Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2,5000 Miles Of Fun

We are back from our Colorado vacation and what a great time we had....now back to reality and laundry!!! We saw so many great sights along the way, beautiful blue sky, Fall starting to show it's colors and SNOW!!!!! Here's a sampling of our great trip.

Mesa Verde National Park........such an amazing place to visit and hike around
On our way to Independence Summit.....natures lesson in contrast. We were probably a week too early for the full show, but nonetheless, the colors were spectacular!
Oh don't even think about throwing that thing!!!!! BRRRRRRR it was cold, even these motorcycle riders were trying to get some shelter from the sleet and snow

So this is part one of our adventure. Either me or blogger are having trouble downloading pictures...most likely me. Think I am rusty after being gone for two weeks. Nice to be back home and now off to the blogs!!! Missed you people!!!!!!!!! See you later gators :-)!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and some quilting!!!

Oh boy, oh boy.....Baby Polk Dot is going to have a little brother!! We are so, so, so, so excited and can hardly wait till January to meet the new little guy. I need to get busy with some new baby quilts!

I have forgotten how wonderful one year olds are. Baby Polka Dot is so much fun and such a little character. He is such great entertainment for grandma and grandpa!! Here's a sweet photo of him and his auntie when she was visiting last week.
I have had a productive few days. Mr. Polka Dot was off fishing in them there hills, so I really dug in and got some things done. Finished my notions caddy.........

.....worked some more on a top secret Xmas project........then
I almost finished an Xmas quilt for a friend. I just need to add the outer borders and it will be off to be quilted. The colors are way out of my comfort zone, but oh so perfect for my special friend. Then I just had to make this sweet Turkey wall hanging. His button eyes will be added after the quilting....Sandy Gervais strikes again!!!! I just can't resist her patterns !!
This week we have a big adventure ahead of us...a getaway to Colorado, and you know some quilt shops will be included in this grand adventure and golfing for Mr. P. I have some handwork all set to go and another Janet Evanovich novel. Looking forward to some beautiful scenery along the way!!!! Happy week to everyone!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


We are back from a great six day stay at the beach, vacationing in the can of course. We were very lucky again to get one of our favorite spots with a great view out the window. (lousy picture...but great view honest!) Despite being a bit humid, the weather was definitely cooler than at home, and we really enjoyed the break from the heat. Our girl spent a couple days with us and we got in some rousing games of Mexican Train...she totally beat us!!

........Got some bindings done

some secret Xmas sewing
done ...........................

Some oh so good reading done . My quilt group talked me in to reading this book and they said once you start reading it you won't be able to put it down. Boy were they right and there are 14 more novels to catch up on!!!

Then I stumbled upon this when I was grocery shopping. How have I missed this one. There's Mary E. right on the cover and choked full of wonderful work spaces of "extraordinary women", one of which is Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree fabrics. Don't know what it is, but I just love to get a peek at others work/sewing spaces and this magazine is AMAZING!!!!!! Right at the beginning the editor writes the most beautiful article about friendship and made me realize how very lucky I am to have such wonderful friends in my life. Friends that put up with me no matter what...and there has been a lot of no matter whats!!!!!

Tons of blogging to catch up on and also time to pick my finishes for the Charming Girls Quilt Club...hmmmmm, I'll have to dive in to the closet of unfinished projects and see what I can come up with. Happy Labor Day everybodyeee!!!!

Charming Girls Quilt Club...Plan For September Finishes

Here's my entries for my September Charming Girls Quilt Club finishes. One easy smeasy and one that will push me a bit, but I really want to get er' done!!!

......this is on it's way to being a cute caddy for all my quilting notions. Not much left to do, but incentive to get it done!

This next one has a bit more work, actually a lot of piecing and pinning.It's an eye spy quilt I started a looooooong time ago and now I want to finish it for baby Polka Dot. Just the inside to finish this month though. My borders are sent out to a friend who is machine embroidering all kinds of cute words on the outer border. Wish me luck!!!!