Monday, March 22, 2010

Her In Florida

We are here in Florida waiting at the hotel ....boarding the ship in about 1 hour. Carol I'm waving at you!!! Our flight was good and the friends we are traveling with are so much fun! There will be stories to tell for sure and pictures to share.

Thought I should do my Charming post in case we have no Internet...all goals accomplished except for finishing my 16 patches...10 more blocks to go. So my April goals will be to finish the whole "Between Friends" quilt. I am hoping to blog along the way!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In & Packing!!!

Tomorrow th_Fridaynight4-Page001night is the Sew-In and I will be working on the “Between Friends” quilt (pattern by Darlene). Tammy has zoomed ahead and will be getting her borders on. I’m still on the 16 patches! Ms. Red Geranium is suppose to be joining us also along with the other participants…….128 when I last checked :-) !

Again thanks Heidi and Bonnie for this monthly event! Tomorrow is packing day for our trip. Call me crazy – in all honestly I have been called much worse ---- anywho, Saturday I am attending an all day sewing event. So I have worked hard all week to be organized for our early getaway Sunday morning. Boy I have an understanding husband….just sayin”! I have had some great play time this week with the little dots. His mom thinks I am helping her out, but honestly I just love getting to spend so much time with them. Hope I'm not driving my daughter in law crazy!!! Ok, that’s it for me. Hope you are having a great week!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Happy dancing go001ing on here…..the Eye Spy quilt top is done. I had planned to work on it for the Friday Night Sew In, but working on it a bit each day, well I just couldn’t stop. feels so good to have this done and I know both of the Little Polka Dots will enjoy it.

Now I’m tackling the 16 patches for Darlene’s “Between Friends” quilt pattern. There will be 35 16 patches and I have 10 pieced but all the rows for others done. This will be a great Friday Night Sew In project. Tammy has her top done except for borders……so Swell!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Polka and I have a big adventure ahead of us. A week from today we leave for a cruise003 to The Panama Canal. This has been in the works for quite a long time and it didn’t really seem real till I got the passports out and suitcases down. Now to figure how to pack 1 suitcase a piece for a 15 day trip. Don’t you just love Mr. Polka Dots duct tape passport cover?!!! We are so excited and going with a great group of friends. We tried to talk Hunka and Ms . Red in to going……seriously, that would have been way too much for one cruise ship!!

Happy week everyone!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy For Our Zombie!!!


Have you heard about Monica….The Happy Zombie???!! She has her very own line of fabric coming out for Lecien called Holiday Happy. It is so stinkin’ cute and so Monica!!! I have been a stalker, I mean follower of hers since I started blogging and her sense of color and creativeness is truly wonderful and so much fun. Here’s a peek……….. 4417974494_f58a696430_b and more info here!!! This yummy fabric is making it’s debut at Spring Market 2010…so very soon. We are all so proud of you Monica!!!

I am rolling along with my March goals…..003 bindings on my two mini’s, one runner, and block 9 of the Fat Quarter Shop BOM……………….. and I am very, very, very, happy to report the last 8 rows on my Eye Spy quilt are pieced004

and ready to be added to the others! I am so excited to see the end of this in sight!

We are still pretty cool here for this time of year, but there are glimpses of Spring popping out .


I love these little blue volunteer flowers! Happy Thursday everyone!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Bit About Vacation …And Bragging About My Friend

My blog is a bit possessed tonight.  I have tried and tried to get my pictures on. Get them on start writing and, poof they vanish…so we shall see how this goes!008










Morro Bay was amazing.   A bit stormy, but that only made for beautiful photos.  Here was an otter floating on his back in the bay across from where we camped.  Life is good in otter world.  We have camped in this campground for 32 years with friends.  We were all so  young way back….now we are talking about grandkids and health care!!!


Now on to bragging about my friend…(this is a distraction since I have no quilting to share! ) My friend Jan made this wonderful Hunter ‘s  Star quilt.  Years back I made one that was paper pieced, but this one is made with a new Hunter’s  Star Ruler…and then this beauty..I was so in awe013

of this quilt, I totally missed the explanation of the pattern.   I love, love, love this  quilt below.  She was one 015busy quilter!    Hold on to your hats…here’s a picture of what I worked on………….002

bibs for Little Polka Dot!!!!  He has a heard of teeth coming in and is a drooling machine, so now he has three new minky backed bibs  I just need to hammer on the snap closures.  His little brother is doing so well.  We had them here yesterday while mom and dad hosted a party at their house.  Papa and I were having our own party!    That’s a wrap for me, fingers crossed that I get some sewing done this week!  Happy week everyone.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Charming Quilt Club March Goals

March already......geeeeeeeeeeeeez!! We are just back from 6 days at Morro Bay (soooo much fun), and some time with grandbaby dots and a day with my girl in San Diego. I figured I better post my goals before April gets here.

First things first....Charming Quilt Club February goals kinda met!!!! The borders are on my Quick Trip quilt and I am caught up on the Fat Quarter Shop BOM's (thru February anyway)....which brings me to the Eye Spy Quilt----as you can see it is right where I left it after the Friday Night Sew-In!!!

That brings me to my March Charming Quilt Club goals-----FINISH THE EYE SPY QUILT!! The next Friday Night Sew-In is March 19th so that will be my sew-in project. This is such a great time to set aside to sew with some of your fellow bloggers. Thanks to Heidi and Bobbie for getting us all coordinated. So that will be one night of work.........
next I plan to finish the March BOM from The Fat Quarter Shop, a mini topper, bindings on my two Swell runners and two small mini's. Tammy, Sharon and myself are all working on a quilt called Between Friends, designed by Darlene at Quilting Daze. Tammy and I are actually going to use some of our precious Swell fabric that we have been hoarding for a few years. My goal on this is to just get the 16 patches done. I am keeping my fingers crossed on the Eye Spy Quilt. That one has been hanging over my head for a long time!!! Thanks to Kelly for making the Charming Quilt Club so much fun.

Vacation pictures to be in my next post! Happy first week of March everyone, and here's to getting our goals done!