Thursday, May 10, 2012


003 I’ve been waiting by my mailbox for block 12 from Fat Quarter Shop….thanks to Sinta, my stint in rehab is going very well. She has created a BOM catch-up monster!!!

In between the waiting I have been working on a couple things. First this ……… this005 is a sneaky peek of a mini quilt for my swap I can't show the front!!! Just needs binding and it will be ready to go. Then there’s this007 ..

The next project is a gift for a friend. I’ve been playing with the layout. I finished the rest of the blocks tonight and tomorrow night the whole thing will go together…hopefully! 002

We had a fun day on Monday with The Dots. I can’t believe how big they are getting! “Driving001 ” is one of their favorite things when they visit. Such sweet boys and so happy.


I found this wonderful snack idea on Pinterest that the Dots love, love!!!! Drop dots of yogurt in a pan and freeze….like yummy little ice cream dots. Some people are so smart!

Then there’s my potting bench. It was given to me by a friend quite a while back. Sadly I have run out of spots for it. I struggled with what to do with it. I still was so attached to it (silly I know…it’s a potting bench) and I just wanted it to have a good home. Then I thought of my friend Loretta that makes the beautiful glass yard art!!!! Eureka! She was very excited581950_3081871890202_1365981901_32194179_1374220204_n to have it, and her sweet dog Mandi was so excited to strike a pose in front of the potting bench.

Well I’m thinking there’s time to eek in another few minutes at the sewing machine and start putting that quilt together. Wishing you all a very happy weekend, and a very happy Mother's Day and hugs to all you moms!!!


Darlene said...

I'm playing the waiting game for block #12, too. LOL

Lots of great stuff happening in your world.

Need to make those yogurt dots for the kids - they will love them. Even the teenager - LOL

Carol said...

I've had my chair parked at the mailbox too waiting for the mail lady...LOL! Oh I have to make those yogurt dots for the kids when I go up there...what fun. Love the little vehicles the Dots are driving...tell me about them please...

Dandelion Quilts said...

Those dots are darling.

Annelies said...

I love the idea of the freezer dots....clever girl!!! Well my projects are packed for camp. Do I sound excited..oh yes I am (G)!!!! Life has been busy but good, and it sounds the same for you. So much to catch up on. How fun it will be to sit and sew with you for days and days. XXXX

Terry said...

I love your mailbox! And what a great idea about the yogurt! :0)

Bobbie said...

I really really like the mini quilt- what pattern is it? I think I need it! :) I keep forgetting to get the yogurt to make the freezer dots- the kidlets will love them for sure!I've decided to teach my kitty to sign for packages- I had to have a friend come over yesterday to sign for the package I missed the day before. I'll just leave a note- "Cat will sign for packages" Doya think the FedEx guy will go for it? :)

Allie said...

Ooh Cheryl that mini-quilt is so pretty! The pics of the little Dots cracked me up - they are SO darling, and they look like they're having so much fun with that intriguing toy! So glad you found a good home for your potting bench, it looks good there. Happy Mother's Day, sweetie!~