Friday, May 31, 2013

A Bit Of Something!

We are recently back from a week camping at Santee Lakes.  They call it the best backyard in San Diego. The trip started out with us taking a bug along, so there was a few days of laying low and trying to kick the thing, which thankfully we did!!  The Lakes are so pretty, with tons of flat walking trails that I took advantage of.  Golfing close by for Mr. P, and he took advantage of that.  The best part, our girl and her guy were very close by, so there was time spent with them and lots of wedding planning going on.  The biggest woohoo of the trip, my girl and I found my dress for the wedding.  Her guy’s family hosted a wonderful dinner for us so we could meet his whole family.  A great day for sure, and once again more wedding planning!!!!


Of course we had to visit the Zoo, and especially since the new Koala exhibit just opened.  It’s so wonderful and look who we spotted when we were out and about023…….the perfect day to visit all the animals. 

Since we were practically camping right on their doorstep I just had to take some time out to visit one of my favorite quilt shops007 .


It’s one of those shops you go in and you feel like you are going home.  The ladies are always so welcoming and full of quilty enthusiasm.

My last post talking about Mother’s Day I realized I forgot to show this sweet gift from my036 daughter in law.  I love it so much it made me cry!!!   We hit the daughter in law jackpot with her for sure.

So here’s my “bit of something”.   Remember the Charming Girls quilt along??  A couple weeks back I saw on another blog a picture of a quilt from that group that a blogger had completed.  It started me thinking, where was my quilt?!!  Digging through my quilt closet, there it set all done and beautifully quilted by my friends Chris 032

and Karen…..needing binding of course!!  So I took it on vacation and got that job done.  Yesterday I took a bag class and made this super cute ticking bag.033   It has outside pockets on each side, and two giant pocket sections on the inside.034



Complete with a snap closure which I have never used before…..easy peasey to put in, and fast too!!!!!!!

Hope you all have some wonderful plans for the weekend. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Blog Neglected

I have really neglected my blog, but that just means life has been busy……with lots of good things for sure.  The wedding plans are rolling along and the excitement just keeps building each day.  There has been tons of fun with022 The Dots…can you believe they are old enough to drive :-)?,  and a wonderful Mother’s Day happened.  Earlier with my girl.  Her work sent her on a trip to Australia for a couple weeks so she was gone for 012Mother’s day, but before she left we met for a dinner and wonderful homemade scones.   That girl is the best baker…they were delicious.   Mother’s Day afternoon my son and family surprised me with tickets to an afternoon performance of the Beatles Tribute band Rain025 at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood… after breakfast Mr. P. and I were off to the concert.  It was so AMAZING…..they sound exactly like The Beatles.    Not having ever seen then in my youth, this was a huge treat!!!!  I was a Beatles fanatic!


Last summer I posted pictures of  wonderful bird feeders my friend Loretta made out of mason jars and plates.  This is her latest creation.  I love it so much, and so do the birds.

Quilting?????  A big ZERO for me.  Last month I did have a finish……a binding needed to be put 003on this Christmas quilt I made at a camp a couple years ago.

Still plugging away on my Lucky Star quilt…..hopefully to be finished soon!!!  Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!