hope everyone has a great week and I will be checking in next Thursday!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Am I Crazy Or What?!

OK I'm officially crazy. We are leaving for vacation in the morning and what have I been doing all evening - working on getting pictures on my blog AGAIN!! I'm expecting the men in the little white jackets to come to my door at any moment. Have to say things have gone much better tonight however. I haven't even had to call technical support (Sharon)!!! Well enough! I need to finish packing (which means collecting all my sewing stuff together) and get ready for a relaxing week at the beach. I'll be checking back in next Friday. Hope everyone has a great week!:-)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Are You Lying Down?

You might notice that the picture below is sideways ------I have some explaining to do!
OK, so I finally figured out how to get a picture on my blog - well actually I didn't figure it out my wonderful friend Sharon did. We all know how she likes to have a few glasses of wine in the evening with hubby --- I'm following her instructions and low and behold my picture comes out sideways - go figure! I guess after all the wine sideways looks normal! ROFL. No, I have to fess up. We started the day with an early morning call and she walked me thru the picture part on my blog and then suggested I download Picasa. So far, so good. This evening I decide to take a picture and get it up, but for some reason I can't find the file ---- so we are emailing each other back and forth, and thank goodness she finally calls me (about 10pm), and I don't know how but we (and I mean she) finally figures out where in the hell my pictures are. So it's sideways . I just figured everyone was in bed and looking at my blog while laying down! Being new at this I want to be a thoughtful blogger!! I have been working on my Grandmothers Flower Garden blocks for about 3 years - I take them with me on vacation! Thanks Sharon your the best ever!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can You See My Pictures Now??

Ok, so I haven't quite figured the picture thing out (Sharon I promise I'm working on it!) but I will. We are leaving for a 5 day camping trip on Sunday so I've been busy getting ready for the trip. Actually it's not really "camping". We have a wonderful little trailer that I just love - and especially love because we have hookups and I can take my sewing machine!!! A big part of my getting ready is getting all my quilting projects ready, and figuring out how much I can sneak in to the trailer without hubby noticing! A friend of mine got me a really wonderful table to take to sew on that folds up quite nicely, but somehow I will have to sneak it on board! If I was able to post a picture, to the right -------------you would see my wonderful pile of projects just waiting to go. A few Christmas projects, a Lucky Star quilt, a couple bindings to put on for some friends, and a quilt to cut out for my bed. Hopefully soon I will have some pictures. :-)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thanks to one and all!!!

What a wonderful surpise I had when I saw all the comments from everyone. Sharon and Doe sure know how to rally up the troops! Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and making me feel so warm and fuzzy!

I am going to be clueless (I mean pictureless) for a bit. Without my daughter here I'm having a little trouble figuring out the picture part, but I know Donna, Doe and Sharon will give me some tips.

Yesterday was such a wonderful day. First, of course, all of you and your great welcome and then meeting my friend Lani for a day of shopping! Lani and I met in our first quilt class (for both of us) about 25 years ago. Somehow, and we are both fuzzy on this part, we became best buds with the teacher and then I drug my friend Judy in to the mix and we started meeting on a weekly basis at the teachers house. Now we know there were other people in the class, but neither of us can remember how we got from being in class to just the 4 of us -I guess we just voted the others off the island! Well anyway, back to yesterday (boy I'm a rambler!) - at least once a year we meet at a quilt shop in Montrose called Quit n Things, then have Mexican food for lunch and shop at my very most favortie country store ever - Country Classics!!! Love that place --and of course lots of gabbing. Now if I could just show you some pictures -hmmmm! I'm going to be working on that part. Thanks again everyone!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hello Blog World!

Well here I go! At the urging of my good friends Doe and Sharon I'm starting my blog......but more importantly because my daughter is so darn smart and can figure all this stuff out I've gotten
this far. I know very little about computers, but she is teaching me and hopefully before long I'll be off on my own. Now enough about "her" (she said I had to write about myself (gg)! I have been quilting since my kids were very little and I am totally obsessed. Working at a quilt shop has only added to the obsession. Pretty much all my best friends are quilters, what a surprise! Well enough for my first post. Hopefully I did everything right.