Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Quilt Camp……sort of!

We were off camping again…….fun and pretty!   My long time quilting buddy, Lani, lives down the road a bit from camp, so we had ourselves a Quilt Camp day at camp……..FUNNNNN!!!!002   There’s my buddy ….oh look at our messy sewing table.  Oh well, we had the best time and I actually used my sewing machine…..SHOCK!!!!   I decided to work on a couple of  Kim Schaefer’s Calendar quilts.  I have had all the months cut out f015or a few years…. (I am so bad).  July is pieced and fused, buttonholing to happen.  August is partially done019.


Finally some progress in the sewing department!  Lani always comes with goodies010.  Yummy Chocolate Crispy Bars that were really delic and very low in calories.  There were a few more, but we were snacking a bit.  She just got a pile of quilts back from her quilter and  brought some of them along for a trunk show at campmosaic5c2c7467bbd8acebdfa23adcfaaed8858857271f.  The Trip Around The World holds special memories.  When we started quilting together way back in the 80’s there were 4 of us that met every week.  We each selected two fabrics and that’s what’s in that quilt.   Great quilts Lani.

Another favorite day was catching up with our friends Peggy and Rodger who we hadn’t seen in 20 years.  Our daughters met in preschool and were best friends….our families shared lots of fun times.  When the girls were in 4th grade we moved away, and as life goes, life gets busy.  It is so amazing to be back in touch.  It felt like yesterday that we were hanging out!   So funny to think 20 years ago we didn’t even have cell phones. 

I brought along some of my own quilts to bind017 ….again aging nicely in my sewing closet for the past couple years.  Hey wait a minute look at that cute little trailer in the background!  Hold the phone….it’s stinkin’ cute and you know what I’m thinking?   I am really expecting Pam Kitty, or Lori Holt or Nanette to pop out of that thing.   Darn. No. such luck! But that is018 one cute trailer!  We never did get invited over for a look see…but I bet it’s super cute in there!

Now back home and settled in for time with The Dots….missed them like crazy.  We will have lots of playing to get to.    It was very nice to get back to a bit of quilting and to have four bindings021 checked off my to do list! 

So what’s everyone else been up to?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Directionally Challenged!

Yesterday I took a purse class with a friend…..so fun to hang out with her and make a cute purse!009

There’s my directionally challenged thing…. my bunting flags are flying sideways.   Even so,  I love this purse, and it was so fun to make. The outside bottom part is p010ockets all around and here’s a peek at  the inside….MORE POCKETS!!!!   I have fabric cut to do another now that I know what I’m doing!!!

Even though it’s not officially summer here, it sure feels like it.  We have had temps in the high 80’s and The Dots have started swimming 002 lessons…..there’s Big Dot getting arm instructions!!!!  Such a weird glare in my picture.  On the days the boys are here, I cheer on our big guy and papa and Little Dot do the lesson together.  We love our time with the boys so much.

One of these days I will surprise you all and actually get back to quilting, but for now we are enjoying lots of family time, and of course getting ready for the upcoming wedding.  Hugs to you all!